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    Quick preface before I get going, I'm effectively out of smaller projects and NEED something to distract me from reality for a logically I'm injecting some reality into GT1. I never claimed to be intelligent. That said, I will be doing this in first person, because I'm incapable of creating a fictional persona, and also while starting off solo, I welcome anyone with a modicum of interest to join in whatever capacity you like, the thead title can always be changed. Also, while I'm doing this on PS2, I'll try to post pics where I can, videos may be a bit beyond me still.

    Now with that settled, on to the train wreck...

    Day 0: The Setup

    The name is Glover. B.K.Glover, and no I've no intent of divulging what the initials mean. Three weeks ago I was working on an assembly line in the piercing Texas heat, living in a tin-can trailer, with some modest belongings, a truck, and an urge to race some day. Two weeks ago, the rug was pulled from under me and the roof from above. Bitter as hell, I moved back with my parents for the moment as I regrouped and...looked for another crap job. What? I knew better than to aim for the sky, money got tight real fast.

    A week ago one of my better allies told me he'd heard of this racing association, the Gran Turismo Foundation. It was far reaching despite it's age, wide open in competition, and then the selling point was a note near the bottom stating anyone accepted into the Foundation's ranks would be given 10k in credit with free room, board, and travel accommodations to GTF events and activities. Even a stiff would have to consider that a deal, and after a week of pounding pavement and getting rejected from even turning in applications, this was a win-win for me in every way except one...I had to leave my comfort zone.

    Thinking about it, as the plane touches down in what'll hopefully be my home for some time to come, Texas is home but it's as moody as any human you've ever met. I sent in an application to the Foundation, and day before yesterday I got a letter stating that I had been accepted, but they'd need some in-person information, as well as a ticket voucher of sorts. It had the flight I needed to take, and what airport to go to, but no destination. It wasn't paid for either, but that wasn't a big concern.

    Paperwork filed, it's late in the day...too late to be verified. If it's not done by noon tomorrow then I'm out another lump for the room, and if it's rejected...It shouldn't be, the lass at the registration office said she'd seen people with abysmal records still get in...I can't help but worry though. I'm going to bed in an apartment far from home, strapped for cash if it falls through, and possibly worst of all...without a ride. Nobody best lay a finger on that truck or else.....

    *OI. Deep breaths. Turn on the alarm, credit or not, tomorrow is the start of something. Shut up and go to bed.*

    I hate you sometimes.

    *You hate me at all times, suck it up.*

    (incoherent mumbling).

    Day 1: ...Now What?

    After a groggy start to the morning (some thing will never change), I showered and was about to head for food and the streets when I heard a knock at the door. It was a GTF Official, congratulating me with a handshake, a temporary ID, the location I'd be living in for the rest of my time in the city, and a credit slip. He informed me that the ID would be multi-functional, acting as my apartment key and a credit card for purchases, but the one he'd just handed me was so I could get a free ride to the GTF Offices where they could print one and hand it over personally. I thanked the man as he left, re-packed my bag, and made my way to the office.

    As an office, it's not the biggest building I've seen, but it's not just an office. It's also the license center, and home to the biggest simulators I've ever seen in person...not that it's a long list. The lady who was dealing with me told me that with racing going on at all times, and with the tests within one license taking place on tracks thousands of miles away from each other, these simulators are the easiest way to get people through their exams in short order. It also allows for multiple attempts without worrying about tires, fuel, damage, or changing conditions. The downside is they can only run one operation a day, even though they have two machines both run off the same computers and can't cope with running multiple different tests at the same time.

    I thanked the lady, then left for my new apartment. Good news was that it was upstairs, but I'm not even sure 'sparsely decorated' would fit here. That said, everything was clean, the desk and bed sturdy, and the PC not a fancy paperweight. As I sit in my computer chair, I'm hit with a problem...Where do I go from here? Buy a car with what I've got or go straight back to the license center? I've heard that if you do well enough on licenses, they'll give you access to some rare and sporty beasts, but let's be real here, this is me. If you put people on a scale rating how good of a driver they are, I rank about 95 billionth.

    I'll worry about that later though, it seems this PC they've left for me to use isn't exactly cooperating with my devices...where's my hammers?
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    OOC: So it would seem my capture card doesn't like me playing PS1 games on PS2. Bugger, but I think I have a workaround for this situation, photos should be edited in later. Right, sorry for the interruption.

    Day 32: ...Wait, what?
    Crimeny, this has been a bunch of bull.

    As it turns out, they weren't kidding about the 'One operation a day' with the license simulators. The minimum you can earn the B license is eight damn days. I could have been doing ANYTHING in that downtime, but nooooo....

    I guess it's not all for naught, of the eight test I finished the month with four Gold and four Silver awards...but no free ride. Honestly, I expected as much. I'm no ace, not even close to one, so it's time to go car shopping as I'm about ready to explode. I came to race, dammit! New license in hand, it's time to see what's up for sale, and I can quickly see that taking a month may have saved me some headaches. Firstly, I'm an idiot, specifically one who likes to take underpowered cars and throw them around the track to make up for it. I find it great a game, but my initial choice of dirt-cheap '88 S13 Q's is no longer on the table. A number of cars are tenable, but it comes down to money and at this moment there is a deal that can't be ignored; 1988 S13 Silvia K's for $ Super Red. I'm also a sucker for the colors red, black, and silver get's a nod as well.

    So I'm on my way to the AutumnRing to give the car it's shakedown race. 172 Horses, 2500 lbs, and it's mine to race...hopefully not to an early grave. I thought about upgrades, but decided against it just to see what I can do with it out of the box. This travel time lets me think. This entry to the Sunday Cup is my first real taste of the GTF's GT League, and organized races. I'm so unprepared, I've not even attended a League race yet, and I'm jumping into a series!? Is it wise to immediately go racing in a car I've not even tested with? What should I call this thing?

    Arriving at AutumnRing, I'm briefed on the Mini layout before qualifying. Looking at the competition, it's a Starlet, a Mirage, a Demio, a Civic hatch, and an S14 Q's. Considering how little power the Q's I thought about buying has, I don't regret letting it pass for another time. I take my position for qualifying, this layout is like a karting track upsized...too bad the car wasn't. Oversteer out of the first turn, then more in 2. I let off to compensate and end up in full skid into the grass. It's not AS chuckable as I'd hoped, but I still turn in a decent 46.579, 0.75 off the Starlet's pole time. Our race gets the call to the grid for our 2 laps. I'm optimistic, they can be quick, but I can make it up with Green flag falls, the Starlet, myself, and the Demio to my surprise all get solid starts, there's contact with the Demio going into 1, but it and the Starlet are passed out of the hairpin, just for me to almost bin it into turn 2. Lead is maintained through the grass and held for the remainder of the race, but the K's and I need some work as I pushed too hard often, sliding around the track and off it a few times, never more than a second between me and the V.

    The Red K' still needs a name.

    Umm...that's not right.

    Not doing well.


    Race to the line!

    Our next scheduled race was at High Speed Ring, and I'm more ready for this one after a few hair-raising moments in the B-license final. I'm also worried because that was run with a Miata, lighter, less power, and built to be sporty. The S13 can be sporty, but mine seems to be more classified as 'edgy', it could do with suspension and tire upgrades. Regardless, I'm leading the cup due to my win, but this ring demands attention. However I'm still an idiot, and as such I still pushed too far, this time qualifying 2 seconds off the pole...I had work to do. I line up last on the grid, and when the green drops the throttle goes to full. I pass the field in short order, S14, Mirage, Civic, Demio, then the Starlet just before we enter the first turn. The K's holds, just, as the field resets for the exit. This is likely my largest lead as I overshoot turn 2. I never lose the lead, but many times the Starlet closes. On lap 2 I actually hit the wall out of turn 2 but it's only a glancing blow on my way to the finish, ahead of the Starlet again by less than 0.75 of a second. The championship is mine with a 3rd or better in the last race.

    Into turn this a trap.

    Faster...must go FASTER!

    First wall impact of the career. Sure as :censored: won't be the last.

    Could you go further away? Maybe the next county over?

    The final race was Grand Valley, the East short course specifically. Fast, technical, and unforgiving, one mistake may not end my day, but one big enough **** up could snuff out my championship run. The car isn't wanting to turn, it's too tight in stock form, so I took my qualifying lap just to get settled some. Snap oversteer didn't help, and neither did being 3.7 seconds off the pace. If I was going to with this, I was gonna have to pull out the dumb moves. Last on grid again, off like a shot again, this time the back comes around into the hairpin and I'm having to avoid sliding into the gravel. I get out of it and power ahead, look back to see...the Demio in second. From there on the order doesn't change but I almost lose it many times. I can never get the car settled, even when I'm just using the gas, so every turn is an adventure to say the least. I win the race by just under a second, adding to my credit line and giving me the championship.

    Never been one for the conga line...

    Hey...that's new...



    Oh :censored: off!

    Methinks a stiffer suspension is needed. Shouldn't be picking asphalt out of the body panels yet.

    Returning home, I was told I'd received a new car. Now I'm all for winning stuff, but then I went and had a look at it...

    Mazda Demio A-Spec. All 94 Horsepower of it...I'm sorry, but was I not just racing a Demio GLX that had at least 150? It'll have a use in the lightweight challenge later on, I guess, but...le eff!?

    It's been a long trip, I'm going to bed.
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    This is really good. Almost like a fan fic. Keep it up!
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    Thank you. The fan fics are what gave me the idea.

    The workaround idea has worked, so now there are pics from the Sunday cup events. No, they aren't great, but they're here nonetheless to maybe-hopefully add to the story. Back to the show in 3...2...1...

    Day 84: Old habits resurface

    50...days...of exams. MY BEARD HAS A GRAY BEARD! I already know the IA's are gonna leave me crying myself to sleep each night, so I wanted to put time between now and when I HAVE to have it. A License results were three Gold, two Silver, and three Bronze awards at the cost of my entire "Give a :censored:" process. See, I still held out to try and get a car out of these...Test A4 destroyed that, Trial Mountain claimed another drivers will to succeed and fed it to Godzilla.

    :censored: IT! I got the A License, that's what matters! I'm ready to go back racing, and the K's had been modified since the last event. Foundation City, as no one's told me a name otherwise, actually has specialty shops for each automaker, something new to me coming from a place where dealerships usually took in anything their lots would sell and independent shops took in what would pay them, but talking to the techs at the Nismo facility re-engaged reagular life BS detectors in my mind. Firstly, I found out I only had 168 ponies at the time of my arrival, but then this smug guy started trying to sell me on going nuts with the racing parts then and there. I told him "I'm not to that level myself yet, I just want to find where I'd like the car to be first." but he kept on and kept on, then after 15 minutes of constant dribble I noticed he'd gone from 'you' to 'we' in his description.

    "Listen here, buddy! There is no 'WE' in this. I'm done dealing with you, because I'm just as capable of doing this myself as you are, going by the fact that there's more grease in your hair than on your clothes, I'd say I'm more capable than you! Go on back to your office, I'll find someone willing to do what I ask myself!"

    The tech, trying to sooth his ego, balls up his fist and stands straight...and I lose it. I jump up, stare him down, and start almost barking in his face, throwing my glasses in the car as I get there,


    He doesn't... no one has yet. Maybe it's the wide-eyed stare, the guttural tone the words come out in, or that I never break eye contact, but I'm not that physical that people should be backing down...I don't know. The manager of the shop came out to de-escalate the situation, though the still somewhat stunned tech wasn't up to much now. The tech was sent on, and I was leaving when the manager stopped me at the door. He told me that guy wouldn't ever work on my vehicles or have any dealings with me, I would deal with the manager and one of his mainstay techs, and that all would be forgiven as long as I don't do that again. I told him to spread word to other shops around town about this showdown and we'll do business. He went to his office to start calling, and I pulled Red into one of the workstations.

    Looking to get myself in tune with the car, I asked for the sports suspension to be installed as well as a carbon driveshaft, reduction of weight by getting rid of the obvious stuff, sports brakes, an ECU remap, a mid-range intake and exhaust system, four soft sports tires, and a sports intercooler for the turbo. End result of a bit more power, hopefully more response, and I hoped mostly for better handling though my recent A License experiences told me to be wary of any improvement. It also meant I was under 5k in credit, so broke again but enough to spring for a better turbo if the car didn't have enough umf.

    Being a massive idiot, I signed up for the Clubman cup this time round and before long was heading back to AutumnRing for the first race. Once the camber was tweaked, I took a hesitant glance at the entry's time to start crying. Competition for this event was an Impreza WRX Wagon, an MR-2, an R33 Skyline GTS, an Eclipse GT, and a sporty Civic, none with less than 240 HP. I knew I was in for a thrashing, so I steeled myself for what I always do...throw the car around like a drunken dance partner. Qualifying was predictably awful, except what I needed to know and that was my dance partner was ready to run. 3.7 seconds off pole, but a vastly different animal was in my hands now. One that could surprise people, and I intended to do just that. Last at the drop, the start was decent enough to stay in range of the field, enough to outrun the Civic by a bit. Taking the inside line at turn 1, the car still rolls more than I like but it works. The Civic starts fading as I catch the field through the chicanes. coming to the second hairpin I'm racing with the R33 and the Eclipse for 3rd, we bunch into the turn with me on the inside, then I fight away the position in the next turn. They've put space on me in the short trip, but I outbrake both of them and take the turn sharper than both. This being my first time using the loop I butcher it, but not enough to lose position as I still see the MR-2 ahead. I can hold my speed well enough to get to him after the next chicane, and at the next corner I make an effort to get past, only to slide into the grass and allow him to retake 2nd. The Eclipse hasn't taken too kindly to my methods and wants in on the action as we all barrel down the main straight for turn 1 again, and again I use my go-kart mentality to throw the King into the turn, gaining 2nd but bringing the Eclipse with me. The WRX had merely been a witness to all this but now both the Eclipse and I were on his tail. As we go through the chicanes, I only need to let off the gas while everyone else has to brake. As we head for the second hairpin, the WRX starts pulling away before the braking zone. I stomp on the brakes late enough to make up distance, and King goes into the corner sharp, washing out toward the end enough to be squarely in front of the Impreza. The WRX challenges through the next set of turns, into and out of the loop, but finally starts to fade a bit after the chicane. We turn towards the grandstands and I have him, then we turn onto the front stretch and again I put it in the grass. Momentum lost, the WRX unleashes it's fury, passing me on the straight for the win, leaving me in 2nd but not too upset.
    On the way to the second race, something seemed familiar about the scenery...we were back in town! Yes, I'd heard cars racing from various parts of the city, but nothing I'd had access to myself to see. Route 5 was the basis for this round, the GTF calling this shorter layout the 'Clubman' moniker. I decided to stiffen the front suspension on the off, hoping maybe it'll help hold the car on track more to make up for my lack of throttle control. After some practice laps, I went back to the setup I had. Qualifying was abysmal again, 4.5 seconds back now, but the race may be different...this looooong straightaway gives me a lot of worry. Once the green flag flew though, the entire track had me rethinking my life choices. The length of the track is fast, the more power you have the better, and King is underpowered. I was able to keep on the tail of the Civic the entire first lap, as we neared turn 1 again, I turned to desperate measures and hit the brakes very late. This gave me 5th, but it threw off my timing for the rest of the lap. The MR-2 had faltered as well, promoting me to 4th, but both it and the Civic hounded me for half a lap before they both passed going up the ramp, but while they were beating on each other, I laid off the entry to the final turn and got a strong run past both of them, holding 4th to the finish. I'll need more power before I return here.
    Final stop, Trial First thing I did on arrival was to stiffen the dampers. I think I've been allowed to be too stupid thus far, a stiffer suspension won't allow for outlandish driving. I've got to fix myself somehow, beating my head against a wall didn't do it, maybe this will. The Mountain is fast, but it's technical as well, so King and I still have a hope in hell of competing. The title is lost already so this is, to quote Burt Reynolds, "For the money, for the glory, and for the fun...mostly for the money". Qualifying followed the trend of being worse every passing round, 4.6 seconds off now, but I could swear that my car handles this track better than the R33 GT-R in A License Test 4...No matter. The race starts, the front four leave the Civic and I behind for a moment. We run about equal to turn 1 where I get a nose ahead, then in turn 2 the Civic taps the brakes as I shift focus to the Eclipse and R33. I catch up to them through the last of the esses, then into the tunnel turn. As we reach the first turn in the valley, the R33 gets in my way and takes my momentum. The Eclipse runs alongside through the turn, but on exit my inside line has given me the position and brought me aside the R33 as we battle through the rest of the valley. Entering the second tunnel, I only lift off the gas to make the corner into the tunnel straight, giving me 3rd behind the MR-2 and WRX. Amazingly my lack of power isn't punished on this long straight, nor is my mistake in the next turn when I scrub speed hitting the inside wall. The MR-2 is very loose around every turn in the forest section, allowing me to catch it coming out of the forest and focus on the front stretch and the WRX. Usually I would abuse the rumble strips to make up time, but as I caught more airtime in practice than I would have liked, and recalling the AutumnRing race, I stayed off them this race. Even so, I still found myself catching the WRX. At the finish line it was within reach, a reach I had closed by the time we neared the first tunnel. The WRX took a shunt out of the esses to stay ahead, but it went wide into the tunnel turn, allowing me to make my move to the inside for the lead, a lead that would be padded with each turn up to another mistake at the end ot the long straight where I took the outside line to avoid the sudden nosedive to the inside. It closed in, but then fell back slowly, out of the forest there was a sizeable gap, but at the chicanes the Impreza looked to have one more shot. It was not to be, King and I powered through the chicanes while the Impreza checked up, allowing us to take the win by over a second!
    The championship was won by the WRX, but second place against strong competition like this is nothing to be upset about. Some more modifications will be in order before the next series, but for now it's time to rest and figure out the next challenge...and figure out what to do with that Demio.

    OOC: If anyone reading these cares, I'm planning on writing like this when I do come back to this championship. I don't know if that's the best thing to do though so any input is appreciated. Thank You.
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    Day 93: Getting Ideas

    I decided the morning after Trial Mountain that I'd go for the IA License one test at a time, then race in between. It draws out the suffering, but misery spread out is easier to deal with than all at once. I've also given up on the free car sweepstakes, no talent and all, and you'd be surprised how much less stressed I am now that I've accepted it. I can always go back and try for better times but as a college friend once reminded me, "A's look good, C's get degrees...unless you're in medicine, then you're screwed". Thankfully this isn't med school.

    King has to be faster, so another trip to the Nismo shop for some more drastic measures. A strip down weight reduction, a stage 1 turbo kit, race-spec intake and exhaust, a triple-plate clutch, and a racing flywheel are administered. My tech this time, a guy named Ryo Takeda, was hesitant to put on the clutch and flywheel having done some tuning in the past himself. I told him I understood the pitfalls of the combination in King as it stood now, but I told him that as an established idiot, I do things that are questionable to those who know what works, and also that what works for many doesn't feel right to me. Even in a lower powered car, the immediate shifts and quick response can make up for the lack of a safety net. Still wary, he accepted that and finished the install, asking why the stock box was going back in as he finished putting the starter on. "Simple" I said "I didn't have the money to add the race transmission to the order." That's likely the next upgrade.

    So at this moment, my 1988 S13 K's, dubbed 'King' for lack of a better name, is lighter still and jumped from 188 to 249 HP, we're at more equal strength with the field now. Question is can I manage it? We're also seriously broke...$260 credit broke. Time to get back racing, and I considered another run at the Clubman Cup, but one of the GTF's organizers asked me to consider some of the Federation's special events. He gives me a rundown of these series, then goes about his day as I start reading up. Just with the two cars I have, seven events are open to me, five of which King is eligible. I'm thinking that some of these sound like good competition, but I've seen what is being raced in the GTF, and considering how open these championships are I should think carefully before I sign up for any.

    Unfortunately, careful isn't my M.O.

    After posting entry to the FR Challenge, I'm on my way to Grand Valley. This first race is the short one, backwards on the East course, and I'm the last to arrive but the first to open shop. A race official was scratching his head looking at a piece of paper as he headed towards was the entry list, and having looked at the list eight ways to Sunday, I sympathized with the man. The competition this series was a FD RX7, a '91 S13 K's, then three AE86s, two Levins and a Trueno. I was tempted to laugh, but only shook my head and thought I'm either fairly lucky or I'm about to get shown up. I didn't expect a lot out of qualifying as I hadn't run Grand Valley in reverse yet, so imagine my surprise when I took second, 0.635 seconds off pole. Now I've got no clue how this is gonna end up as we get ready to race. The lights go out for the race to begin, and I start outpulling the FD, leaving the field behind me. By the time we get to turn 1, I have a notable lead which I need as I've yet to recognize the first complex. The FD would close on me through turns 1, 2 and the esses, but out of the esses the only other time the FD got close was exiting the tunnel, and that's because I botched the first one. The FD didn't challenge that hard, a bit of a disappointment if I'm honest, but regardless race #1 belongs to me.


    Race 2 would be my competitive Debut at a place I'd only run in the license tests, Deep Forest. Fast with a few tricky turns, and a cliff, I've been waiting to run here actually. This is a track where momentum can win the day for you, and likewise a lack of it makes for misery. Qualifying mimics race 1, with 0.781 being the difference this time, and that was on a conservative lap so I think the race will also be like the first one. Lined up second on-grid, the FD and I get off to flying starts. Entering turn 1 is a civilized manner where I take the lead and hold it, but out of the second tunnel I trip myself up, cut a corner too close, and end up out of position for the run up the cliff face. I hit the rocky wall, not crushing but losing a chunk of momentum, allowing the FD to close distance. The only reason I wasn't passed by the FD by the time we topped the hill is the FD's racing line, opting to start inside and wash out, and me being stupid I throw the car dead sideways and plant my foot in the floor. It works though, I open up a lead again to finish the lap but take turn 1 too hot, having to scrub speed to stay on track, happily I wasn't the only one with that issue and regained a decent lead on the field up to the cliff run where the FD's 300 Horses allowed it to catch up some. We separate again a little out of the last tunnel, but on the final corner I pushed King in too fast and lost a lot of momentum while the FD didn't, it tapped the brake pedal enough to set the car, floored it through the apex, and made his claim for the win. Had the finish line been 100 yards further, the FD may have won, but at the line victory was again mine by 0.1 of a second.


    Returning to Grand Valley for the finale, I wonder why they set it up this way? Why not run both races, then go to Deep Forest? Oh well, not my money to burn, I just go where the racing is supposed to be. Like last time it was a reversed course, unlike last time it was the full circuit which gave me trepidation as I've still yet to go around the full Grand Valley circuit normally, much less backwards. I used my qualifying session as a gauge on my confidence...1.591 off pole, 6th place. Not good. As long as I finish decently, the title is mine, but I'm always after that win. In position, the lights go out, I blast past the AEs, side past the other S13, and get behind the FD as we enter turn 1. A quick look back, and all I see is the S13 and one 86 in the outer wall, the other two 86s in the inside wall, the FD and I have room to work. We enter the square esses, the FD takes the slower approach while I slide past, literally this time, for a brief hold of the lead before the FD retakes it as I recover. We enter the sweeping tunnel, the FD swings wide for a better angle, I nose in beneath it and take the lead out of the tunnel across the bridge. I brake too late into the second tunnel, but the FD slowed down early, then took a more roundabout line in the third tunnel run up, allowing me to build a lead again, the FD only catching me in braking zones until we reach the long esses out of the first hairpin when I miss my mark and end up in the grass. The FD passes me for a moment, but I reestablish my lead coming out of the last hairpin, across the line, then into turn 1 were I made a mess of it this time. I see the FD to my inside heading towards the 90s, but I'm compelled to look in the mirror, and when I do I get a surprise. There's a red Tureno on my bumper, wanting my spot, but as I look forwards again the FD is right there. We all enter the first 90, the Trueno goes wide, I pull King inside, and the FD goes sideways, enough of a shift for me to force the issue in the second 90 and take the lead into the sweeper. From that point on, I lose time in braking zones only due to braking, the 90 after the third tunnel still giving me some grief, and at the finish I lead the field by about a second, winning the race and the championship!


    Returning to the city for some rest, the receptionist stopped me:

    "Oh, Mr. Glover!"

    "Yes Ma'am?"

    "The Foundation dropped off another car for you this morning. I have the keys here."

    "Oh, thank you" as I take the envelope they're in.

    "We were a bit confused initially.

    "Why's that?"

    "Well, they brought it in on a truck, and with all the work you've done to your car, some of us thought you had it repainted and changed the wheels. Then the Foundation rep dropped off the keys and said you had earned the vehicle. He did have a smirk on his face."

    *Eyes closed, pinching bridge of nose* "Hrrrrrrrr...Thank you...where'd they put it?"

    "Right there by the door, sir."

    I nod to her, then walk toward the tarped vehicle. Pulling it back, I see why there'd be confusion, however when I get to the back of the car there is only one response for what I've 'earned'...


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    Day 107: Self-Test Result = FAIL

    Two down, six to go until I get my IA. Handling the Viper around SSR5 was a challenge, but I passed...then I did it until I stopped hitting walls. I cut almost a second and a half, but still not enough for me to reach higher than Bronze. Whatever, it's out of the way, where to race next...

    Actually, not a debate this time. Again I stopped at the Nismo shop for two things this time; Racing Transmission and Racing Suspension. While Ryo went to work on the transmission, another tech got going on the suspension, a lass named Jodie Billingsley. Turns out she was working towards an engineering degree, so she got an internship...and going by the grease on her coverall's, the fact she was doing the work herself, and that any help knew exactly what she wanted, I'd say she'll be running the pits for someone some day. They both finished up, and both gave me an rundown on how it all would work. After thanking them both, then picking myself up off the floor when the clerk gave me the bill, I decided to take King out for a test session. Where? It was a tossup between Grand Valley and Trial Mountain, and I decided on the mountain for this go. Unfortunately, the only thing that was proven during the sessions was that any tuning shouldn't be done by me, nor should it be tested by me as I am far to inconsistent to be a fair measure of anything. Nothing achieved short of more despair and distain for myself, I signed up for the Japan vs. US championship and just waited out the day.

    The track crews simply adjusted for direction, and Trial Mountain was ready for us in reverse form. Once I'd adjusted everything on the car back to how it was, I went to the stewards and asked to see the entry list. As I was walking up, I saw a Camaro Z28 being race spec. I felt somewhat sick, rarely does the competition unload cars for races beyond the next event, so I already had an idea how far up :censored: creek I was before I looked... Apparently you can fall into a daze and not know it for some time, as it took officials 45 minutes to get me out of it. Entries were a Dodge Concept Car, an Impreza Rally car in race tune, an R32 GT-R in race tune, A Mitsu GTO in race tune, the Z-28 in race tune, then King...:censored:, guess I'm either gonna be left in the dust or I'm gonna go for broke. Qualifying results in me being 13.5 seconds off pace. Starting last, all hope is lost when the four race cars disappear over the horizon, the only battle I have is with the Dodge, and once I lose what little rhythm I had that is lost. The rest of the race was just a paid exhibition, and considering I spent most of it correcting oversteer and understeer, I was glad it was over
    IA test 2 showed me what SSR5 was like, now it was time to race on it...or at least give the illusion that I was. No chance at the title already, just not being last is gonna be a chore. Qualifying was slightly better, only 12.4 seconds off this time, but the race begins even worse as everyone get away. I can barely keep the Concept in my sights up to the onramp chicane. I come to the entrance of the ramp expecting to see two taillights halfway up, instead I see a dark red mass 30 feet in front of me!


    It's not debilitating, but what momentum I had is now gone with the GT-R flying away from me on the main straight, and no CC in sight. With a 1:33 lap 1, I push harder and end up bouncing off of walls semi-regularly to little avail up to that last climb where I can see taillights again for a moment, 1:26 lap 2. I hit the brakes at the end of the highway, only for the car to pitch right, into the wall, though the scrubbed speed does set me up better for the turn itself, and as I slow the car a tick earlier than I had the last lap, I stopped hitting walls and started catching more glimpses of taillight. Sadly the closest I truly got...was into turn 1 after the race was over. My 1:24 last lap not enough to get me close.

    Before I'd made it to High Speed Ring, I put in a call to my apartment building and asked them to bring me a bottle of...anything really. Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, Turpentine, I didn't care, I just wanted something there so maybe I wouldn't spend the next month locked in my room trying to overcome the embarrassment of this championship. Only 10 seconds off pole this race, but I knew I'd be 10 seconds off the leader by the time we reached turn 1, and I wasn't far off. I was able to keep relatively close to the Concept Car, even getting within 10 feet of it on the last lap once, but it was just more of the same from the rest of the series...and we weren't done yet.


    Grand Valley East II was the site of race 4, and the only difference after qualifying was that I had the gap under 10 seconds now. The race starts, everyone flies off, then me and the Concept start going at it. We have equal power, King is 60 pounds heavier, and into turn 1 I nose ahead, it takes the spot back out of the esses and into the tunnel, and as we near the exit I make a move to take the spot again and...proceed to spin the car. At this point I'm so angry with myself I'm ready to quit, but I know if I quit the race I don't get paid anything, and as low on cash as I am right now I may as well finish this race and face the music. So I get back up to speed and finish out the lap, I notice the Concept is only now entering turn 1... surely not a chance, right? Well that's not what I thought at that instant, it was more "I'm coming for you :censored:!" With every corner after, I saw more and more copper paint. By the time we finished lap 2, I was back within striking distance. I pulled close to it into turn 1, the Concept again put some space on me into the esses, I caught up out of the tunnel and through the hills, getting a nose beside it as we neared the hairpin. As we start braking, I'm on the outside but maintain some more speed over the Concept allowing me to get a nose ahead as we reach the kink with me on the inside. Coming to the finish I've passed the Concept car and put about five lengths on it to finish...5th. Reality had to set in sometime.

    Snapshot_20170615_215157.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215203.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215221.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215357.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215424.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215450.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215500.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215515.jpg Snapshot_20170615_215518.jpg

    Unmercifully, the final race of the championship is at SSR11. Damn this place. Just looking at it gives me a migraine. Qualifying was abysmal, and the race was worse. After five corners there was no one around, and after a number of spins, crashes, and generally laughable effort, the whole thing finally came to an end.

    Snapshot_20170615_215824.jpg Snapshot_20170615_220150.jpg

    As I drug myself back home, I had to ask myself if I wanted to try and keep up this charade.

    "Everyone worth their salt has seen what I can do, and they couldn't care less."

    *So what? You aren't here for them.*

    "No, but there's no hiding that there is nothing here. It's all the car, the pilot is no better than the mailman."

    *OK, you have no talent, no skill, and you picked a series stocked with race cars. Seriously, what were you expecting?*

    "The ability to control the car would be nice."

    *You're not winning every event. Slow down a bit more, stop with the red-mist BS, and things might go smoother*

    "...Again, brain. 27 years we've been at this, and you still think it's that easy to drop habits? I'm going to sleep, rubbing alcohol isn't that appealing right now."
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    Michelin Man

    United Kingdom
    Top work @BKGlover, love reading these :tup:. Makes me excitied and all into it myself from just reading it :lol:. It's also Making me want to finally get my own copy of GT1 and play through it myself, more than I already do...
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    Thank you. Just know that it's a fair bit different from all the other GTs.

    Day 120: Retreading

    I don't know if I'll ever get a grasp of the TVR. It's almost as if you have to throw it around in order to get anywhere. Oh well, IA-3 is done, time to reestablish a bit of confidence.

    With 3k to my name and an urge to start evaluating that Demio sitting in the corner, I figured I'd go ahead and return to the Clubman Cup with King. No upgrades this time, not that I could afford one anyway, and it was an uneventful trip to Autumn Ring. The entry list read similar to the previous outing: Impreza WRX Wagon, MR-2, R33 GTS, Eclipse. It's the last entry that made me think and look around a little harder, as in place of the Civic was Prelude SH. I looked at the Prelude team members as they passed my garage, and it was then I noticed the 'Honda' printed on the shirts of the ones I recognized. I can't say for sure, but I believe I've been racing against actual teams now, but I have so many questions before my brain starts going into lock-up. An hour, and 4 ibuprofen later, it's time for my qualifying session. As I'm getting my helmet on, I hear this voice in the back of my mind speak out...

    "Oi!" it cries "Whot the :censored: do yeu care how the bloody hell they run? YEU have beeten the pants off'em before, Sa put on ye gear and show 'em again yeu can kick their :censored: whenever yeur ready!"

    I shake my head, smirking, and speak out loud to no one, "OK, who let Scotty loose with the booze up there? Y'all know he 'aint allowed that, makes him a bit rambunctious...even if he is right." I fire up King and make my way to the grid for my lap. This time it all goes well, 2nd by only a tenth. The field has me on power, but I have the weight advantage. As the race starts, the grid effectively holds position into turn 1, when I'm informed by the MR-2 this isn't going to be the easy race I might have hoped for. I'm punted uptrack behind the WRX, falling to third as the MR-2 passes the Impreza in the chicanes as I set them up for the first square turn. Everyone brakes wide, with my "lack" of power, all I have to do is lift for long enough to pitch the car toward the apex, giving me exit speed and a clear lead over the MR-2. I wouldn't lose the lead again, but the MR-2 would hound me for a bit due to a combination of it's power and my lack of talent causing me to botch the loop entry and exit. It comes close on the short chute, but I'm able to recover and regain the advantage across the line and into turn 1, and then it's just noise behind me. I look back and see the WRX and the MR-2 climbing out of the gravel, and the Eclipse taking over second. While it would close the gap a bit, the Eclipse just never could get close enough to challenge the last lap, allowing me to win the race.

    Snapshot_20170626_000941.jpg Snapshot_20170626_000946.jpg Snapshot_20170626_000959.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001334.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001416.jpg

    The memory of the first time around at Route 5 stings some still, possibly because I'm not sure I have the speed for this long straight, even now with so much changed on the car. A fear backed up by a 6th place starting spot being off by 2.2 seconds. The race starts and I quickly pass the Prelude, entering turn 1 I let off too late and slide to the outside of the corner, but it works out as I'm able to hold more speed and pass the Eclipse in the turn while taking the R33 on exit. Establishing a gap for third out of turn three, I start chasing the MR-2 and the WRX towards the ramp. In all honesty, I threw the King in too hot at the top of the ramp and should have hit the outside's not my fault the MR-2 decided it was time to jump across the WRX and take the inside line, making contact with both of us in the process. I took the lead out of that turn, the WRX took second out of the final corner, and the MR-2 began it's slide off the podium. The WRX would close the gap in a few turns around the course, but like the Eclipse at Autumn Ring it never challenged for the lead, giving me the win. What was funny, though, was that the result gave me the championship while the WRX and the Eclipse both were in the same situation I had been in the first time around.

    Snapshot_20170626_001617.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001640.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001654.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001702.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001738.jpg Snapshot_20170626_001757.jpg

    That irony wasn't lost on me as we made it to Trial Mountain. It would only have been fitting for one of them to win the race with me in second. Personally, I don't like that fit. It's my intention to win, and considering how I won the race the first time around, I thought I stood a good chance to do it again and sweep the championship. That confidence was boosted after qualifying second again, 0.6 seconds off pole but a full 4 seconds faster than my old qualifying record. The lights went out, I tried putting my foot through the floor. I get a good start and pull even with the WRX, refusing to lift at all through turn 1, then turn 2 when the WRX slides to the outside, still through turn three I don't let up. I stay on it until I reach the cavern corner, then get back on it as hard as I can through the canyon. I stay on full forward attack until I reach the long straight out of turn seven, and when I do finally look back I see something strange. A lot of distance between me and second, and that blue. The R33 had decided it was going to make itself known. Unfortunately for the R33, King is at home on Trial Mountain. I rarely heard the R33, and it never had a chance to compete with King and I. We won the race by over a second, sealing the championship two-fold over the R33 and the WRX.

    Snapshot_20170626_002035.jpg Snapshot_20170626_002045.jpg Snapshot_20170626_002135.jpg Snapshot_20170626_002145.jpg Snapshot_20170626_002248.jpg

    I pulled into the garage at the apartment, and there was actually a crowd in the garage this time. Apparently I had just missed the truck that dropped it off, but this time I did catch the Federation rep.

    "Hello Mr. Glover. On behalf of the Gran Turismo Federation, I present you're gift car for winning the Clubman Cup."

    I thanked the lass, then the crowd gave a brief applause as she left. They, however, didn't disperse, nor could I blame them. Many cars were aerodynamically effective, but not the wedge shape that this was. I had an idea what it was, but the temptation of ripping off the cover was too alluring. The crowd fell into a state of awe when the cover came off...


    The crowd dispersed, and I smiled as I made my way to my apartment. Now...hehehe, now we're having some fun.
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    Michelin Man

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    Just curious, but how did you grab the direct screenshots of GT1, especially since the quality is impressive. I ask because I've wondered how to do the same with GT2 and 3. Is it done with a capture card or something else?

    Also, great read, as always :tup:.
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  10. BKGlover


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    I use a Hauppauge capture card hooked to the ps2. I've had a few hiccups with it but all in all it's been good. The problem is that the box won't pass the entire game through. The main menu and navigation screens are fine, but event menus and the racing itself doesn't work off ps2, I've not tried the ps3 yet. To get around this, I have a separate a/v set for the tv, race in that one saving the replays, then switch cables and use the replay theater because while it won't go to the tv, it shows up fine on the recorder screen.
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  11. Michelin Man

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    Thought it'd be a capture card, cheers :tup:. Do you think there'd be any way of doing it without a capture card? Unlikely I'd imagine, but I ask since I don't have one, and if I could get away with taking GT2 screenshots for example, without one then that'd be great, just to avoid the cost.

    Ultimately if not, then not to worry, as may just get a capture card in the end anyway, if that's the case. If it comes to that I'd look into a Hauppauge, as all I seem to hear, is good stuff about them.
  12. BKGlover


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    It is an investment, but the only other way I can think of doing it is with an emulator in a pc. There might be something on ps3 that can act as a workaround, but I don't know.
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    Day 129: The Demio

    Here I thought the TVR was a leery beast, the Viper is always ready to spin around and bite. IA-4 finished...finally. Once I got a good lap I passed, even if I beat the time by 2.5, silver was 3.5. It's in my mind these may not be the best gauge of a driver's skill.

    Going easy over the last few days, I've been looking at racing modifications for everything in my possession. I get that the car will be more race ready, but for **** sake, they don't look good. King has the best of the four so far, but it's not a fair competition. However with my completion of the latest test, I felt like it was time for another inevitability, a change in chariot. King has suited me well so far, but now the Demio has to show it's not wasting space. Once everything's been checked and cleared, I entered it into the Lightweight Sports Battle Stage Championship, which for matters of my own psyche will be referred to as the Lightweight Championship as I feel I'll need to say it multiple times.

    The trip to Autumn Ring was about the same as it had been with King, but it wasn't without nerves. I'd forgone upgrades out of two curiosities; Who would I race against, and how well would this little gray box hold up? The latter defaulted to 'Poorly' when I found out the former: an AE86 Levin, a CR-X, a Demio GL-X, and two different Mirages, an Asti and a Cyborg. Seven seconds off pole time, way short on power, but what's worse is the car being so unresponsive. For car with 'Mazdaspeed' on the windshield, it doesn't have much speed to it as opposed to the overdone aero kit. Starting in last alongside the other Demio, which has 175 HP to my 94 just to irritate me that much more, I fear the series will be more like the 'Japan v. US' result than 'Clubman Cup take 1'. Once the race begins, the thoughts are justified as the field leaves me for dead. I manage to recover some of the lost time, but in the end I can't catch anyone in time or have any momentum to even try it. If nothing else though, at least I was able to still see the competition at Autumn Ring, because Clubman R5 and Trial Mountain were actually worse than I'd feared, finishing 14 seconds behind at R5 and 21 seconds behind at the mountain. It's so bad, I decided I wasn't gonna just let this be.

    Once I'd returned to town, I made my way to the Mazdaspeed shop where I met up with the manager and made my visit clear, the **** ain't fast enough! As the manager and I discussed what was to be done, multiple techs looked to be getting their equipment into position to do everything, making it obvious to me that they've had to deal with this before. After about 30 minutes, the order form was set: Stage 2 Turbo kit, racing intake and exhaust, ECU tuning, two sessions of weight reductions, sport suspension, racing flywheel, triple-plate clutch, and finally soft sports tires all the way round. A few hours and 40k later, I was ready to give the Demio an attempt at redemption. With 169 HP on tap, it's still underpowered somewhat, but considering the next step up was another 15k I didn't have much choice in the matter. 169 is still more than 94, and the whole car should be more capable than before now so what it lacks, I may be able to make up least, that's what I hoped as I high-tailed it back to Autumn Ring.

    The Lightweight championship setup has us run the Autumn Ring Mini layout in reverse, which if anything may be faster than the standard layout. I arrive at the track and park up in enough time to get settled this time. I get me a sandwich, some tea, and once I find a seat take a look at the roster for this series. The Cyborg, CR-X, and GL-X are accounted for, but the Asti and AE86 aren't. In their place are two AE111 BZ-Gs, one Levin and one Tureno, and both share the top spot on the power ratings with 211. I have a better chance of at least showing now, but I wait until qualifying is over to get my hopes up. Then I get my hopes up by doing something I've not yet done in my racing career, winning the pole by half a second. Sitting on the grid to start the race, the engine is still not as responsive as I'd like it to be, but it is better at the top of the range than it was so as long as I can keep it wound up, everything should work out. The race starts, the field holds position going into the first turn, then I make some space weaving through the chicane. I keep too much speed going it to the peak corner, so while I wash out the Levin closes the gap just to brake at the kink giving me plenty of space into the next turn, around the sweeper, and through the hairpin. Coming out of the hairpin the Levin again closes distance, the extra power showing itself, but it can't challenge before we reach turn 1 again, and from there on I remain unchallenged be the competitors, even though I know there were at least five times where I could have turned the car over, and I go from the worst last event here to first this time, something I hope to do at the other rounds.

    Snapshot_20170704_193857.jpg Snapshot_20170704_193914.jpg Snapshot_20170704_193921.jpg

    Clubman Stage 5 is run as normal, and before anything else I do the suspension tuning I should have done at Autumn Ring. Having a side in the air doesn't worry me as much as the lack of power on the long front stretch, but I do have the lowest weight in the event and the turbo has plenty of boost at the top end so I may be OK. Qualifying doesn't help much, 3 seconds off the Levin for 6th, but my rhythm wasn't set either. We get the green light, I quickly pass the Cyborg and the GL-X, then holding momentum I take the outside of the tunnel turn against the CR-X, passing it on exit and moving focus to the Levin as we battle for the next three turns. The CR-X is still with us both and out of the esses it pushes me ahead of the Trueno, following me into third as we make our way up the ramp. The Tureno sets up an overtake on the next turn while ahead of them I have taken the lead from the Levin, though not by much it is enough to hold the lead down the straightaway into the tunnel...just. The BZ-Gs don't seem to handle corners as I can, so the Levin backs off into the tunnel and chases me the rest of the lap, never to get another chance at the lead or the win even though it was closing quickly at the finish, I still crossed first and strengthened my grasp on the championship.

    Snapshot_20170704_194117.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194132.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194140.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194156.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194213.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194225.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194304.jpg

    Like round 1 a Autumn Ring, this round at Trial Mountain is contested on the reversed layout. The biggest problem this provides is where you would normally enter the cliff run, now it's the exit and you're hitting it much faster this way than you would normally. I did so poorly last time here, the track staff actually asked if I was lost or had totaled the car, something I have no intention or repeating. With a few mistakes I qualify 6th, 5 seconds off pace but still better than the 27 second mark from the first attempt. One thing I do know for certain is that this car doesn't like this track layout. It changes direction aggressively in some corners, then others it doesn't seem to want to turn at all. Like last race I passed the Cyborg and GL-X with relative ease, ahead the CR-X decided it'd had enough of the BZ-Gs and was taking the fight to them. The CR-X and Tureno were battling into turn 1 when I got inside both of them. There was contact from all parties through turn 2 where I took second, down the cliff face, into that turn, up to the next tunnel, and out of that tunnel when my Demio decided to go kiss the hazard signs. I closed back to the trio in the next few corners when coming to the final turn I took the hard inside line around all three cars to take the lead. The CR-X and BZ-Gs would trade paint the rest of the race, but the CR-X was my biggest threat. It reeled me in through the first three turns and was on my bumper down the cliff face, throwing my timing off into the turn and sending me wide, and while I recovered for the next turn, the tunnel exit proved too daunting as my Demio once again went off track, I was only just able to recover and retain the lead exiting the turn. From there on it was just trying to hold on, and the CR-X didn't challenge again as I crossed the finish to win the race, sweep the championship, and breathe again.

    Snapshot_20170704_194417.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194458.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194509.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194517.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194520.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194522.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194556.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194601.jpg Snapshot_20170704_194646.jpg

    Returning home, I parked the Demio, locked the doors, and came to the conclusion that it wasn't the car for me...then promptly remembered there's a FF championship that still needs to be won. As I silently cursed myself, I looked over at the covered vehicle a couple spots over. It was small, it was sporty, and it had my name on the envelope with the keys in it. As I pulled the cover off, the room lit up a bit...


    I thought to myself with a smirk, "I think I could learn to like gold."
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    Day 142: F/**** IT!

    The TVR and the Viper are both good cars, but Christ do the simulator versions need setup tweaks. IA-5 is done, and even though it was Autumn Ring, the Griffith felt almost disconnected from the surface. I'm not looking forward to the R11 test at all, but I only need three more passes to open up the rest of the league.

    So after determining that the sooner I can be done with the Demio the better, I looked at the FF championship. Recalling my FR championship cakewalk, I don't feel this will go the same way...exactly. It is a B-License event, meaning I am over-qualified to race, but unlike the competition in the FR, the number of possible FF cars means that I could be in for a nasty surprise, something like an FTO, or a solid Celica, or even a Civic Type-R. I steeled myself as I head out of town thought, passing the Mazdaspeed shop and wondering if I should have gone for another round of upgrades.

    Upon arrival at Deep Forest, officials confirmed we'd be running the reverse layout. No one had an entry list, so I went scouting the pit lane once I'd set up my bay. Fears were confirmed and even boosted; a Prelude SH, an FTO GP Version R, a '95 Primera, a Lantis Type-R, and a Celica SS-II...once I'd returned to my bay, I went in a shady corner and did my best Mick Foley impersonation until it was time for qualifying. As I take my lap, the Demio is much more composed on this layout than King has been, and I can keep it wound up longer. I still don't think it's very fast a lap until the stewards award me the pole...wait, what? Indeed, pole position by 0.051 over the Prelude. Stable car plus starting position, my confidence gets a boost making it to the grid. The lights go out and the Demio fires off, but immediately the wolves are here. The Prelude is beating on me before we even reach turn 1, going into turn 2 it slammed me out of the racing line, allowing it to take the lead through the tunnel with the FTO now abusing me to get past. It does for a moment, beating against me as it goes and leading to me saying "Alright, all's fair!" and pulling a crossover move going into the next turn using both the FTO and Prelude as bumpers, what wasn't expected was for the Demio to be tilt-happy. I probably should have rolled over the Prelude but managed to get the cars settled again with the Honda close behind. I'd opened up a bit of room in the twisty bits, but the Prelude's power closed up to the final turn, then again on the front stretch, out of turn 1, and out of turn 2. With no FTO assistance, the Prelude could race as intended and though I gave chase, the Demio simply couldn't catch, pass, and stay ahead of the Prelude as I threw it into the last corner. 2nd by half a second.

    Snapshot_20170806_221747.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221750.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221806.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221816.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221824.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221855.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221902.jpg Snapshot_20170806_221940.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222008.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222019.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222025.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222028.jpg

    Heading for Grand Valley, I'm not sure how it will go. I'm not expecting a lot, the Prelude and FTO keep that in check, but it could be better than I hope. Qualifying paint a different picture, 1.2 seconds off pole, only enough for 4th. The car is sound, it just lacks the speed. As the race starts, the Primera falls behind just from how good the Demio gets going, but it keeps in touch. Going into turn 1 the Prelude goes to the outside, the FTO inside, leaving me with the middle. This gives the FTO the lead with me on it's tail and the Prelude close to mine. as we head uphill on the East course, the FTO completely whiffs the first turn in the esses, momentum keeping him at speed, as I take the lead and open it up as the FTO struggles, allowing the Prelude to pull along side it and the Primera to catch it. As we enter the tunnel, I might have a two-three second lead but the view behind is ominous as the Prelude starts to overtake the FTO, passing him in the turn out of the tunnel. Seeing this, I speed through the final complex then weld my foot to the floor, hoping to stave off the inevitable, and it does. The Prelude passes into turn 1 again, but only just and it gives me the inside into 2, which I take advantage of. Gaping the Prelude a bit, I'm able to open up the gap more using the esses due to the Demio's now kart-like nature. The Prelude makes up time where it can use it's muscle, but it's not enough to overcome the gap I've put on it, allowing me to win the race and tie up the championship!

    Snapshot_20170806_222203.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222206.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222214.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222232.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222237.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222246.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222252.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222312.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222347.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222352.jpg

    In addition to what I said at the first, I'm not looking forward to this race. Special Stage Route 11. Plenty of tight turns yes, but plenty of places for powerful cars to run wild. Qualifying doesn't look good, 2.5 seconds off pole for last. It's all come down to this, I honestly have to hope that the Prelude finally struggles here to have a shot. It didn't look to be that way of the start. The Celica and the Lantis were bystanders, passed easily, and the Primera wasn't a challenge this time, giving me third out of turn 1. The FTO and Prelude were at it again, and knowing the Prelude was better I tried shoving the FTO ahead, then again in turn 3 before giving up on it and going around, leaving me and the very controlled Prelude. It didn't put a tire wrong all race, on the other hand my chaotic mosh-pit driving, a large part due to nerves and aggression mixing, allowed me to take the lead before the first hairpin. Amazingly, almost mocking me, the Prelude stayed in my rearview for the rest of the race, never having the momentum to get to me and pass me. I made many mistakes, then nailed many corners, then made more mistakes. It wasn't a pretty race, in fact I think I've heard people say it pained them to watch it, but the race was won. The Championship was won!

    Snapshot_20170806_222531.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222537.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222549.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222742.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222754.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222902.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222935.jpg Snapshot_20170806_222944.jpg

    After stopping to patch up the Demio a couple of times on the way home, I decided to stop at the Mazdaspeed shop so they could run a systems check. It wasn't handling quite right, and I'd already replaced one flat tire. I caught a cab to the apartment, later than normal, and there was a not on the front desk with keys taped to it. "Eh, why not." I thought, so tired and still shaking I made my way to the garage and looked upon my new steed.

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    :censored: GT save file was corrupted. Delayed until further noticed. :censored:
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    Aww snap, that really sucks bud :banghead:. It's been great fun reading these as it's clear you put a lot of time and effort into them, so it's a big shame your save's been corrupted, I know how it feels :tdown:.

    Otherwise I hope things work out, but I've enjoyed reading 'em :tup:
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