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    After 21 years I have found an interesting thing: you can change the time of the day in any track. Of course this is possible only with a Cheat Device. Before to start, you must know some things:

    - Works ONLY Simulation Mode and ONLY on races, then NOT on Time Attack or Hi-Fi Mode, but you can make ONLY free runs, because if you start the qualify or the race, the code lose the effect, but still have the lights of the car turned on if you have chose a night track or off if you have chose a non-night time track

    - As said above, you must have a Cheat Device. The only code that you have need is the Track Modifier. The value for the PAL version is "300B620C". The other four digits must are from "0000" (Grand Valley SpeedWay I) to 003E (END, one of the hidden tracks. The other is rogo-test, 003D)

    - This work also with both hidden tracks

    - When the time change happen, the sky will glitched, showing things of the original track

    - This work with every track and then every time, because every track have different times, for example High Speed Ring is a day time track and Deep Forest a sunset track. Then you can have a night time Autumn Ring Mini (using Route courses) or a cloudy Grand Valley SpeedWay - East Section (using Trial Mountain)

    Now, finally, I will say how to make this. There are steps:

    1) Activate the Track Modifier BEFORE to enter the race. For example activate the Special Stage Route 11 code and enter to the Grand Valley Endurance Race
    2) Once loaded, you will notice that the track isn't Grand Valley SpeedWay, but Special Stage Route 11
    3) Then enter to the qualify. You will race in the original track, then don't worry. If the lights of the car are on or off means that is correct
    4) Press start and press on "skip qualify"
    5) Once loaded the pre-race screen, enter to the free run and voilà! You have a day time Special Stage Route 11!

    Now some trivia about this:
    - You can race also in licence test tracks. Are named with the own name, or rather, L_X-Y. The X stands for the type of licence (B or A. There aren't IA tests) and the Y stands for the test. From 1 to 7 for the B Licence and 1 to 8 for the A licence. The last B test is missed because it is a full track test, like the IA licence
    - You can race in alternate versions of some tracks, with open pit and where this isn't possible is only a clone with closed pit
    - You can race in 2 players tracks. Before the track name there is a "2P", then the track name
    - You can race in Hi-Fi tracks and there is a "HiFi" before the track name
    - There is also the Max Speed Test, but it is a Test Course clone with a different lap finish: the 1000m. The start is always the same. The course minimap is also less detailed
    - If you use the value 003F+ the game will crash
    - The rogo-test track is Autumn Ring Mini with a super shiny car
    - The Grand Valley SpeedWay is the only track that have different names. Is called Grand Valley SpeedWay I when the pit is open and only Grand Valley SpeedWay when the pit is closed
    - The Special Stage Route 11 is the only track that have both open and closed pit for the reverse track
    - The END track seems somewhere in Trial Mountain
    - There aren't the arcade versions of the tracks

    New images!

    END new day times. Originally is a sunset track

    Two more "new" night tracks

    Sunset Clubman Stage Route 5

    More images!!!

    Another day, other images

    Finally I've remembered to write the codes for choose the track. I will write the track so: #TRACK NAME and below the basecode "300B620C" and next to the value (from 0000 to 3E). Then an example is:
    #Grand Valley Speedway I
    300B620C 0000

    If the name of a track have the "Clone" word means that is a totally copy of the original track and the "Closed" word means that have the pit closed. Then the codes

    #Grand Valley Speedway I
    300B620C 0000

    #Grand Valley Speedway II
    300B620C 0001

    #Grand Valley Speedway 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 0002

    #Grand Valley Speedway
    300B620C 0003

    #Grand Valley Est
    300B620C 0004

    #Grand Valley Est II
    300B620C 0005

    #Grand Valley Est Clone
    300B620C 0006

    #Grand Valley Est 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 0007

    #Autumn Ring
    300B620C 0008

    #Autumn Ring II
    300B620C 0009

    #Autumn Ring Clone
    300B620C 000A

    #Autumn Ring 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 000B

    #Autumn Ring Mini
    300B620C 000C

    #Autumn Ring Mini II
    300B620C 000D

    #Autumn Ring Mini Clone
    300B620C 000E

    #Autumn Ring Mini 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 000F

    #Special Stage Route 5
    300B620C 0010

    #Special Stage Route 5 II
    300B620C 0011

    #Special Stage Route 5 Closed
    300B620C 0012

    #Special Stage Route 5 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 0013

    #Special Stage Route 5 Hi-Fi
    300B620C 0014

    #Clubman Stage Route 5
    300B620C 0015

    #Clubman Stage Route 5 II
    300B620C 0016

    #Clubman Stage Route 5 Closed
    300B620C 0017

    #Clubman Stage Route 5 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 0018

    #Clubman Stage Route 5 Hi-Fi
    300B620C 0019

    #Special Stage Route 11
    300B620C 001A

    #Special Stage Route 11 II
    300B620C 001B

    #Special Stage Route 11 Closed
    300B620C 001C

    #Special Stage Route 11 II Closed
    300B620C 001D

    #Special Stage Route 11 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 001E

    #Special Stage Route 11 Hi-Fi
    300B620C 001F

    #High Speed Ring
    300B620C 0020

    #High Speed Ring II
    300B620C 0021

    #Deep Forest
    300B620C 0022

    #Deep Forest II
    300B620C 0023

    #Trial Mountain
    300B620C 0024

    #Trial Mountain II
    300B620C 0025

    #Test Course
    300B620C 0026

    #Max Speed Test
    300B620C 0027

    #High Speed Ring 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 0028

    #Deep Forest 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 0029

    #Trial Mountain 2 PLAYERS
    300B620C 002A

    #High Speed Ring Clone
    300B620C 002B

    #Deep Forest Clone
    300B620C 002C

    #Trial Mountain Clone
    300B620C 002D

    #Licence B-1
    300B620C 002E

    #Licence B-2
    300B620C 002F

    #Licence B-3
    300B620C 0030

    #Licence B-4
    300B620C 0031

    #Licence B-5
    300B620C 0032

    #Licence B-6
    300B620C 0033

    #Licence B-7
    300B620C 0034

    #Licence A-1
    300B620C 0035

    #Licence A-2
    300B620C 0036

    #Licence A-3
    300B620C 0037

    #Licence A-4
    300B620C 0038

    #Licence A-5
    300B620C 0039

    #Licence A-6
    300B620C 003A

    #Licence A-7
    300B620C 003B

    #Licence A-8
    300B620C 003C

    #Rogo Test
    300B620C 003D

    300B620C 003E
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  2. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    The ingenuity of the modding community never ceases to amaze me, even after all this years. Now try to find a way to mod rain :D :lol:
  3. eran0004


    Seems like only the sky is changing. I guess the ambient lighting is baked into the textures.
  4. Sal_89


    I'm sorry, but maybe is impossible... I've used a Cheat Device for changing the time... Isn't a MOD :D :lol:
    Maybe Xenn can help us...
  5. Sal_89


    Yes, you're right. Only the sky change, but the illumination is always present also you race in a day time Route course. Maybe with MODs is possible to edit this and make a completely "new" track, maybe also selecting the time before the race
  6. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    Maybe not rain. But a wet track? I don't know if you can reduce the grip of the track surface (IIRC simulation mode tracks have less grip than arcade - if this is a simple multiplier maybe we can reduce it further to simulate rain) and add more reflections to the road surface.
  7. Sal_89


    Maybe you're right... But GT1 is an obscure game in fact of modding... But if it is possible will be the wet Special Stage Route 5 from GT3