Gran Turismo All Stars – Amateur: The Write-up

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    Gran Turismo All Stars – Amateur: The Write-up

    After previewing this race I decided to try out my brand new Mugen S2000. Couldn’t keep up with the other cars (only had 328hp) :( . Tried out my Camaro SS (444hp). The competition outran me :( . Tried out my Altezza LM car. I could keep up, but the competition was abusing me, brutally. I decided on the Corvette C5R. Oil change and an NA stage 1 tune-up. I didn’t really need the tune-up, but knowing how the AI seems to get more aggressive towards the end of the series, I threw it in. Hey, it was only 5,000 or so credits for nearly 150 HP.

    Laguna Seca
    Stock settings, except for bottoming out the suspension.

    Loctite Zexel: + 12.081
    Raybrig NSX: + 15.114
    Calibra Touring Car: + 17.839
    Lancer Evo VI Rally car: + 31.674
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 34.361

    Best lap: 1’20.897
    Total time: 7’05.448

    I should have picked up harder tires, as I had to nurse them through laps 3&4 in order to go all out on lap 5. Ended the race with orange fronts and yellow rears. It’s funny, my first three attempts at this series, showed me facing off against the Viper Team Oreca. I, then, pick a rocket, and Viper doesn't show.

    Deep Forest Raceway II
    Loctite Zexel: + 1.954
    Raybrig NSX: + 5.871
    Calibra Touring Car: + 11.408
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 15.897
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 16.245

    Best lap: 1’14.192
    Total time: 6’29.774

    This race I had to nurse the tires Laps 3&4, as well as the last half of Lap 2. This may present a problem in the later races.

    Midfield Raceway
    Loctite Zexel: + 4.045
    Raybrig NSX: + 5.725
    Calibra Touring Car: + 9.397
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 13.457
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 14.021

    Best lap: 1’09.684
    Total time: 6’05.585

    I nursed the tires through out the race preserving them until the last lap. On lap five I opened up the C5R and went from a 1’13+ best lap to 1’09.684 best lap.

    Test Course
    I set the down force to minimum, and left the Gearing as it was. I had yet to reach 6th gear in any of the previous races.

    Raybrig NSX: + 2.552
    Calibra Touring Car: + 2.627
    Loctite Zexel: + 5.357
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 8.830
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 10.415

    Best lap: 1’51.514
    Total time: 9’41.411

    This is more proof of the AI cheating. My best lap was a 1’51.XXX when I followed the AI around the track we were 10+ seconds off the pace. In watching the replay it shows me taking the corner at 204, and the AI at 192. I topped 215mph on the straight, and the AI hit the rev limiter at 195mph, bouncing them back to 188mph, yet they lost no time on me. 1’52.229 for a lap time, following me and a 2’00.745 leading. So even in the series races the AI cheats.

    Apricot Hill Raceway II
    Reset the Down force to 0.80 (F) and increase it to 1.05(R).
    Gear Auto Setting = 35

    Loctite Zexel: + 0.506
    Raybrig NSX: + 2.391
    Calibra Touring Car: + 6.354
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 10.447
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 12.124

    Best lap: 1’16.777
    Total time: 7’05.433

    The Calibra, Impreza, and Lancer all pitted on the third lap.

    I didn’t catch the Zexel until the final turn. Luckily I had enough straightaway power to slip by him.

    This irritated me to no end. The first attempt I forgot to adjust the down force, so the car was very sloppy. The second attempt my tires wore out by the 3rd lap. I then had to nurse them to the finish line. I couldn’t keep ahead of the AI, due to their cheating ability. Had there been no ability by the AI to cheat I would have been able to nurse them in. So I took a third shot at it. I pitted on the 3rd lap, and couldn’t catch back up. The fourth attempt I pitted on the second lap, to give me enough time to catch the AI by the finish line. I had to race fairly dirty to do it.

    Rome Circuit II
    I adjusted the down force to 0.70 (F) and 0.90 (R). I felt that I had added too much down force, and limited my acceleration in the previous race. I wanted to loosen up the car a bit for this race.

    Raybrig NSX: + 3.767
    Loctite Zexel: + 3.853
    Calibra Touring Car: + 8.826
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 13.387
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 13.992

    Best lap: 1’23.304
    Total time: 7’10.904

    I picked up the lead on the short flat approaching the backside of the Coliseum. The Zexel held second place for first three laps, but then relinquished it to the Raybrig.

    Seattle Circuit
    The Riddler to my Batman. The Foreman to my Ali. The coyote to my road runner. My most hated track in the game.

    Loctite Zexel: + 3.221
    Raybrig NSX: + 5.527
    Calibra Touring Car: + 9.008
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 12.412
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 13.514

    Best lap: 1’29.979
    Total time: 7’44.806

    I took two attempts at this track. First, the AI ravaged me, and I was nearly 13 seconds down at the end of the of the first lap, thanks in part to the Zexel sticking his line through a corner, and pushing me into a spin. Then I got nailed by every following AI, leaving me in last place. I did make a valiant attempt to regain the lead, but never got within 5 seconds of the leader. Second attempt went MUCH smoother.

    SS route 11
    Which I quit out of, figuring that the C5R wouldn’t be able keep up with tire wear and the lighter cars. Also I was far enough ahead in the points race to sweep the series at this juncture, if I wanted to.

    I went back with my 787B to wrap this one up.

    Castrol Tom’s Supra: + 3.470
    Castrol Mugen NSX: + 5.160
    Viper Team Oreca: + 6.416
    Super Auto Bacs APEX MR-S: + 8.391
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 27.106 (pitted on fourth lap)

    Best lap: 1’48.511
    Total time: 9’19.904

    Throw 25,000cr more in the bank account.

    Grand Valley Speedway II
    Loctite Zexel: + 0.173
    Raybrig NSX: + 1.308
    Calibra Touring Car: + 11.192
    Lancer Evo Rally Car: + 12.572
    Impreza Rally Prototype: + 13.507

    Best lap: 1’49.224
    Total time: 9’23.551

    The Calibra, Impreza, and Lancer all pitted on the third lap.

    This race was a nail biter. I gained the lead in the S-turn before the first tunnel. Holding it until the fourth lap, when I got railed by the Raybirg in the same corners. Apparently the Raybrid couldn't/didn’t brake for that corner, and decided to use me. I had to watch the replay to really see the action. I fought back to the lead crossing the bridge, only to lose the lead, again, in the last half of the fifth lap. Finally I was able to power by the Zexel on the straightaway to the finish line, barely winning. My tires were RED front tires, and Yellow rear tires.

    Tokyo R246 II
    I exited from this race, and won the Ford GT40 Road car. Totaling out this race series at 200,000 for the series win, another 200,000 for winning each race + the 112,500 Ford GT40. Not a bad haul.

    I jumped in my 787B and went back to it.
    Castrol Mugen NSX: + 2.388
    Corvette C5R: + 3.457
    Pennzoil Nismo: + 3.767
    Impreza Prototype Rally car: + 25.888 (pitted on fourth lap)
    Lancer Evo VI Rally car: + 26.570 (pitted on fourth lap)

    Best lap: 1’31.822
    Total Time: 8’06.406

    This adds another 25,000cr to the wallet

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    And yes, this Compendium is available to be pusblished in it's entirety ("Under Construction").

    If I can find a host...(Subtle hint, Jordan)

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    This was certainly interesting, not to mention thorough. :)

    Maybe I should start keeping notes like this, I could use the reference for when I inevitably start the game over in the future.
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    oh, cool...i just realized Delray lives in Michigan like me!
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    Jeeeez Del I think you could have won it with Altezza LM, you didnt need to bring out one of the big guns.

    And yeah I agree with Delray you are getting more and more detailed in your write-ups very cool.
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    Erm... Der Alta wrote the write-up, not me.
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    I remember on my last game save when I was trying to win this championship with a fully modded RX-8. I could win the first few races, but it was like after Apricot Hill II I couldn't keep up. I then tried with the NSX and got similar results. Finally I had to break down and use the Calsonic Skyline. I'll be trying to win this series with the NSX again on my current save when I get to it seeing as how I am a lot more experienced with suspension tuning and may be able to stay competitive.

    Funny that you are doing these write-ups, because I just so happen to have started doing something similar since I started my new save back in March. I have been keeping stats for each race and been storing it on my computer. Stuff like money earned, wins, total time, and recaps of exciting races (though not as detailed as yours) because the game doesn't have any of these more in-depth stats.
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    United States
    Black & Blue. Beaten and Abused

    Having my GT3 game in storage, I recently took it out after getting bored of the tracks in FM3/4. I'm a track man. The more the merrier. Picked up PGR4 for 2 bucks and found that the physics were similar to the GT games and after playing it for about 2 mos going back to the GT games was much easier.

    Always treated the sim/arcade sides of the GT games as a “Pay or Play” type of scenario. Sim pays you but Arcade is where you have fun. I had my MadDrive gizmo from years ago and it had a GT3 cheat on it that provided me with 10 trillion credits and all the license's etc. done (that I have gone back and gotten bronze on them anyway). I raced the stupid American Championship series in Amateur mode 8 times to finally get the Chevy Camaro RC (even though I had a similar car in the Corvette C5R). Took it over to the Gran Turismo All-stars thinking it would be a fun somewhat even contest that I could win because of my surplus of HP over the AI.

    I took the Camaro out with no upgrades and stock settings on medium racing slicks with just the oil change to get the HP up. The first 3 races were no problem. I knew the tracks well. I goofed on the test track (4th race) and didn't adjust the transmission and finished 4th against the 3 GT500 cars. My mistake. Then ran into the AI overachievers using my weakness against me. The back half of the 10 races featured 4 of 5 reverse tracks that I had little experience with and the GT500 cars just mashed me all over the place. It came down to the last race Tokyo R246 II and I was 4 points in 1st. Had I finished 2nd I could have salvaged a tie for the title and maybe a car. It wasn't to be. 4th for me, in the race and the series. I learned a couple of lessons.

    1. Know the tracks
    2. Check your settings on each tracks.
    3. Choose a killer car (if your goal is to obtain a car). lol
    Edit: Took the Mazda 787 out and won all 10 races. But the AI in the GT500 cars (2 of them) and the C5R Chevy were always lurking only secs. away through out most of the races. Extreme rubber band effect. Lotto gave me the Raybrig NSX. I was hoping for the GT40. I've read that no matter what you do it's still a crap shoot on the lotto. Is this true? Or is there some super secret trick?
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