GT Sport - What's changed and is it worth it?

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    Hello all! Haven't been here in awhile (GT6 was a bit of a series killer for me) and kinda loosely followed GT Sport news. After finally playing Forza 7, I feel really disappointed now, and looking for another racing game to take its spot. I don't have a wheel, and more importantly, don't have a PS4 (yet?), so haven't had a chance to check out the beta or the recent demo. I know there's the livery editor and the new "scapes"/photomode as well as a severe integration of Esports and online, but also a pretty small car list. I watched a couple videos and not only the graphics, but also the AI is better (compared to Forza). To those that have played the game so far - how is it as a whole compared to Forza 6/7 and GT6? Is the sound much better than GT6? Is it worth jumping systems?
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    Far superior to Forza 6. And probably Forza 7. (I only tried the FM7 demo to see if they'd put back the stuff they took out of Forza 4. They hadn't.) Such as being able to keep track of lap times, save many replays, have a decent camera for photomode, well-choreographed replay cameras, multi-screen. Forza is defined by what they take out of each iteration, not what they add. Probably the best Forza was Forza 2.

    The sound is way better than GT6. Rich, complex and thrilling.

    Visually, GTS is spectacular. (I'm basing this on the recent beta). Breathtaking.

    When I first heard about Scapes, I was underwhelmed. The reality is far better than the description. It's a photographer's paradise. Keep digging into the Scapes menus, there is pure gold in there.

    Treat yourself to a PS4 Pro and 4K HDR TV, but read this first

    During the beta, I didn't touch the online stuff. There was way too much single-player experience for me to bother to mess with, and be messed by, experiments in server configuration. So I can't comment on the online multiplayer experience. It would probably have been colored by server downtime issues. They ran the beta to stress test the servers, so I stayed away from that stuff.