Gran turismo 7 0 credits bug

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So i got gran turismo 7 on launch day, i had no issues. On the first week of playing the game, no problems but when i was customizing my 17' premium gtr, i imported my livery from gt sport no issues i built the car with performance parts no problems until when i went into the drag mission so i can tune the car for a fast 1/4 time when i realisee i needed a torque dist. to split the power to the wheels because 4wd. I went back to the tuning shop to buy the part when i realised the biggest problem in the entire game i have lost all my money i have 0 credits i cant purchase cars, parts, not even progress in the game, when i do a mission or race or event i dont get any money im still stuck at 0 credits. I tried contacting sony on the phone they said they will fix the issue which for weeks still havent seen the problem, i tried their social media which they ignored, i tried to email them they said to refer to developer, what a joke. We are now 1.09 update and still no one from sony, no one from the community such as the popular youtubers or players of gt7 has talked about this problem. There is a link:

Shout out to bart83 for this video to show you this bug.
I heard you had to delete the game, save data and cloud save data to fix this issue which it still didnt fix the bug im still stuck at 0 credits.
Sony or polyohony absolutely ignore this issue and dont do anything about this bug pretty much this game is unplayable for me or whoever has the same bug. Game is good but a bug like im so frustrated because i cant do nothing. So please help is there a fix for this?