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    Hello. My friend (and the Polish GT community) is preparing a scenarios for the Gran Turismo: Manga "The racing way". Each volume has a 4 days from Hiroshi's life. This is a first of 4 days from Hiroshi's life.

    Work by: @simonPL (yes, sadly, he's banned, but, thumbs for him)
    Sended here by: @Tuscan37
    ENJOY! :D

    PS. Claire is a Honoka from Dead or Alive 5! :)

    PS2. And we need the draftsman ;)

    * - This manga is not officially supported by Polyphony Digital and the Gran Turismo. All the events and persons are casual.

    My name is Hiroshi. I'm a typical teenager and I live in Antakt, in Aniot district. I'm 21 years old and I'm from Japan. I'll tell a little bit about our family. Our family has racing roots. My dad is now the Safety Car driver in the Super GT racing series. In the past was the driver of Honda, Subaru and Toyota. Sometimes he takes me to the races. You do not even know what it's exciting! On my 17th birthday he bought a Mazda RX7 from 1990 year. It is red and produces more than 200 hp. Mom while is working in the office. She isn't worn out unduly with work.

    Let's get to my apartment. I live in a medium skyscraper. This is the dining room. Here we have a kitchen, main room, toilet and here we have my room - my heaven on earth. I have gaming things, a computer monitor, a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. A hotel are next to my house, and office, where's mum is working.

    I heard from the "Car" magazine, that soon will be a Japanese sports car round (in which I participate) on the streets near my house! I decided that I have to improve the car. Now I'll go to the store and buy new oil in the car.

    - Good afternoon.
    - Hello, young man. What would you like to buy?
    - Near my house will be a sports cars round, so I'm thinking about changing the oil.
    - You didn't used a special voucher from me, so the exchange will be free of charge.
    - Oh yes! I got a voucher to celebrate the 10th birthday of your store! Thanks! Then I ate dinner, watched TV, I played games and cleaned the apartment.

    The time is 22:00.
    When I set out at the start of the race saw a some Imprezas, Toyota GT86, Hondas and the other cars.
    I saw the red lights.
    I started! I had an excellent start. I set out for Toyota, and i overtake it on the first corner! Next it went harder. Subaru Impreza driver was very defensive, but I managed to overtake him. I've never been so attentive! I passed the chicane and then went over the hill. I overtook a few cars, and 2 laps gone as soon as he started the race. I finished it in the first place! I got some congratulations from the other drivers. After the race I got a win prize (5000 yen).

    The next race is to be held at the Autumn Ring. After race came to me a stranger. She had a slightly pink hair. She asked me to drive her home.
    - What is your name? - she asked.
    - Hiroshi. - I replied.
    - My name is Claire.
    - Where are you from? Hence, anyway... I live nearby. How old are you, Hiroshi? I have 18.
    - I have 21.
    - I saw you in the race. You have a very nice car. You overtook their cars with ease.
    - Thanks!
    - Oh, we are already in place. It's nice to be going. Hey! And she go to the home. So, I did this too and I back to the home. I go to the sleep.
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    I thought Manga had pictures. Will there be pictures? Neat Idea by the way!
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    Yes, but we don't have a draftsman. :(
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    Gran Turismo: Manga "The racing way"
    vol. 1 (2/4)

    Work by: @simonPL
    Sended here by: @Tuscan37

    In this part there's a hint from One-Punch Man! :)

    * - This manga is not officially supported by Polyphony Digital and the Gran Turismo. All events and persons are casual.

    After the race Hiroshi didn't remember anything. He remembered that he was under the bridge and someone escorted... He looked at the model of the Mazda RX7, and remembered that he had the race and won it. And then he escorted the girl who had a very pretty face. She was short, and her name was... Claire. He get up, washed, ate breakfast and told his mother about Claire.
    - Listen, I gotta tell you something.
    - I beg your pardon.
    - I met a girl. - What's her name?
    - Her name is Claire. Is 18 years old. When I finished the race, he asked me to escort to her home.
    - Okay. You have a new job. Buy the ingredients for okonomiyaki, and for me a waifu. The teenager left the home. But something stopped him.

    Someone came up to him.
    - Boy, have you seen the man who once raced in the Super GT?
    - No, but ...
    - Did you talk about it?
    - Yes. - But this is my dad Satoru!
    - Yes. I'm looking for him, because he must take part in the race stars of the Super GT.
    - He didn't tell me about it. I am slightly surprised. Well, I'll go to the store and call him. Hiroshi bought waifu and the ingredients to make okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza). The man was still waiting for a teenager. Hiroshi called to his dad. He was now at the airport. He could not get through to him, but he got a message from him.

    "Now I'm on the plane. I can not too much to write, because I'm going to Tokyo for the race stars of the Super GT. If you saw a man in a blue jacket, it was Takashi. Today also you refer to race stars. I've got two tickets. I'll see you at the race!

    Then I came to home and gave my mom waifu. Then he cleaned the apartment. Claire knocked.

    - Hey!
    - Hey. I have a question for you. You would fly with me to Tokyo to race stars of the Super GT?
    - Yes, just I do not know what it is.
    - Super GT is a racing series, which is involved Japanese cars. My dad raced in the Super GT, and now is the driver of the safety car. He got an invitation to race the stars.
    - Sounds cool. I can go!
    - Well, good. Hiroshi made okonomiyaki, they ate it and then drove to the highway to the airport. Claire called to the parents and teen stay focused on driving. Bought a ticket on the airport, they saw the plane and got into it.