GT Sport LeatherMan Gamescom 2017

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  1. PSN:And-War


    Hi Guys

    So these were given away at Gamescom 2017, anyone knows who made them and how many were made? were they given to key people or to anyone who attended that show?

    Would like to know a bit more about these lovely GT items.

    They look and feel very well made.

    PS4-GT-Sport-Gran-Turismo-Sport-Multitool-LeatherMan.jpg download.jpg
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  2. TonyJZX


    I've worked in this industry and basically you can ask a manufacturer like Leatherman (Gerber isnt it?) to make 100 or 500 or 1,000 etc. and they send it to you in a box before your convention. The above is even easier as all you do is provide a logo to the company making the case.

    Our HQ at the time (in France/Germany) didnt care didnt know we did this and their reps took a few as souvenirs and that was it.
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