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  1. Loyd Chrismas

    Loyd Chrismas

    GT Sport Formula Drift section replays/posts and open community FD judging,evaluation/review,breakdown and discussions related to Gt Sport and competition level drifting
    -Solo (qualifying) runs preferred for replay posts
    : Pick a section we have outlined,practice,save and post your replays
    feel free to compare,discuss,analyze and comment on runs in a Formula Drift judging fashion as this is encouraged
    the criteria and demonstration photos and a video will clearly explain the parameters of the section and what FD judges are usually looking for,
    (just like at the drivers meeting in the morning at every FD event)
    fd101-FormulaD-2017_Page_0291.png fd101-FormulaD-2017_Page_0311.png
    so far we only have BlueMoon,Autopolis(LB section) and Suzuka pending as we have not yet decided/finalized on what section and length would be most suitable and/or appropriate to meet FD criteria.
    1.a.- BlueMoonBay Raceway Infield A FD
    bluemoon speedway FD track map lrg with line & judge chart (1198x720).png
    20200402113527start initiation lane w text descrip(1080x720).png 20200402113550 touch n go w text descrip(1080x720).png 20200402113712Touch n Go 2 w txt(1080x720).png 20200402113809 OutsideZone1 wtxt(1280x720).png 20200402113941 sector 3 decel zone(1280x720).png 20200405172040OutsideZone2InsideClip wtxt(1280x720).png 20200405172100OutsideZone2 InsideClip wtxt(1280x720).png
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  2. Kermit_2142


    Is this still running, when’s the deadline?
  3. Loyd Chrismas

    Loyd Chrismas

    no deadlines always open and more track/section outlines coming soon w/vids
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