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  1. ELecTriC


    I was just thinking... why not make a Gran Turismo "Ultimate Edition"? Containing all tracks, all cars (maybe not all but most of them) in one game?? Why not? This would of course not be GT4, but a Complete Edition!! Hey YEAH.. that sounded better then Ultimate Edition! Polyphony could leave that project to another developer that is very good , and let themself be working on GT4! This would be great! I really miss some tracks from the older games and would really like to play them with better graphics and added realism!

    There is a lack of tracks..( like i stated above) and when me and my buds play we just dont want to play Grand valley, Deep forrest, Trial mountain, Seattle, tokyo and...what else?? Hmm..DAMN!!!!! There is no more good tracks that is enjoyeble to race at! I remember Red Rock Valley which was so fun to play! And Grindelwald which was tight and fast at some sections! And what about Autoumn Ring?? Rome night??And the classic High speed ring, and the shorter versions of some tracks? They were all fun!
    Ok... it may have come down to that polyphony didnt have time to add all tracks they wanted, but why not give another dev-team the job to finish the rest and do this Complete Edition??
    I would be very pleased if they did this!

    This is just my thoughts!!:p


    Oops... i forgot to check if someone else already had this idéa!
  2. Powerbouwer


    I agree...much more tracks...
  3. Rossell


    I've always wanted to see some more real-life tracks like Silverstone, or Oulton Park.

    Or some track that'll support F1 cars properly.
  4. SandStorm

    SandStorm (Banned)

    Nah,man! Hav' Polphony workin' on da Complete Edition! Who else will get da awesome graphix GT is famous 4 right? And as 4 da lack of trax, y not include da Australian V8 Supercar circuit?
    (4 those of u who rn't familiar with V8 Supercars, check out!)
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