GT 4 mission races

Discussion in 'GT4 Tuning' started by hemihead426, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. hemihead426


    Is there some secret to winning these things? 1-10 are finished, and a couple of the slipstream races are done, but the 3 lap, and 1 lap battles, and the GT-R slipstream event are impossible. Closest I've been in GT-R race is 3.048 seconds back. HAAAAAAAAAAALP!!!
  2. BobK

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    Not really secrets, in fact most of them are pretty straightforward including the three lap and one lap battles. Some of them are difficult, one or two are very difficult. But none of them are impossible; many people have done all of them.

    Having said that, you won't get any help on them in this subforum because you can't tune the cars in the driving missions and this is the tuning subforum after all. We do have an entire subforum devoted to the missions, though, with a thread on each mission complete with track maps and tricks and tips. You can find it here, just below the Tuning Forum. Ask any questions you have there, and odds are someone will lend a hand. However, do read the forum first; the chances are excellent that your question(s) have already been covered. Learning to use the search will be very beneficial as well.