GT Academy 2017 on PS3?

Discussion in 'GT Academy' started by physans, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. physans


    Any info on it? Usually we know by now. GT Sport won't be out until fall... Will they release a free downloadable demo on PS4 with just one or two tracks for GT Academy 2017? My suspicion is that they wanted to but they won't be done on time. And they also don't want to do it for PS3 so now they are just delaying Academy 2017 with no plan.
  2. JakeMR2


    GT Academy 2017 is not going to be on PS3, to answer that question.

    They already have a public beta out that's been updating since release. But, I'm sure a next GT: Sport Beta Update will come to where anyone can participate in it again.