GT Sport save problem

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United Kingdom

I have an issue with my GT Sport on PS4 save. I have a PS4 which I reached 50% game completion with many cars, however, I went on a family members PS4 and logged in to GT Sport on that console which for some reason reverted back to a previous online save at 25% completion. I returned to my PS4 and now can not retrieve the 50% completion save as it seems this is an online save feature within the game. Can anybody help tell me how I can retrieve the lost save as it should be somewhere on the GT Sport system?
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Looks like your newer save files have been overwritten by the old ones and uploaded to the PSN cloud (and/or GTS server). Check your cloud save file time and date against your local save file time and date on your primary PS4. If they are the same now then I think there's nothing you can do.
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