GT4 First Preview / GT3 Style Camera!

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So a few days ago an amazing modification was done by Silent (You probably know him from GTA), which basically brings GT4 First Preview style camera, that is, a new chase camera that is no longer stiff, instead it allows the camera to have a bigger range regarding the angle relative to the car, it's really similar to GT3 chase camera, so if you ever wanted that, this does the job just fine.

Aero_ also created another modification for the camera placement which mimics that of GT3's, using both mods together will result in a very pleasant driving experience and a completely new way to experience GT4's chase camera, might get you confused a bit at first, but after a few laps, you'll love it.

The mod works on PCSX2, however me and Aero_ tested the codes on real hardware (My soft modded PS2 with OPL) and they work flawlessly, I've took the freedom to set a CHT file with all the necessary codes (Both Silent's and Aero_'s) so they can be loaded by PS2RD Cheat Engine, be it with the help of OPL or PS2RD stand alone.

Thanks to both Silent and Aero_ for coming up with these amazing, long awaited codes!

How to run the codes on real hardware: Simply copy all the text from the code block corresponding to your game's region, either NTSC - U/C or PAL, paste it into a text editor (notepad will do) and save it with the name "SCUS_973.28.CHT" for NTSC - U/C and "SCES_517.19.CHT" for PAL. Make sure the extension is in caps.

Below is two videos showcasing the work, second one includes Aero_'s GT3 Camera Placement as well, the difference is slight but definitely an improvement.

Master Code
9058EF88 0C1691C9

// Silent FP Camera
2069F4C8 41F00000
2069F4D0 41200000

// Aero Camera Placement
2037B304 0812555E
20495578 8E180008
2049557C 3C19C0C0
20495580 17380006
20495584 3C19BFC0
20495588 37390000
2049558C AE190004
20495590 3C19C0C0
20495594 37390000
20495598 AE190008
2049559C C60C0000
204955A0 C60D0004
204955A4 0C129E11
204955A8 C60E0008
204955AC 080DECC5

Master Code
9058EF88 0C1691C9

//Silent FP Camera
2069F4C8 41F00000
2069F4D0 41200000

//Aero Camera Placement
2037B5D4 08125654
20495950 8E180008
20495954 3C19C0C0
20495958 17380006
2049595C 3C19BFC0
20495960 37390000
20495964 AE190004
20495968 3C19C0C0
2049596C 37390000
20495970 AE190008
20495974 C60C0000
20495978 C60D0004
2049597C 0C129E11
20495980 C60E0008
20495984 080DED79
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Hello, nice work you did with that PNACH codes.
Can I ask you how do you translated them to PS2RD codes?
I just want to apply this mods to GT4 Online Beta version (that can be played online today), but just don't know where should I start.
PNACH codes for GT4 Online Beta are posted in the same GitHub repository as GT4 NTSC and PAL Versions.
Hope you can help me. Thanks.
I tried to patch Gran Turismo 4 Online (SCUS-97436) with PS2 Patch Engine using Silent's GT3-like camera from GT4 First Preview, but it gives me an error, unfortunately.
If only Silent or somebody at least could work things out in order to use the GT3-like camera for GT4 Online via PS2 console. Oh well...


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    ps2 patch engine doesnt work with gt4 online.PNG
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The first code to loosen the camera up was done back in 2016.

Go to the page and look for this:

GT3-Like Chase Cam
2034513C 3C013FE0

It may not be as good as the one you have posted, but it was a first attempt.

@Neal Singh:

It won't patch because the game (like all the previous ones) uses compression on the (in this case 'ELF') executable.
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