Green Hell 24 Hrs

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  1. Jakob79


    Hi guys
    finally I decided to take on the Nürburgring 24 Hrs, but what car to take for the 24 Hrs i decided to take the Z06 RM with 645 PP. With 2 prototypes and a couple of pretty strong GT cars in the field the stage was set.

    Race Start

    the first two stints where pretty easy for me, took 1st on the 2nd Lap and stayed there, but then desaster striked after the 3rd stint (Lap 15 in the race) i decided to take a break from driving, after i camed back i decided to contnue on with my race but then I saw that i was last with 1 Lap down to the leader. then the real race began to hunt the Leading R10 TDI. and After aprox 6 Hours The Rain came And didnt make my Job easier for me.

    Standings after 67 Laps (9 Hours 50 minutes)

    JakobJ79 Corvette Z06 RM 67 Laps
    R10 TDI 66 Laps
    Peguot 905 65 Laps
    McLarenF1 GTR 64 Laps
  2. MrF1


    By take a break, you mean you walked away from the console during an unpaused race?