gt2 hybriding problems

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    Using v1.2 gameshark codes so far all Ive managed to get done sucessfully is to put the engine from an Escudo into a Toyota Gt-One racecar, and I got the engine from the espace F1 into that of the mercedes clk race car (the secret one innit). Only problem with that being is that when I changed the gear settings after that, the car has reverted to using the Merc engine and not the espace one, even though it says in the game that is not the case. Anyone care to help me out with this?
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  2. Zero McDol

    Zero McDol

    The codes go inactive whenever you go into 'Settings'. All you gotta do is visit your garage and the codes reactivate, but DO NOT go into settings at all before a race. If you have to retune your car, then be sure to visit the garage after your tuning is done.