Grand Valley 300km. 200 A-spec points in stock Toyota SuperAutobacs Apex MR-S (JGTC)

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    Grand Valley 300 km

    Never got more than 145 A-spec points in the 2 previous tries at this race, (those races and many more can be found in here: Smallhorses' Race Report Link Dump) so I went back for the leftovers, and this is what happened....

    Car: Toyota SuperAutobacs Apex MR-S (JGTC) '00 (Oil changed) / MR / 316HP / 1125kg / 3.6kg/HP. (302HP at the end of the race, 3.7kg/HP. )
    versus 8th lineup after console reset yields:

    200 A-spec points! :D

    Thanks to AMG. for the map, which was edited to remove reverse direction turns to avoid confusion.


    1st [​IMG] Honda Takata Dome NSX (JGTC) '03
    2nd [​IMG] Toyota au Cerumo Supra (JGTC) '01
    3rd [​IMG] Nissan Xanavi Hiroto GT-R (JGTC) '01
    4th [​IMG] Audi A4 Touring Car '04
    5th [​IMG] Honda Loctite Mugen NSX (JGTC) '01
    6th [​IMG] Toyota SuperAutobacs Apex MR-S (JGTC) '00


    Race Highlights:-

    Laps 1 - 10:

    Passed the '01 NSX cleanly around the outside exiting turn 6, and close on the Audi, who is passed cleanly on the outside of the exit to turn 10, entering the tunnel. Finish lap 1 in 4th place, 2.9s behind the leading Supra. Passed the Nissan cleanly under braking for turn 14 on lap 2, a move which is repeated on the '03 NSX on lap 3, [​IMG] leaving me in 2nd place ending lap 3 and 3.7s behind the leader. First lap in clean air drops the fast lap time from a traffic-ridden 1' into the low 1' arena, although the Supra edges away marginally, and the '03 NSX appears to be holding up the rest of the pack. 3 successively faster laps in the 1'56 range culminate in a 1'56.006 fastest lap on lap 7, but the leader is continuing to edge away, 6s ahead now, as I'm also drawing away from the rest of the pack. Continue to lap in the mid 1'56s to the end of lap 10, and drop another 2s on the leader who is 8.073s in front. A car also appears to have detached itself from the front of the chasing pack and is beginning to close the gap to me, it's unknown at the moment, but I suspect the Nissan. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Laps 11 - 20:

    Another new fast lap on lap 12, 1'55.947 has only afforded the Supra a 0.9s gap increase in the past 2 laps. There's around 4s between me and the 3rd placed car, judging by the map positions, and he's got around 4s between himself and the 3 car pack at the back of the field. The Supra pits from a little over 10s lead ending lap 14 allowing me to take the lead, :tup: and he's followed in by the '01 NSX, which is the car that'd broken free of the pack. [​IMG] The '03 NSX takes over 2nd place, some 7s behind me, and the Audi who is trailing the field also goes in for a pitstop. Stop myself ending lap 15, from a little under 6s lead, and the '03 NSX and Nissan follow me in. Taking tyres but no fuel allows me to get away quicker, but lose 1st place back to Supra and end my outlap 9.3s in arrears. On only my 2nd lap on new tyres, I'm back into mid-1'56 arena, and drop the gap to the leader by 2s. Round out this batch of 10 laps down by 7.6s on the leader. :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Laps 21 - 30:

    Come close to leaving the track for the first time on lap 21 as I catch a little kerb on the inside of turn 13, :eek: judicious braking saves the day, but a 1'57 lap results and the lead increases to 9.7s. Back on track again with a new fast laptime of 1'55.898 on lap 23 sees the gap widen marginally to 10.1s. A series of mid- to low-1'56s sees me maintain around 11s gap to the leading Supra, who bypasses the pits on lap 28 when he was expected to go in. :boggled: The '01 NSX which has been gaining steadily on me for the past few laps does head pitwards ending his 28th lap, as does the Audi who is trailing the leader by almost 2/3rds of a lap by this point! The Supra dives in ending lap 29 allowing me back through into 1st place briefly, and the Nissan to take over 2nd place 10s behind me. Make my next stop on schedule ending lap 30, taking tyres and topping up fuel to 34 units before departing. The '03 NSX also makes a 2nd stop and allows the Supra to resume his lead.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Laps 31 - 40:

    Ended my outlap at around 10s behind the Supra, and once again the 2nd lap on new tyres is straight back into the mid-1'56s, dropping the lead by over a second temporarily before his tyres warm up again! Again a series of 1'56 laps follows which drops the gap by a further second to 7.6s ending lap 33 before it begins to creep up again, before a new fast lap of 1'55.728 on lap 36 sees the lead back at 8.6s. It's followed by a 1'55.665 :bowdown: and affords the Supra only 1/10th gain on lap 37. A 3rd consecutive 1'55 lap drops the gap to 8.2s ending lap 38, the little MR-S is rocking! :D Round out this 10 lap session with a couple of low 1'56s, and the gap sneaks up to 9.3s.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Laps 41 - 50:

    Gap grows to 10.2s after a mid-1'56 on lap 41, but falls back to 9.7s after my 2nd fastest lap of the race on lap 42! The '01 NSX pits in ending lap 42 from 3rd place and is followed in some considerable time later by the backmarking Audi. A dalliance with the kerb inside turn 13 on lap 43 once again results in some skilled manouevering to avoid getting thrown off track, :scared: and a low 1'57 laptime meaning the Supra's advantage is raised by a little over a second to 11.3s as he opts once again for a 15 lap pit interval. My 100% clean attempt goes out of the window on lap 44 however, as I get 4 wheels onto the grass after riding over the kerb on the outside of the exit of turn 6, :grumpy: and a 1'59 lap results, meaning the Supra stops from a 14s lead. Fortunately there was no contact with any barriers, so there'd've been no car damage. Pit in from a little under 10s lead on 2nd placed Nissan ending lap 45, who also follows me in, and sometime later the '03 NSX completes the 3rd round of pitstops. Tyres on and 35 units of fuel on the gauge should be enough to see me through to the end of the race now, while I'm hoping the Supra will have to suffer the indignity of pitting again with just 1 lap to go! :sly: With a 10.7s deficit at the end of my outlap, there's still plenty of work to do though! Another series of 1'56s drops the gap to 9s beginning lap 50, but a misjudgement of turns 4 & 5 see me leave the track again, and a mid-1'57 results, growing the gap to 11s going into the last 10 laps.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Laps 51 - 60:

    The new oil which was given to my MR-S before the race is beginning to wear out, and I'm dropping horsepower, making it difficult to maintain the same fast pace as before. [​IMG] A couple of 1'56s helps to maintain the gap at around 10s, but I get distracted by the proximity of the '01 NSX as he catches up to me during laps 52 - 56, and I put in a series of clean, but slower 1'57 laps which allows the Supra to tag on 5s to his lead, making it 15s in all. The '01 NSX pits ending lap 56, effectively ending any chance he had of finishing in 3rd place, while the Audi who is guaranteed last position cements the deal with his 4th stop too! [​IMG] I ease back a little, to conserve the tyres for the final few laps, and a few more high-1'56 and mid-1'57s allow the Supra to raise his lead to 18s. It's all in vain though, as he heads for the pits ending lap 59, and allowing me through into the lead with just 1 lap to the chequered flag! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    1st [​IMG]Toyota SuperAutobacs Apex MR-S (JGTC) '00 1:58'45.826
    2nd [​IMG] Nissan Xanavi Hiroto GT-R (JGTC) '01 +6.166s
    3rd [​IMG]Toyota au Cerumo Supra (JGTC) '01 +11.457s
    4th [​IMG] Honda Takata Dome NSX (JGTC) '03 On lead lap
    5th [​IMG] Honda Loctite Mugen NSX (JGTC) '01 On lead lap
    6th [​IMG] Audi A4 Touring Car '04 On lead lap


    Music during race: (From Driving Songs Playlist on iPod, on shuffle play) D'you Know What I Mean - Oasis, Born Again - Starsailor, Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve, Love Is The Law - Seahorses, Taxloss - Mansun, Keep Talking - Pink Floyd, Southpaw - Morrissey, Gravity Grave - The Verve, The Man Who Told Everything - Doves, Suburbia (The Full Horror) - Pet Shop Boys, The Cedar Room - Doves, Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones, All I Want Is You - U2, Fools Gold (9'53) - The Stone Roses, Moonshine - Feeder, One Love - The Stone Roses, Trans Fatty Acid - Lamb, How Soon Is Now - The Smiths, Dry The Rain - The Beta Band, Check The Meaning - Richard Ashcroft, The Box (Part Two) - Orbital, Loaded - Primal Scream, Feeling Called Love - Pulp, I Am The Resurrection - The Stone Roses, One Perfect Sunrise - Orbital, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) Live - Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Hallelujah (Club Mix) - Happy Mondays
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    United Kingdom
    Nice job taking on the GT500 cars in the little MR-S GT300 :D

    I like the layout with the lap summarys and the pictures seperating them, much less cluttered than my El Capitan report where I just wrote down a bit every lap! :ouch:

    Whats a DTM car doing in a field of JGTC cars anyway? :crazy:
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    United States
    Excellent run!

    I love the little Autobacs MR-S, and was disappointed not to find too many venues for it in GT3. A very nice race here!
  4. Smallhorses

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    Bringing up the rear! :lol: Funnily enough, the 7th lineup has the Opel Astra Touring Car '00 on pole position with another set of 4 JGTC500 cars, but the Astra is miles quicker than the Audi, and pits every 15 laps, so I wasn't able to beat him, which is why I switched my attentions to the 8th lineup!
    I actually found the 95th :eek: lineup to be easiest, but it was a pain going back for once I realised how far away it was (takes almost an hour of enter/exiting to get to,) but it's then tremendously frustrating when you've passed the first 2 cars, they conspire to dump you in the gravel & walls, and I'm not keen on keeping dirty races for a race report, I like the clean passes for the photos, so I abandoned the 95th lineup after the 4th (yes!) AI scuppered attempt!

    This is an ideal venue for it, it has great even tyre wear, much better than the 2 cars I'd driven in this race previously, and the length of the enduro means that you can overcome the speed deficit of the faster cars with a good pit strategy. I'm not sure if the shorter races in the All Japan GT Championship would suit the MR-S unless the AI cars are running softer tyres and have to pit. Merits investigation though! :idea:
  5. AMG.

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    No problem!

    Nice report as usual! too bad the reps have gone :grumpy:

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    [Enter 13 year-old mode]
    No wurreez.
    Uz wot kwality post orlwayz post kwality stuf eneeway, rite?
    Dont carez abowt repz!
    [/Exit 13 year-old mode]


    Glad you liked it though!!! :tup:
    Working on another Laguna Seca attempt now, this time with pictures too! :D
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    WTF? All bar one of the pictures are broked! :irked:

    More fixingness to follow.... :D

    *Fixing done. Enjoy again. :tup:*
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  8. blazing escudo

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    Just read this report today,so...
    Grrreat report as usual:tup:,showing both the excitement of this event(if this event appearing again on GT5,this will be the oldest enduro race in Gran Turismo history.And still fun to do!) & what a MR-S could do against the upper class car.
    Man,that 's a little machine that could
  9. Floyd97


    I recently started to do the Endurance Hall again, starting with this race. I used an unmodified Nissan Xanavi Nismo GT-R '03 with the obvious R1 tires, believing it would be a challenging race but it was a wrong thought because it was incredibly easy... Even if there was a Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car, I one-lapped it which is quite strange considering it's slightly faster (and that I didn't race aggresively because I wanted to 'mirror' the AI in pit stops and did it succesfully :D)

    But man, using the MR-S for this, makes more suspense than a dramatic movie! But the AI is misleading sometimes as they don't have exact pit stops (talking about interval). For example, not pitting one lap before the last one while you did it xD