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    Okay guys, i'm trying to get a Series going for Forza 7. It will be just, GT3 Cars. There will be 3 Divisions of Driving skills. The Divisions help the avg Racer, a chance at winning and a possible Division Championship. Also, there will be Teams involved for this Series. The 3 Divisions are GT PRO, GT SEMI PRO and GT AM Pro. There will be a Team of 3, in all three Divisions. There will be, 5 Teams of 3 Drivers, in each Division. I will hold Qualifying to get your time. The time you Qualify with, will put you in the right Division of your Driving Skill. No one will know the track or car for Qualifying. That'll be selected the day of qualifying. To give everyone an even playing field.

    Let's talk a little more about the 3 Divisions. In each Division, i want at least 15 Drivers in each Tier. We get more interested, more spots will open up. I'm looking to get, 45 interested Drivers for the 3 Divisions. Each Division will have 3 Drivers to form a Team. No Drivers will be split up. Each Division will have it's own individual Point Standing. The Team Point Standing, will be judged by Points of how your 3 Teammates did in the Race that Weekend. There will be a Forum to run this Series on. I just want too see how much interest this will have.
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    Still online?
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    I'm up for gt3