Grid Legends. Sponsor disappeared!!!

  • Thread starter gigio79
Hello guys. I am playing Grid legends and I completed 15 sponsor, there are 3 more sponsor to unlock in the career, but I can't do it because don't exist in the sponsor menu'??? Anyway, yesterday evening I turned on my PS4 and discovered that all the sponsor were on 0%, the events in the career result completed (unlock) but I lost the progress in all sponsor. Ridicolous. I was thinking to buy the last 2 DLC but i won't, at this point i go back to GT7. Grid legends gave problems since release and they never fixed, I am tired, this is the worst grid game of all series.
Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and say **** this game. Seriously.

After ALL the ****ing updates that claimed the sponsor bugs were fixed, here we are with the same bug rearing its ugly head. I too, like you Gigio79, went through the trouble of completed ALL of the sponsor objectives and unlocked them. Took me days of tedious grinding. Now upon turning on the game what do I see? All sponsorships reset to 0. As a result, certain important cars have reverted to being locked like the Formula Renault R26. To say this is inexcusable would be an understatement.

Shame on you CM for lying to us saying you squashed this bug when you clearly didn't