Finished GT4 World Championship (Cancelled)

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    George Jakob

    Before i go on with the thread i would like to note: This Championship is not fully serious we mostly want to have clean races & fun .

    Teams of 2 Drivers Required.
    You Must confirm the drivers, the name of the car your gonna be using, your team name & your driver number.
    like this example below.
    1st Driver Name 2nd Driver Name

    Driver Number Driver Number
    Car Name

    Team Name

    You can use any shape you like for the number plate.

    Only Repliicas from real GT4 cars allowed.
    You will find the replicas at:
    RIDOX Replica Garage-In Memory of TurnLeft-GT40,300ZX,F430,TVR,AEM S2000,Cizeta,TransAm Doug Nash

    Note: for Porsche 996 (RUF RGT) use
    SRO BOP GT4 Power 2010+ Spec.

    for Maserati Gran Turismo S use
    SRO 2009 13% Minimum Power Reduction.
    All Cars are Tested in order to be Balanced as much as possible.

    its only nessecery to have instaled the same aero kit, rear wing, HP and KG.other than than that you can Adjust it as you wish.
    Race Duration

    the races will vary from 40minutes to 1 hour depending on track legnth.


    qualifying will take place 1 day before the race.


    the calendar will be consisted from 8 rounds, only 3 rounds are confirmed until now : Spa, SS Route 5 and Maunt Panorama, the rest is up to you to deside . the Avaliavle choises are
    From Britain
    Brands Hatch GB
    Silverstone GP

    From italy Monza Rome.

    From USA indianapolis motor speed way Daytona road course
    Willow Springs Big willow Mazda speedway Laguna Seca.

    From Japan
    Suzuka 2014 Twing ring motegi (full course) Fuji Speedway (all layouts) Tokyo R246

    Germany/Austria Nurburgring GP
    Red bull Ring full course.

    Points System

    the point system will be Decided after the the number of entry's is confirmed.

    Other Settings
    other settings Track conditions
    will be randomly chosen before qualifying .
    Penalty's will be awarded after the race, Jontikis will be the official Steward along with me
    Tyre wear normal.
    Grip reduction on wet track/track edge real.
    Slipsteam real
    Visable damage off.
    Assists only Driving line & ABS Allowed.
    Nitrous not Allowed.
    Only racings tyres allowed

    Other Things for you to decide

    if there will be Damage,
    the choice's are light or off.

    the use of boost

    now before any of you start calling me noob etc keep in mind that we just want to have fun and close racing as possible and give everyone a change to win .

    this is my first thread so please be kind i will improve over time.
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