Gran Turismo Promo Discs?

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    Can someone explain if there are any differences between the proper games and the promo discs?
    I would like to ask this question about all Gran Turismo's in general instead of creating separate threads for each section.

    The reason I am asking because with another game there was a difference
    There might be different Racing Modifications or maybe even spelling

    I think these are real examples of Promos and Normal game differences
    The Getaway - Normal - No BT Vans in the game
    The Getaway - Promo - BT Vans are in the game ( This was the only differences I knew about )
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    Promo discs are only used in game shops like GameStop, Walmart, McDonald's (Cause reasons), and Best Buy. But, in those promo discs some lie within the code of the game, but most are only for show and the build dates of GT1 should be Christmas of 1997 or early 1998 when they started perfecting the game in those builds.

    Usually the PlayStation .Elf file will have the dates of the builds just to let you know.

    I found a PAL Gran Turismo 3 Promo Disc for $7.99, and I was intrigued by it, but it was not a prototype build of either of any GT games. Thus, looking for such prototypes are a big deal and if we can find one then we are one step closer to finding out the development in it's full cycles.
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    As a side note, the BT van Getaway was'nt a promo, it was the normal original release.
    BT complained and the BT van was then removed from future copies.
    I got it when it came out and had a BT copy