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    Finally after ~21 months of stalking mileage exchange, the day has come :D Don't know how useful this will be to people, but for all those who love lists and collecting, here's the complete (as of 6/8/19) GT Sport paints list that you can obtain from Mileage Exchange. Obviously I'm not PD so new paints can still crop up, but looking at the current list there are no more obvious gaps so I'll hedge my bets that this is it. I divided the list into hues (smaller number = lighter shade), and for each hue it's further subdivided into finishes by alphabetical order (except for colorshifts and manufacturer paints which are listed as they're shown in livery editor). Feel free to use as you see fit. Happy hunting :) :tup:

    RED (33)
    R1 Aluminum Met
    R1 Candy Met
    R1 Chrome
    R1 Fluorescent
    R1 Half Matte
    R1 Large Flakes
    R1 Liquid Met
    R1 Matte
    R1 Matte Fluorescent
    R1 Matte Metallic
    R1 Small Flakes

    R2 Aluminum Met
    R2 Candy Met
    R2 Chrome
    R2 Fluorescent
    R2 Half Matte
    R2 Large Flakes
    R2 Liquid Met
    R2 Matte
    R2 Matte Fluorescent
    R2 Matte Metallic
    R2 Small Flakes

    R3 Aluminum Met
    R3 Candy Met
    R3 Chrome
    R3 Fluorescent
    R3 Half Matte
    R3 Large Flakes
    R3 Liquid Met
    R3 Matte
    R3 Matte Fluorescent
    R3 Matte Metallic
    R3 Small Flakes

    ORANGE (22)
    O1 Aluminum Met
    O1 Candy Met
    O1 Chrome
    O1 Fluorescent
    O1 Half Matte
    O1 Large Flakes
    O1 Liquid Met
    O1 Matte
    O1 Matte Fluorescent
    O1 Matte Metallic
    O1 Small Flakes

    O2 Aluminum Met
    O2 Candy Met
    O2 Chrome
    O2 Fluorescent
    O2 Half Matte
    O2 Large Flakes
    O2 Liquid Met
    O2 Matte
    O2 Matte Fluorescent
    O2 Matte Metallic
    O2 Small Flakes

    YELLOW (55)
    Y1 Aluminum Met
    Y1 Candy Met
    Y1 Chrome
    Y1 Fluorescent
    Y1 Half Matte
    Y1 Large Flakes
    Y1 Liquid Met
    Y1 Matte
    Y1 Matte Fluorescent
    Y1 Matte Metallic
    Y1 Small Flakes

    Y2 Aluminum Met
    Y2 Candy Met
    Y2 Chrome
    Y2 Fluorescent
    Y2 Half Matte
    Y2 Large Flakes
    Y2 Liquid Met
    Y2 Matte
    Y2 Matte Fluorescent
    Y2 Matte Metallic
    Y2 Small Flakes

    Y3 Aluminum Met
    Y3 Candy Met
    Y3 Chrome
    Y3 Fluorescent
    Y3 Half Matte
    Y3 Large Flakes
    Y3 Liquid Met
    Y3 Matte
    Y3 Matte Fluorescent
    Y3 Matte Metallic
    Y3 Small Flakes

    Y4 Aluminum Met
    Y4 Candy Met
    Y4 Chrome
    Y4 Fluorescent
    Y4 Half Matte
    Y4 Large Flakes
    Y4 Liquid Met
    Y4 Matte
    Y4 Matte Fluorescent
    Y4 Matte Metallic
    Y4 Small Flakes

    Y5 Aluminum Met
    Y5 Candy Met
    Y5 Chrome
    Y5 Fluorescent
    Y5 Half Matte
    Y5 Large Flakes
    Y5 Liquid Met
    Y5 Matte
    Y5 Matte Fluorescent
    Y5 Matte Metallic
    Y5 Small Flakes

    GREEN (99)
    G1 Aluminum Met
    G1 Candy Met
    G1 Chrome
    G1 Fluorescent
    G1 Half Matte
    G1 Large Flakes
    G1 Liquid Met
    G1 Matte
    G1 Matte Fluorescent
    G1 Matte Metallic
    G1 Small Flakes

    G2 Aluminum Met
    G2 Candy Met
    G2 Chrome
    G2 Fluorescent
    G2 Half Matte
    G2 Large Flakes
    G2 Liquid Met
    G2 Matte
    G2 Matte Fluorescent
    G2 Matte Metallic
    G2 Small Flakes

    G3 Aluminum Met
    G3 Candy Met
    G3 Chrome
    G3 Fluorescent
    G3 Half Matte
    G3 Large Flakes
    G3 Liquid Met
    G3 Matte
    G3 Matte Fluorescent
    G3 Matte Metallic
    G3 Small Flakes

    G4 Aluminum Met
    G4 Candy Met
    G4 Chrome
    G4 Fluorescent
    G4 Half Matte
    G4 Large Flakes
    G4 Liquid Met
    G4 Matte
    G4 Matte Fluorescent
    G4 Matte Metallic
    G4 Small Flakes

    G5 Aluminum Met
    G5 Candy Met
    G5 Chrome
    G5 Fluorescent
    G5 Half Matte
    G5 Large Flakes
    G5 Liquid Met
    G5 Matte
    G5 Matte Fluorescent
    G5 Matte Metallic
    G5 Small Flakes

    G6 Aluminum Met
    G6 Candy Met
    G6 Chrome
    G6 Fluorescent
    G6 Half Matte
    G6 Large Flakes
    G6 Liquid Met
    G6 Matte
    G6 Matte Fluorescent
    G6 Matte Metallic
    G6 Small Flakes

    G7 Aluminum Met
    G7 Candy Met
    G7 Chrome
    G7 Fluorescent
    G7 Half Matte
    G7 Large Flakes
    G7 Liquid Met
    G7 Matte
    G7 Matte Fluorescent
    G7 Matte Metallic
    G7 Small Flakes

    G8 Aluminum Met
    G8 Candy Met
    G8 Chrome
    G8 Fluorescent
    G8 Half Matte
    G8 Large Flakes
    G8 Liquid Met
    G8 Matte
    G8 Matte Fluorescent
    G8 Matte Metallic
    G8 Small Flakes

    G9 Aluminum Met
    G9 Candy Met
    G9 Chrome
    G9 Fluorescent
    G9 Half Matte
    G9 Large Flakes
    G9 Liquid Met
    G9 Matte
    G9 Matte Fluorescent
    G9 Matte Metallic
    G9 Small Flakes

    BLUE (88)
    B1 Aluminum Met
    B1 Candy Met
    B1 Chrome
    B1 Fluorescent
    B1 Half Matte
    B1 Large Flakes
    B1 Liquid Met
    B1 Matte
    B1 Matte Fluorescent
    B1 Matte Metallic
    B1 Small Flakes

    B2 Aluminum Met
    B2 Candy Met
    B2 Chrome
    B2 Fluorescent
    B2 Half Matte
    B2 Large Flakes
    B2 Liquid Met
    B2 Matte
    B2 Matte Fluorescent
    B2 Matte Metallic
    B2 Small Flakes

    B3 Aluminum Met
    B3 Candy Met
    B3 Chrome
    B3 Fluorescent
    B3 Half Matte
    B3 Large Flakes
    B3 Liquid Met
    B3 Matte
    B3 Matte Fluorescent
    B3 Matte Metallic
    B3 Small Flakes

    B4 Aluminum Met
    B4 Candy Met
    B4 Chrome
    B4 Fluorescent
    B4 Half Matte
    B4 Large Flakes
    B4 Liquid Met
    B4 Matte
    B4 Matte Fluorescent
    B4 Matte Metallic
    B4 Small Flakes

    B5 Aluminum Met
    B5 Candy Met
    B5 Chrome
    B5 Fluorescent
    B5 Half Matte
    B5 Large Flakes
    B5 Liquid Met
    B5 Matte
    B5 Matte Fluorescent
    B5 Matte Metallic
    B5 Small Flakes

    B6 Aluminum Met
    B6 Candy Met
    B6 Chrome
    B6 Fluorescent
    B6 Half Matte
    B6 Large Flakes
    B6 Liquid Met
    B6 Matte
    B6 Matte Fluorescent
    B6 Matte Metallic
    B6 Small Flakes

    B7 Aluminum Met
    B7 Candy Met
    B7 Chrome
    B7 Fluorescent
    B7 Half Matte
    B7 Large Flakes
    B7 Liquid Met
    B7 Matte
    B7 Matte Fluorescent
    B7 Matte Metallic
    B7 Small Flakes

    B8 Aluminum Met
    B8 Candy Met
    B8 Chrome
    B8 Fluorescent
    B8 Half Matte
    B8 Large Flakes
    B8 Liquid Met
    B8 Matte
    B8 Matte Fluorescent
    B8 Matte Metallic
    B8 Small Flakes

    PINK/PURPLE (99)
    P1 Aluminum Met
    P1 Candy Met
    P1 Chrome
    P1 Fluorescent
    P1 Half Matte
    P1 Large Flakes
    P1 Liquid Met
    P1 Matte
    P1 Matte Fluorescent
    P1 Matte Metallic
    P1 Small Flakes

    P2 Aluminum Met
    P2 Candy Met
    P2 Chrome
    P2 Fluorescent
    P2 Half Matte
    P2 Large Flakes
    P2 Liquid Met
    P2 Matte
    P2 Matte Fluorescent
    P2 Matte Metallic
    P2 Small Flakes

    P3 Aluminum Met
    P3 Candy Met
    P3 Chrome
    P3 Fluorescent
    P3 Half Matte
    P3 Large Flakes
    P3 Liquid Met
    P3 Matte
    P3 Matte Fluorescent
    P3 Matte Metallic
    P3 Small Flakes

    P4 Aluminum Met
    P4 Candy Met
    P4 Chrome
    P4 Fluorescent
    P4 Half Matte
    P4 Large Flakes
    P4 Liquid Met
    P4 Matte
    P4 Matte Fluorescent
    P4 Matte Metallic
    P4 Small Flakes

    P5 Aluminum Met
    P5 Candy Met
    P5 Chrome
    P5 Fluorescent
    P5 Half Matte
    P5 Large Flakes
    P5 Liquid Met
    P5 Matte
    P5 Matte Fluorescent
    P5 Matte Metallic
    P5 Small Flakes

    P6 Aluminum Met
    P6 Candy Met
    P6 Chrome
    P6 Fluorescent
    P6 Half Matte
    P6 Large Flakes
    P6 Liquid Met
    P6 Matte
    P6 Matte Fluorescent
    P6 Matte Metallic
    P6 Small Flakes

    P7 Aluminum Met
    P7 Candy Met
    P7 Chrome
    P7 Fluorescent
    P7 Half Matte
    P7 Large Flakes
    P7 Liquid Met
    P7 Matte
    P7 Matte Fluorescent
    P7 Matte Metallic
    P7 Small Flakes

    P8 Aluminum Met
    P8 Candy Met
    P8 Chrome
    P8 Fluorescent
    P8 Half Matte
    P8 Large Flakes
    P8 Liquid Met
    P8 Matte
    P8 Matte Fluorescent
    P8 Matte Metallic
    P8 Small Flakes

    P9 Aluminum Met
    P9 Candy Met
    P9 Chrome
    P9 Fluorescent
    P9 Half Matte
    P9 Large Flakes
    P9 Liquid Met
    P9 Matte
    P9 Matte Fluorescent
    P9 Matte Metallic
    P9 Small Flakes

    WHITE (26)
    W1 Aluminum Met
    W1 Chrome
    W1 Half Matte
    W1 Large Flakes
    W1 Liquid Met
    W1 Matte
    W1 Matte Metallic
    W1 Small Flakes

    W2 Aluminum Met
    W2 Chrome
    W2 Half Matte
    W2 Large Flakes
    W2 Liquid Met
    W2 Matte
    W2 Matte Metallic
    W2 Small Flakes

    W3 Half Matte
    W3 Matte

    W4 Half Matte
    W4 Matte

    W5 Half Matte
    W5 Matte

    W6 Half Matte
    W6 Matte

    W7 Half Matte
    W7 Matte

    KEY/BLACK (12)
    K1 Aluminum Met
    K1 Chrome
    K1 Half Matte
    K1 Large Flakes
    K1 Liquid Met
    K1 Matte
    K1 Matte Metallic
    K1 Small Flakes

    K2 Half Matte
    K2 Matte

    K3 Half Matte
    K3 Matte

    DARK SERIES (72)
    R1 Dark Candy Met (2 chips with same name but different shades)
    R1 Dark Flakes L (2 chips with same name but different shades)
    R1 Dark Flakes S (2 chips with same name but different shades)

    R2 Dark Candy Met
    R2 Dark Flakes L
    R2 Dark Flakes S

    O1 Dark Candy Met
    O1 Dark Flakes L
    O1 Dark Flakes S

    O2 Dark Candy Met
    O2 Dark Flakes L
    O2 Dark Flakes S

    Y1 Dark Candy Met
    Y1 Dark Flakes L
    Y1 Dark Flakes S

    Y2 Dark Candy Met
    Y2 Dark Flakes L
    Y2 Dark Flakes S

    G1 Dark Candy Met
    G1 Dark Flakes L
    G1 Dark Flakes S

    G2 Dark Candy Met
    G2 Dark Flakes L
    G2 Dark Flakes S

    G3 Dark Candy Met
    G3 Dark Flakes L
    G3 Dark Flakes S

    G4 Dark Candy Met
    G4 Dark Flakes L
    G4 Dark Flakes S

    G5 Dark Candy Met
    G5 Dark Flakes L
    G5 Dark Flakes S

    G6 Dark Candy Met
    G6 Dark Flakes L
    G6 Dark Flakes S

    G7 Dark Candy Met
    G7 Dark Flakes L
    G7 Dark Flakes S

    B1 Dark Candy Met
    B1 Dark Flakes L
    B1 Dark Flakes S

    B2 Dark Candy Met
    B2 Dark Flakes L
    B2 Dark Flakes S

    B3 Dark Candy Met
    B3 Dark Flakes L
    B3 Dark Flakes S

    B4 Dark Candy Met
    B4 Dark Flakes L
    B4 Dark Flakes S

    B5 Dark Candy Met
    B5 Dark Flakes L
    B5 Dark Flakes S

    P1 Dark Candy Met
    P1 Dark Flakes L
    P1 Dark Flakes S

    P2 Dark Candy Met
    P2 Dark Flakes L
    P2 Dark Flakes S

    P3 Dark Candy Met
    P3 Dark Flakes L
    P3 Dark Flakes S

    P4 Dark Candy Met
    P4 Dark Flakes L
    P4 Dark Flakes S

    P5 Dark Candy Met
    P5 Dark Flakes L
    P5 Dark Flakes S

    BBB Colorshift
    BBP Colorshift
    BPG Colorshift
    BPP1 Colorshift
    BPP2 Colorshift
    BPR Colorshift
    BPY Colorshift
    BRG Colorshift
    BW Colorshift

    GBB1 Colorshift
    GBB2 Colorshift
    GBP1 Colorshift
    GBP2 Colorshift
    GBR Colorshift
    GGB1 Colorshift
    GGB2 Colorshift
    GPY Colorshift
    GW1 Colorshift
    GW2 Colorshift

    OW Colorshift
    OYG Colorshift

    PGB Colorshift
    POG1 Colorshift
    POG2 Colorshift
    POY Colorshift
    PPP Colorshift
    PPR Colorshift
    PPY Colorshift
    PRY Colorshift
    PW Colorshift
    PYB Colorshift
    PZK Colorshift
    PZW Colorshift

    RGB Colorshift
    ROY Colorshift
    RW Colorshift
    RYG Colorshift

    YBP1 Colorshift
    YBP2 Colorshift
    YGB Colorshift
    YGG1 Colorshift
    YGG2 Colorshift
    YGP Colorshift
    YW Colorshift
    YYG Colorshift

    Soul Red
    Redline Red Tri-Coat Paint
    Radiant red contrast layering
    Valencia Red Pearl
    Rouge Rubi
    Rosso Alfa
    Pure Red
    Rosso Corsa
    Rosso Scuderia
    Lava Orange
    Competition Orange
    Lava orange crystal shine
    McLaren Orange
    Vegas yellow
    Triple yellow
    Giallo Modena
    Bright Yellow
    Mantis Green
    British Racing Green
    Lime Rock Green
    Azzurro Met
    Laguna Blue Tintcoat
    B5 Blue Pearl
    WR Blue Pearl
    Nouvelle Blue Pearl
    Sepang blue pearl effect
    Heat blue contrast layering
    Azurite Blue
    Performance Blue (2 chips with same name and same shade but appears separate in livery editor)
    Aurora Flare Blue Pearl
    Diamond White Bright
    Iridium Silver Metallic
    Brilliant White Pearl
    130R White
    Polaris White
    Championship White
    White Pearl
    Rhodium Silver
    Blanc Perle Nacre
    Arctic White
    Meteor Gray Mica
    Daytona Grey pearl effect
    Mineral Grey
    Nero Daytona
    Uranus Grey
    Storm Grey

    TOTAL (599)

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  2. fernandoyb


    I was looking for this for a long time, thanks for sharing, its a shame there is only 48 manufacturer paints available, i wonder how many does the game have in total, just the Ferrari Dino has 31 colors according to the wiki :eek:
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  3. Marius789

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    Nice list! I’m sure it will benefit many.
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  4. Racer93


    Here's a video showing all special colors from Mileage Exchange:

    Just a small correction: there are also 2 different R1 Dark Flakes S, so we have a total of 599 paint chips (72 from Dark Series) :tup:

    And thank you for the list, I'm sure it'll be very useful for me and many others :cheers:
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  5. sirjim73


    Thanks for the list :cheers:

    Used all my fingers and toes to calculate that I'm missing 35 paints from this list, mostly small flakes and fluorescent matte ones. I think there was a week or two when I was away during the second cycle. Hoping I'm not away again the next time they come round... :lol:
  6. seadog777

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    Thank you, very useful! For example I can now see there's no point in waiting / hoping for K3 in anything other than matte or half matte!
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  7. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    Interesting. I must've missed it the first time round and haven't seen it during the second year's rotation. Added to the list.

    Also, B2 Half Matte is a bit of a mystery. According to Famine who keeps track of when each paint comes up in MiEx, it hasn't appeared in the store. However, me and at least another player have this paint in our inventory.

    EDIT: Nevermind, saw your post in the other thread. The mystery continues... :lol:
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  8. BJahalt88


    United States
    I'm really confused on the Arctic White paint. I know that Mazda and Chevrolet both have that color, but I can't figure out specifically which one it belongs to.
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  9. GTvsForza

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    United States
    When I look up Arctic White, it's mostly Chevrolet that shows up.
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  10. GTR365

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    United States
    After testing, I deduced that the Arctic White originates with the Corvette Stingray (C7).

    My spreadsheet profiling the Special Colors available in the Livery Editor is included here.

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  11. sirjim73


    Hope @Mattatsu and the other new players are ticking off this list... :sly:

    I'm still waiting for the million (slight exaggeration) dark flakes variants to come round again so I can finish my collection :O
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  12. Mattatsu


    Trying my best! All my ME points are going to colours but the points aren’t so easy to come by... I haven’t played the GT League yet though - still doing mission challenges, circuit experiences, and arcade time trials.

    @sirjim73 i really appreciate you tagging me in these older threads with great resources! Really helping me out! :cheers:
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  13. Magog


    Missing the chrome discount lately.
  14. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    Buy the Tomahawk and set up a lobby free run at Blue Moon Bay. Once you exit the pits just press pause and the autopilot will takeover. You don't get any credits but mileage still counts. If you do this overnight I guarantee you'll be able to clean out the MiEx store every week ;)
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  15. Mattatsu


    Nice! Thanks!
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  16. AlexDB9


    Good job!

    Some of them paints are delicious.
  17. BJahalt88


    United States
    Okay, thanks. That really helps me out.
  18. breeminator


    Great work by the OP, I was also looking for a list of them all quite recently.

    I have to say, though, that I hate this time-locked approach to content. 21 months of having to go into the mileage exchange and push buttons on the controller to buy everything is an absurd gameplay mechanic. Creating liveries is an artistic endeavour that requires skill to do well, and is an outlet for creativity. Acquiring the paints to be able to do it with access to all content is a mind-numbing deathly dull chore. Why on earth do game makers feel the need to link two such different activities in that way, making it so that you have to engage in the mind numbing deathly dull chore for nearly two years before finally you can fully enjoy the actual activity? I'm just grateful it's not something that actually makes a difference to race results, as is the case with some other games.
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