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    Id like to talk about everyone's feedback on the racing in the 3 main PD hosted race events that are cycling every hour.
    What times is your server seeing (I've got the bloody Japanese to try and beat!!) and how are you finding the general etiquette.

    Also report some nice tips and hints to help others get upto speed.

    Considering this game is highly geared to online racing and competition, personally if this part is done well then I'm happy. I love the idea of picking up your favourite car in a specific class and just going racing, with scheduled races starting every hour (or so).

    Anyway I've had probably 10 races so far and here is what I've got.

    N100 Race:
    Qualify time of 53.744
    This has seen me on pole a few times and I have even won a race!! (though it hasn't yet shown on my achievements for some reason, though the pole has?? :grumpy: )however some of the crazy Japanese guys have managed 52.9's!!! so it can be pot luck depending who shows up.

    This is a very fun race and the secret is removing the TCS and getting used to driving the car that way. For this time I have been using 3rd for the last "proper" corner and not 2nd, still not sure if this is the best way.... My experience with the Japanese fellas has been really good actually, I've had some epic races swapping positions very cleanly and much respect from the fasties.

    N300 Race:
    Qualify time of 2'08.904 (Lancer)
    I have done well on this one too, won my last attempt at it and qualified on pole once. Fastest time from the Japanese aliens is a 2'06.3 in the Audi TT-S which is crazy. I have yet to try the Audi however some other guy has a 2'06.6 in the Lancer so I don't think I can blame the car :lol:

    Similar feedback to the last one here, don't use any TCS and slow down early and power through the slow turns. Lots of time can be made up once you get the sequence of corners right and understanding how much you can cut the bus stop on the back straight. Again I've had some wonderful battles here and finding everyone to be respectful.

    GRP4 Race:
    My Qualify time here is bad, I haven't had much time trying this one for some reason and I'm still learning the track / car combo. That being said I had a great race starting 20th and finishing in the top 10 battling all the way through very cleanly and fun!! Top times on my server is actually held by an Aussie atm, beau231 which I recognize from the old days so I know its legit. 2'07.9. This one seems to be very popular with most of the grid pushing out quick times and providing solid racing. I will practice this one more tomorrow.

    Had reports of people running out of fuel on this race ( i did too) but seems the fuel and tyre wear has been switched off, someone said you can adjust the fuel mixture?? I tried looking to do that but couldn't figure it out and wonder if that's only a setting you can change if fuel use is on...

    My last hint is being able to use the MDS button on the wheel to toggle between track map / track radar / best times / tcs and brake balance then using the little knob to change the values. I suggest you become familar with this as its helpful using the track radar to make sure you don't turn in on someone.

    Anyway, interesting to see how the Euro's and the America's are doing!
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    Spent some more time this morning on the N300 race and improved my time to the 2'07.4 with the Audi.

    Really enjoying the good racing that these classes provide!
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