GT1 and GT2 v1.2 Gameshark Codes (tempar)

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Hello all! I am glad I found this sight. I have been hybriding on GT1, GT2 and now PSP GT, for a couple of years. And I see its making a comeback. That's cool.... Anyway, here's a couple of lists of Gameshark codes that I had lying around. They are in TempAR format. I take absolutely no credit for the creation of these. But thanks to those who did. Enjoy and keep up the excellent work.

_S SCUS_94194
_G Gran Turismo 2 Greatest Hits
_C0 Start in 1st Position
_L 801D5944 0001
_L 801D5D54 0500
_C0 No Countdown
_L 801D5868 0000
_C0 Race Laps (5)
_L E31D5866 0001
_L 301D586B 0005
_C0 Increase/Decrease Handicap(U/D)
_L 100A9E1A 0066
_L 110A9E1A 0066
_C0 Cars in Race Modifier(1)
_L D04AF231 0006
_L 304AF231 0001
_C0 CPU Cars - Tires
_L 801D59A6 0279
_L 801D59A8 0279
_L 801D5A76 0279
_L 801D5A78 0279
_L 801D5B46 0279
_L 801D5B48 0279
_L 801D5C16 0279
_L 801D5C18 0279
_L 801D5CE6 0279
_L 801D5CE8 0279
_C0 CPU Cars - 4WD
_L 801D599E 0263
_L 801D5A6E 0263
_L 801D5B3E 0263
_L 801D5C0E 0263
_L 801D5CDE 0263
_C0 CPU Cars - Downforce
_L 801D59E2 FFFF
_L 801D5AB2 FFFF
_L 801D5B82 FFFF
_L 801D5C52 FFFF
_L 801D5D22 FFFF
_C0 CPU Cars - Displacement
_L 801D59B2 0F0E
_L 801D5AB2 0F0E
_L 801D5B52 0F0E
_L 801D5C22 0F0E
_L 801D5CF2 0F0E
_C0 Any Car Any Track
_L D00148E0 000C
_L 800148E2 1000
_C0 Circle 30 Track
_L 801D589C EF9C
_L 801D589E E4B7
_C0 Circle 80 Track
_L 801D589C F0DC
_L 801D589E E4B7
_C0 Test Course Track
_L 801D589C 69A4
_L 801D589E 74C6
_C0 Test Course Jump
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF180 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF188 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF190 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF198 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF1A0 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF1A8 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF1C0 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF1C8 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF1E0 00C8
_L D00A9228 0040
_L 800EF1E8 00C8
_C0 99,999,999 Credits
_L 801D1569 E0FF
_L 801D156A 05F5
_C0 Infinite Timer
_L 8002F864 0000
_L 80046F64 0000
_C0 Gold Licenses A
_L 801CB360 0400
_L 801CB404 0400
_L 801Cb4A8 0400
_L 801CB54C 0400
_L 801CB5F0 0400
_L 801CB694 0400
_L 801CB738 0400
_L 801CB7DC 0400
_L 801CB880 0400
_L 801CB924 0400
_C0 Gold Licenses B
_L 801CB9C8 0400
_L 801CBA6C 0400
_L 801CBB10 0400
_L 801CBBB4 0400
_L 801CBC58 0400
_L 801CBCFC 0400
_L 801CBDAO 0400
_L 801CBE44 0400
_L 801CBEE8 0400
_L 801CBF8C 0400
_C0 Gold Licenses I-A
_L 801CC698 0400
_L 801CC736 0400
_L 801CC7E0 0400
_L 801CC884 0400
_L 801CC928 0400
_L 801CC9CC 0400
_L 801CCA70 0400
_L 801CCB14 0400
_L 801CCBB8 0400
_L 801CCC5C 0400
_C0 Gold Licenses I-B
_L 801CCD00 0400
_L 801CCDA4 0400
_L 801CCE48 0400
_L 801CCEEC 0400
_L 801CD2C4 0400
_L 801CCF90 0400
_L 801CD034 0400
_L 801CD0D8 0400
_L 801CD17C 0400
_L 801CD220 0400
_C0 Gold Licenses I-C
_L 801CC030 0400
_L 801CC0d4 0400
_L 801CC178 0400
_L 801CC21C 0400
_L 801CC2C0 0400
_L 801CC364 0400
_L 801CC408 0400
_L 801CC4AC 0400
_L 801CC550 0400
_L 801CC5F4 0400
_C0 Gold Super License
_L 801CACF8 0400
_L 801CAD9C 0400
_L 801CAE40 0400
_L 801CAEE4 0400
_L 801CAF88 0400
_L 801CB02C 0400
_L 801CB0D0 0400
_L 801CB174 0400
_L 801CB218 0400
_L 801CB2BC 0400
_C0 ===Hybrids===
_C0 Tuned 1st Garage Car
_L 801CD56A 0263
_L 801CD56C 004B
_L 801CD56E 0263
_L 801CD570 0669
_L 801CD59A 019A
_L 801CD5AE FF3D
_L 801CD5B2 FFCC
_L 801CD5DA 3D43
_C0 Front Tires
_L 801CD576 0279
_C0 Rear Tires
_L 801CD578 0279
_C0 Brakes
_L 801CD564 046A
_C0 Brake Controller
_L 801CD566 0001
_C0 Engine
_L 801CD56C 0093
_C0 Body Weight
_L 801CD56A 0263
_C0 Drivetrain
_L 801CD56E 0263
_C0 Downforce
_C0 Displacement
_L 801CD582 0001
_C0 Tune Code (Acura)
_L 801CD5D8 0000
_C0 Any Car Anywhere (CLK-DTM Car)
_L 801C308C E0DC
_L 801C308E 115C
_C0 HKS Drag 180SX SLOT 1 (T)
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C3328 E25C
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C332A 180C
_C0 3000 GT LM SLOT 2 (T)
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C3374 E59C
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C3376 1745
_C0 Del Sol LM SLOT 3 (T)
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C33C0 F71C
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C33C2 1200
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C340C E65C
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C340E 1701
_C0 CLK Race Car SLOT 5 (T)
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C34A4 E0DC
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C34A6 115C
_C0 GT1 Race Car SLOT 6 (T)
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C3458 129C
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C345A 1E0D
_C0 Impreza 22B SLOT 7 (T)
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C32DC 30D8
_L D01C353C D5D8
_L 801C32DE 1D0C


_S SCUS_94194
_G Gran Turismo
_C0 1 Billion Dollars
_L 8009B8F4 CA00
_L 8009B8F6 3B9A
_C0 High Speed Ring A
_L 30081788 0004
_C0 High Speed Ring B
_L 30081789 0004
_C0 High Speed Ring C
_L 3008178A 0004
_C0 Trial Mountain A
_L 3008178C 0004
_C0 Trial Mountain B
_L 3008178D 0004
_C0 Trial Mountain C
_L 3008178E 0004
_C0 Grand Valley A
_L 30081790 0004
_C0 Grand Valley B
_L 30081791 0004
_C0 Grand Valley C
_L 30081792 0004
_C0 Autumn Ring A
_L 30081798 0004
_C0 Autumn Ring B
_L 30081799 0004
_C0 Autumn Ring C
_L 3008179A 0004
_C0 Deep Forest A
_L 3008179C 0004
_C0 Deep Forest B
_L 3008179D 0004
_C0 Deep Forest C
_L 3008179E 0004
_C0 SS R5 A
_L 300817A0 0004
_C0 SS R5 B
_L 300817A1 0004
_C0 SS R5 C
_L 300817A2 0004
_C0 Grand Valley Speedway A
_L 300817A4 0004
_C0 Grand Valley Speedway B
_L 300817A5 0004
_C0 Grand Valley Speedway C
_L 300817A6 0004
_C0 Clubman Stage 5 A
_L 30081794 0004
_C0 Clubman Stage 5 B
_L 30081795 0004
_C0 Clubman Stage 5 C
_L 30081796 0004
_C0 B Class License Gold 1
_L 3009E444 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 2
_L 3009E445 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 3
_L 3009E446 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 4
_L 3009E447 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 5
_L 3009E448 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 6
_l 3009E449 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 7
_L 3009E44A 0003
_C0 B Class License Gold 8
_L 3009E44B 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 1
_L 3009E44C 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 2
_L 3009E44D 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 3
_L 3009E44E 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 4
_L 3009E44F 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 5
_L 3009E450 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 6
_L 3009E451 0003
_C0 A class License Gold 7
_L 3009E452 0003
_C0 A Class License Gold 8
_L 3009E453 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 1
_L 3009E454 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 2
_L 3009E455 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 3
_L 3009E456 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 4
_L 3009E457 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 5
_L 3009E458 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 6
_L 3009E459 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 7
_L 3009E45A 0003
_C0 International A Class License Gold 8
_L 3009E45B 0003
_C0 ===Hybrids===
_C0 Engine Balance
_L 8009BAA0 0061
_C0 Engine ROM
_L 8009BAAA 0061
_C0 Displacement
_L 8009BAAC 0003
_C0 Port/Polish
_L 8009BABA 0061
_C0 N/A Tune
_L 8009BAB8 00A5
_C0 Intercooler
_L 8009BAB2 0042
_C0 Turbo
_L 8009BAC8 00F5
_C0 Exhaust
_L 8009BAB6 0017
_C0 Transmission (7 speed)
_L 8009BAB0 0196
_C0 Suspension
_L 8009BAC4 017B
_C0 Front Stabilizer
_L 8009BAC0
_C0 Rear Stabilizer
_L 8009BAC2
_C0 Tires
_L 8009BAC6 0387
_C0 Weight Loss
_L 8009BAB4 01FF
_C0 Ft. Downforce
_L 8009BADC 00FE
_C0 Rear Downforce
_L 8009BAEA 00FE
_C0 Ft. Ride Height
_L 8009BAE0 00
_C0 Rear Ride Height
_L 8009BAED 00
_C0 Clutch
_L 8009BAA6
_C0 Brake Kit
_L 8009BAA2 01EE
_C0 Brake Controller
_L 8009BAA4 01EE
_C0 Driveshaft
_L 8009BAAE
_C0 Flywheel
_L 8009BAAE
_C0 Race Mod
_L 8009BABE
_C0 Lap Modifier (5)
_L 300B637C 0005
Sorry I forgot here's a quick list of parts and stuff for both. Again, no credit taken. Just the messenger......

Various Parts

01ee-----Powerful brakes

017b-----Lower race suspension

0158-----Stiff race suspension

0250-----Del Sol LM Suspension

006e-----Supercharger (use instead of Turbo)

0017-----Castrol Supra muffler

0003-----Good engine displacement code

0042-----Best Sport intercooler

01d5-----Good weight loss code

01ee-----Better weight loss code

01ff-----Highest weight loss code

0061-----Good Port/Polish, Rom, & Engine balance code

00a5-----Good N/A Tune code

00f5-----Good Turbo Code

0196-----7-Speed Trans code

0050-----Good Intercooler code

019d-----Good exhaust code

0387-----Supra GT Tires

03c8-----GTO LM Tires

03f9-----RX-7 LM Tires

03b1-----NISMO Tires

040c-----Impreza Rally Car Tires

03e2-----NSX Tires

ffff-----Really big tires

GT2 Greatest Hits
Gran Turismo 2 v1.2
Tuned 1st Garage Car Code

Body Weight 801CD56A 0263
Engine 801CD56C 004B
Drivetrain (4WD) 801CD56E 0263
Transmission (7 gear) 801CD570 0669
??? 801CD59A 019A
Auto Gearing 801CD5AE FF3D
Downforce 801CD5B2 FFCC
??? 801CD5DA 3D43


025B Speed 12
005F Oreca Viper
0168 GTR Drag Car
004B Corvette Stingray
0245 Plymouth Superbird
023A Ford V12
024D Cobra 427
024C Cobra Coupe
01EE Altezza LM


OF0E Mega HP
I'm giving you a thumbs up because I could not find any GT1 codes anywhere for some reason, and all I wanted to do was muck around with the Mitsubishi GTO's RM.
Cheers dude for posting this :).