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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Diz, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. Diz


    Maybe I should have researched this, but I figured that as with all of the other Gran Turismo games, there would be a lot of cars to choose from. Is there really only going to be 162 cars for this one? Please tell me that they will bring back the used cars to purchase as well. I love Gran Turismo, but I feel as if they completely skimped out on this game. Am I the only one? Ugh... Did I just waste $70 on the special edition?
  2. MacBaby


    There are various threads on this topic right now, and I think a lot of GT-fans feel that they have wasted their money on GTS. The short answer is, that GTS is not your regular Gran Turismo game, and that it will focus only on the racing and simulation part, and not on car collection and detailed tuning like the old GT games. I agree with you, and I won't be picking up GTS until I see some good updates with more cars and more features to the gameplay.
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  3. JMSA540


    Alot of people are upset.. wonder what kaz thinks?
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