GT1 Speedrun 1:39:51

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    I made some runs of this game in the last weeks and uploaded my best one:

    The strategy is doing the gtcup early as possible to get the Chaser LM for the other cups. I never get gold on A license but the other two are quite possible. If a license car was achieved I only get hard racing tyres and do the gtcup which is especially hard with the concept car as shown in the video. Without a license car the run gets only a little bit slower but also easier on the gtcup. After the licenses I get the most expensive ma70 for sunday cup, then sell all cars, then get the cheapest rx-7 '91 plus turbo 2, weight 1 and hard racing tyres. This car has 340hp and a weight of 1197kg and handle the gtcup easy.

    So even if the licenses dont work out that well the run is still consistent and only few minutes slower, this run is just the optimal version. Getting nismo may even be better but golding ia is despite being easier than b very tedious because you must always do the other two licenses beforehand.

    Enjoy the run! ;)
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