GT Sport as a college Esport

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    My college, the University of Kentucky is starting to implement iRacing campus wide as a recent graduate who now works for a NASCAR Cup team is promoting the game.

    As the school year is ending I am beginning to contact the University about specifics of how iRacing will be used among students (casual meetups, official clubs, or maybe even compete against other schools). From what I have learned so far future, current, and graduate students can all compete in Esports though many exact events are to be determined due to COVID-19. The university is open to taking new games if possible.

    Is anyone here interested in competing in racing simulator Esports on a college level (also including alumi and faculty)? If so would GT Sport be a good game to use for this platform? I am definitely interested and while GT Sport isn't as realistic as other competitors, it is still the newest installment in a very popular franchise and is more accessible to the general public with players still being competitive with controllers and not needing paid DLC for the bulk of the game.
    I will look more into what my university is doing now that I have more time since classes have finished, so I will update this thread if there is more information.
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