GT3 vs GT4.

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  1. GTOne2Three


    I know this is GT5, but most of us played those 2.
    Overall, which one did you enjoy more?

    IMO, GT3 had a better presentation than 4. It was new, fresh, amazing, and overall, it seemed to have a more focus on fun. Plus it had SSR11. IDK what PD was thinking canning that for GT4. Plus it had a MUCH better soundtrack. While GT4 only had a couple of songs that I liked, the rest seemed like it had too much rock and roll, and not enough epic music like this:

    Or up beat songs that make you want to go fast like this:

    Also simpler menus.

    Only thing GT4 had was Photomode and more cars and tracks. It wasn't anything special after the online was scrapped.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a similar thread to this?
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    that was GT4 vs GT5 :)
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    Oh right, well, as you were :D
  5. Midnight Snacks

    Midnight Snacks

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    GT3 is better. GT4's horrible understeer-y physics just kill it for me.
  6. fabmaru


    GT4 is better. I hate GT3's oversteer. I hate when the car is sideways going 1 mph in Special Stage Route 11 (one of my favorite tracks) when I'm fighting for the lead. I also don't like the color. When GT4 is too dull GT3 is too happy and Arcade-like. GT4 has photomode which for me is one of the best things in the game. I love taking some photos. The track and car lists can't be compared The only things I miss from GT3 in GT4 are SS11, Rome Circuit, the rally tracks and the Toyota GT-One Road Car. I love both games don't be mistaken.
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  7. MM1000


    GT4's photomode fell way short, IMO. The GT5 one is excellent, but the GT4 one was just too obviously computer graphics.

    I felt like the physics could be tuned around in both games. I'm a little annoyed that GT5 hasn't added tons of more tuning options.
  8. HeinS


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    GT3 all the way, in my opinion still the best one in the series:gtpflag:
  9. blindboarder_02


    GT3 was great for the fact that you could reassign buttons. GT4 has beautiful physics and gameplay along with a competitive assortment of tracks, but GT3 has my vote.
  10. Tornado


    GT3 had better presentation, cleaner graphics (albeit technically inferior), a higher framerate and far far more enjoyable physics.

    GT4 had a lot more crap in it, but GT3 is the superior game.
  11. tricd04


    You can reassign buttons on GT4 - I believe it's located somewhere in the options menu under controllers.
  12. Parnelli Bone

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    The question the OP asks is "which one did you enjoy more?" Not which one is "better". It's impossible to say one is better than the other. Anyways here's my take on it..and keep in mind some of this is just opinion.

    GT3 Pros-
    >graphix seem more vivid.

    >The replay system in 3 is amazing, with multiple, spontaneous camera angles and 4 different replay modes.


    >SS Route 11

    >Some folks would say Complex String as well.

    I personally liked GT3's intro better

    > GT3's menu is also easier to navigate (opinion) and is quicker.

    > GT3 engines truely "break-in" with power

    GT3 Cons-
    > GT3's Beginner League is way too easy, to the point of idiocy at times. I understand this is why it's called "Beginner Leauge", but there aren't enough slow cars in GT3 for us to start the game with. Not for drivers like me who like a challenge at all times.

    >way too monotonous after awhile. Not as many tracks, for instance, so we wind racing the same ones over and over...

    >Not as many cars, either. GT3 is hte only game in the series I got truely bored of for this reason, although I also understand why there weren't as many cars

    > No used car lot. Searching for that perfect gem in the used lot is part of the fun. Every single GT has a UCL except GT3.

    > GT3 seemed "slower" overall, when racing.

    > GT3 also only has two driving views (bumper cam and an enormous, unusable chase cam)

    > GT3's tracks don't have as many irregularities and bumps on them, aren't as fun to drive for this reason.

    > GT3's races often feature one "jackrabbit" type car, which gets way ahead of everyone else, which creates a 1-sided challenge

    >GT3's races often feature stupid decisions with tires, so that during the Professional League, we start seeing cars coming in for pitstops after 3 laps...during a 7 lap race, for instance :facepalm #2:

    > All those MULTIPLE LAP RACES AT THE Test Course! :facepalm#3: No wonder we wound up calling it "Test Curse"

    GT4 Pros-

    > Hundreds more cars (duh)

    > Tire monitor is on for ALL races. In GT3, it's only shown for races longer than 3 laps iirc.

    > Fuel

    > Weight balance in the tuning menu

    >Dozens more tracks (including more real-world locations)

    > B-spec racing is a neat feature for immersion, because it's like you've got this racing partner to help during endurances

    > Used car lot returns. Actually 3 used car lots.

    > wing kits

    > cars can lose their rigidity over time, as they roll over bumps and whatnot.

    > Tuning houses, which feature Stage 5 turbo systems & ORG suspensions.

    > A-spec features points system, which at least gives a reason for some drivers to detune their car's power and not overkill every race they enter.

    > GT4 has a "speedier" feel when racing, in comparison to 3.

    > GT4 also (sometimes) has more than just 1 car challenging us for the win (although some races in 4 still wind up becoming a "catch the jackrabbit" fest).

    > added hood/roof cam, chase cam isn't so gigantic anymore (but it's still too big imo).

    > off-road is more immersive, including snow tracks

    > oh yea...PHOTOMODE! :tup:

    GT4 Cons-

    NO DRIFTING in cars which should oversteer & drift capability

    More understeer than 3. This could be tolerated if we also had the realistic amount of oversteer to balance understeer out.

    NO more Rome tracks, or SS Route 11, or Complex String

    Graphix slightly inferior, not as vivid and dazzling as 3.

    Replay system also took a nosedive, with less options and less modes.

    > More "generic-ness" with some cars. After driving dozens of models of different make & manufacturer, after awhile you wind up hearing the same soundbyte samples for certain engines.

    > No skidpad. If I recall, GT3 had an actual skidpad for testing. GT4 has Gymkhana, which I never really got into since we can't drift or toss cars as easily in 4 anyways.


    Which game is more enjoyable? If GT4 had more oversteer capacities, it would be a slam-dunk, but GT4 still wins slightly when all factors are considered. I spent way more time in 4, made more online friends, participated in online pursuits, had a more enjoyable time searching out GT4's hundreds of cars, and found 4 more immersive overall. :)
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  13. too cold

    too cold

    GT3 for me. With building hybrids and drifting the game never got boring. Then after the long wait comes GT4 with it's snap back, non drifting bull crap physics. The racing part was good but a major let down on the fun factor.
  14. Parnelli Bone

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    Yup. That's what irked me about GT4 constantly, that stupid "snap back" nonsense.
  15. blindboarder_02


    I went to try and find the reassign section like you said, but my disc is on the fritz. Nasty scratch right across the surface. :sad:
  16. csmeteora9

    csmeteora9 (Banned)

    Finding myself agreeing with the opening post. Gran Turismo 4 was a technical masterpiece, no doubt about that. In fact, I'd go as far as saying it pushed the boundaries of the PlayStation 2's capabilities further than any other release on the system. Despite this however, I never really managed to get into it.

    Now don't get me wrong, it was, is, and always will be a fantastic game. For me personally however, it was too overwhelming. Never could I understand the logic behind the needlessly complicated menu screens. All the extra license tests were an added burden. Last but not least however, I actually felt there was too much content. All of this hampered my personal enjoyment of the game.

    Gran Turismo 3 A-spec meanwhile, I feel isn't plagued by any of these (in my opinion) issues. Therefore it was so much easier to just jump-in and enjoy from the word go.
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  17. huskeR32

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    GT3 was the first game I played in the series, and I just couldn't put that game down for about 2 straight years. GT4 and 5 haven't managed to draw me in in quite the same way.

    I had played nothing but NFS and Test Drive until GT3 came out, and I was blown away by what a real racing game could be. GT4 and 5 both brought things to the series that I wouldn't want to go without, but GT3 will always keep a front and center spot in my game collection.
  18. dudejo


    I like:
    -short loading times
    -manual load game
    -easy handling

    I hate:
    -mostly weak prize cars you only get once
    -rubber-band AI
    -redundant events

    I like:
    -variety of cars
    -variety of events
    -actually GOOD prizes you can GET BACK

    I hate:
    -no 3rd person analog RPM gauge
    -"progressive scan" lag
    -a lot of car clones

    Overall, I like GT4 better.

    there are a few more I'd put in there but they're mostly common to the series as a whole. Like no changing your paint or restoring your engine. Or engine mods being too exclusive.
  19. SuperCobraJet

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    GT3 was my first extensive-play GT game.
    I played the heck out of GT3 and really enjoyed it.

    It took a while to adjust to GT4.
    At first I was doubtful I'd be able too.
    I even went back and played GT3 some. But it just wasn't the same.
    GT4 was so much more of a game than GT3 was.
    I played GT4 for three years, about half of that in the 200 aspec pts quest alone.

    GT4 for me is unquestionably the greatest GT game.

    The understeer leaning physics of GT4 were a turn-off for many as evidenced throughout the GTP threads.
    Although frustrating, I felt this to be a little more realistic, since most cars are naturally understeery.
    And usually this could be overcome with suspension adjustments.

    Therefore it never really bothered me that much.
    I never listen to any of the music. I could care less about that.
  20. Ravicale


    Am I the only one the preferred GT4 over 3 (other than physics, gt3 was good but gt2 and 5 were the best there)?
  21. Parnelli Bone

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    No you're not the only one. Overall, I'd prefer 4 myself, despite the fact that oversteer is missing from a lot of cars which should oversteer in 4. I'd prefer 4. I already made a HUGE list above which details why and stuff. :)

    And I'm like you also in that I like GT2 and GT5 the most over the others. More cars, more options, etc.