GT Sport Drag lobbies

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Would anybody be interested in doing drag builds on Tokyo expressway, it would be road cars only, custom tunes are allowed. The more people we can get the better it will be, preferably be able to use a mic to make it more organised. If interested reply to this and we'll set a time and date.
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The reason I am doing this, is because it is impossible to create a lobby that is organised and in which everyone drives fairly and uses the correct cars, most people just drive around blocking the track, so I want to create a lobby dedictated to clean fair drag racing.
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I think you have to use chat party, and I think it has a limit of eight people. I wish they would add chat to the lobbies, that way anyone, no matter how many people could talk. That is the way it was in the past, so not sure why they aren't doing that now :(