GrandTheftAero's Midnight Club 3 Cut Content video thread

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    Another day, another GrandTheftAero vid, this time moving away from the realm of NFS and going into another of the three headed juggernaut of arcade racing games released in 2005, Midnight Club 3.

    As always, this is bullet point material of the most important and juiciest stuff to leak out.

    - BMW was supposed to be in the game by way of two models: the 328I and the Z3. Alongside this, a string of data for Borla exhausts mentions a Toyota Celica (If I had to hazard a guess, probably the SSII variant) and strings of data mentioning a Mini Cooper. Considering that Mini is also a subsidiary of BMW, it is possible that the loss of BMW meant the loss of Mini as well.

    - The Honda CBR series of motorcycles was cut from the game as well, but maybe more interestingly, the game's executable files mention both dirt bikes AND ATV's.

    - Strings of data for wheel models of a Maybach are also present.

    - Moving to music, and to the REMIX edition, the game's files mention over 20 songs that did not get past the cutting room floor, as shown here:


    As noted in the screenshot, the original version of Banquet by Bloc Party was supposed to be in the game, however, it was replaced with the Phones Disco Edit version.

    - Alongside this, two songs that were cut from the original version of the game are as follows: 'This Is The Part' by Gratitude, and 'Deck Fabo' by The Ratt Pakk.

    - What essentially amounts to radio stations were also cut. Songs would be segmented based on location, and only play there.

    - One character has a texture file that was cut. Biker_dude.

    - In the trailers for the PSP version of the game, DLC is mentioned. This isn't exactly bizarre to see on the system, as Burnout Dominator offered two tracks not found on the PS2 version as a downloadable file on the Burnout site and able to play them on the PSP version. It is surmised in the video that the 'DLC' in question, is referring to REMIX, as the game was sold as a 20 dollar expansion pack with a physical release on both PS2 and XBOX...but that would defeat the point of an actual DLC plan on PSP.

    And that's it. Not much to go on in the video, but it certainly is something.
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