GT Sport - All Round Championship (Wednesday Weekly)

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    Weekly Wednesdays Starting August 5th
    8:00pm GMT | 9:00pm CET

    Welcome all! This is a sprint race-based championship featuring a wide variety of tracks and car categories. We will race weekly on Wednesday with the warm-up event being held on August 5th, the first race of the championship will be held on the 12th of August and the final event will take place on the 23rd of September. All cars will use the standard BOP regulations, with tire wear and fuel consumption set at 10x. Tuning is not permitted. If you are interested in participating, take a look at the details below and we'll see you on track!

    Each race day will consist of four 15-20 minute races per race day and the schedule for each week along with the vehicle classes will be announced after the previous event. Please find the calendar for the warm-up event below:
    1. Kyoto Miyabi - Group 4 - 13 Laps
    2. Sardenga Road Course B - Group 3 - 9 Laps
    3. Brands Hatch Indy - N200 - 11 laps
    4. Spa - Group 1 - 9 Laps
    Events will be conducted in a Friends Only lobby. I will send you a friend request prior to the event so you can gain access. A 10 minute "joining" period will take place before race 1. A 5 minute break will take place between races.

    Sporting Regulations:

    1. Qualifying:
    - 1.1 The first race of the day will be run in reverse championship order
    - 1.2 The remaining races will be run in the reverse finishing order of the previous race

    2. Points
    - 2.1 Points classifications will be published after the end of each Event. In case of any disputes concerning point attributions, please PM me.
    - 2.2 Points will be awarded in the following manner:

    1st: 25 points
    2nd: 18 points
    3rd: 15 points
    4th: 12 points
    5th: 10 points
    6th: 8 points
    7th: 6 points
    8th: 4 points
    9th: 2 points
    10th: 1 point

    - 2.3 The points awarded will be doubled for the final race of the day
    - 2.4 In the event of a tie, the winning driver will be determined by the greatest number of wins, second places, etc until a winner is found.
    - 2.5 One drop round is permitted

    3. Incidents
    - 3.1 Any on-track incidents between drivers should be brought to the attention of the series organizer.
    - 3.2 Drivers should avoid in-chat post-race arguments.
    - 3.3 After investigation, drivers found responsible are subject to time penalties and/or point deductions.

    4. Track Limits
    - 4.1 All tires must remain within the white lines outlining each circuit.
    - 4.2 Drivers found to be exceeding the limits multiple times during a race may incur a time penalty or point reduction.

    5. Pit Stops
    - 5.1 Pit stops are not mandatory and no stop strategies are allowed

    6. Car Number
    - 6.1 Please have your car number clearly visible on all car liveries

    7. Cars
    - 7.1 You must use the same car for each category. Please specify your choices in the entry form below.
    - 7.2 Drivers found to be using a different car from the one submitted will incur a point reduction.

    Entry Form

    Please copy and paste this into a new post and fill in your information:

    GTPlanet Name:
    PSN Name:
    Driver Rating:
    Sportsmanship Rating:
    Car Number:
    Group 1 Car:
    Group 2 Car:
    Group 3 Car
    Group 4 Car:
    N200 Car:
    N400 Car:
    Group B car: