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    Hey guys, sorry didnt used Gt planet for at almost 4 years i think. i miss gran turismo, its my all time favorie game. i'm looking to get a PS2 with gt4 and maybe ps3 with gt 5 and 6, but i was also looking for a game with as many cars and customization/performance upgrade as GT but on pc since i already have a gaming pc, but i'm not looking for anything like asseto corsa. Thanks

    sorry probably wrong forum section but couldnt find the right one for that.

    heres my ford truck. would be nice to have a GT with an ol ford truck too

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    There's Forza Horizon for PC if you want some liberty in having a lot of customizations for your cars, especially the ones that are race cars or rally cars. The game also has a dedicated free-roam mode as well.
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    There's literally nothing out there like Gran Turismo (some of you will say "thank god for that").

    Forza 7 and Horizon 4 are on the Win10 store and they are very diverse driving experiences but its nowhere near any Gran Turismo ever.

    I have both and I feel like Horizon is like Ubisoft's copy and paste efforts with Far Cry.

    Horizon 4 is Horizon 3 in England and that's it. There's more fluff like clothes and emotes and buying real estate but its still the same "everything is a 3 lap race or its a point to point and its still supercars bouncing over rough ground like its a Hummer".

    Dont get me wrong... it was worth it just for an occasional laugh and I feel the $25 I paid for Horizon was ok for what I got but its certainly nowhere near GT Sport in conception or execution.
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  4. VBR

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    You can play GT4 via PCSX2 on your PC. And, if you end up getting GT5 for PS3, make sure to check out this thread.

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    Forza Horizon, maybe not. But Forza 7 very much flows in the same vein, Which is basically track racing. They have different approaches to it but they are very much comparable. It has been this way for the two since the inception of Forza. Going off what he's used to for GT, and what he's asking for, it's actually almost a perfect fit because of how similar they are at their core.

    Well that's not a massive exaggeration :lol: As for the game, you're right, the core idea is essentially the same. However, considering he hasn't played any of them, it would make sense to not include that point as if it's actually going to affect him in anyway. So he should pick up the better and more polished of the two, which is the 4th entry.

    Aside from that, all my races have been about 15-20 laps(because you're actually able to decide the length of the races between 3 selections, so might want to try to not be misleading.) The vast majority of cars aren't supercars, but you're right that you can take any car anywhere you want. That's not a bad thing though, certainly not in the way you're trying to paint it, because it's not a sim. Not on the level of GT and Forza Motorsport though, which are very much comparable and sit in the same spectrum.

    Well yeah, that's like pointing out night and day.

    However, going off what the OP actually said, Forza 7 sounds like the perfect fit for him because of how similar it actually is at it's core. There are differences that you'd need to get used to @Morethanwound, but it has 700+ vehicles, customization, and is a track-based racing game, and it's available on PC. I'm not sure if there's a demo out, but I'd recommend looking up videos if not.
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    Not to sound like a pedantic old git but, Edinburgh isn't in England.

    Carry on. :)
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  7. Saidur_Ali


    Why not get a PS4 and latest GT?

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  8. TokoTurismo


    First of all, welcome to GTPlanet! I don't think we met before, so is great to meet you. :)

    Second, Forza Motorsport 7 and Horizon 4 are the only Gran Turismo-like games you are looking for on PC via Windows 10. Most people will always speak ill of the two as per usual whether they are old Forza fans or fans who just force themselves onto one game and not play the other(s) (and try to convince other people not to play it either because "it's too arcadey"), but if you are me who is looking for a game that has lots of cars (from old to new), customization and upgrades, then the two games I mentioned are for you.

    Note: The two games also have different physics but use the same engine; Forza Motorsport is more of a sim like GT, whereas Horizon 4 is more of a arcade racer with fair handling.

    I think you may get comfortable with the two once you learn the controls, because believe me, for the cars and customization, you will love them both. :D:tup:
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    Then to be frank, GT Sport on PS4 will not be what you're looking for. At least, depending on how much importance you place on the above. The only visual customization is a (very good) livery editor and rims. Performance upgrades have been simplified to a percentage-based dial system, similar to ballast in previous GTs.

    If you're looking for a game with a combination of massive car list and customization/performance, there's only one like the old GTs these days: Forza Motorsport 7. I've no idea how it is on PC though. Physics wise it's a far cry from Assetto Corsa or other super-cereal sims, but it's roughly on par with GT in finding an acceptable middle ground between approachability and realism. It plays quite well on a pad too.

    Rather an open-world, more arcade-oriented experience? There's Horizon 4. It has even more customization really.

    Honestly though, considering the "lookalike" in the title, nothing matches the visual style of GT Sport. FH4 is an incredibly pretty game, trading some realism for eye-popping details. But GT's replays are still the bar IMO.
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    And there's Motorsport, but unlike Horizon there is no free roam.
  12. TokoTurismo


    Actually there is, it's called "Open Track Day" on online where you can cruise around and drive any car. There is there Open Drift (same as open track but it involves mostly drifting with others) and Open Space that includes the test course with no barriers.

    There is also a mode called "Test Drive" offline where you test drive with Drivatars as well.
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