GT Cup Gr.3 (BOP since Update, especially RBR in the rain)

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for some time now these single player races are BOPed. Thats partly great, partly much harder than before (for me).

It will take me some time to find out which cars are good for which races and that's part of the fun.

But there is the one at RBR in the rain, starting in the front and no matter if i used the Toms Supra or the Audi '19 i lost a lot of time on every straight, no matter if i used a lot of TCS or not (full wet tires, a lot of rain). Any good car tip for this one? It's driving me nuts because it seems i wone it when it came up the first time on my old account.

AT driver

I'm pretty sure I used the Mercedes-AMG GT '20. I can't remember exactly and have not been able to repeat it since. It's a shame this is so difficult that it takes the fun out of it.

Controller, TC 1, default abs, MT.
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I did it with the RX-Vision Stealth and prioritized traction and handling over speed. It worked for both the World Circuits and the Missions event.
Recall you can choose tires and assist levels even in a BoP race.