GT5 2.0 Login Bonus Glitch?

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by Nerix, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Nerix


    Hello everybody :)

    I have a question about the login bonus that came with the spec 2.0 update. After my first few races after the patch I always got the 170% bonus for Credits and XP (you can see a small blue bonus sign at the right top corner after the race).

    I don´t know the reason, but since later today I do not get the bonus anymore... Is anyone experiencing the same problem? I really don´t know why, because I haven´t changed anything :irked:
  2. Edizzle33


    I used my 200% bonus and got 10 million credits for the vettel seasonal event. But it appears to work fine for me? Sorry about your luck
  3. dr_slump

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    A guy on my friendlist has the same problem. He deleted the gamedata and is loading all patches again now (probably till tomorrow? :lol:). Well, I'll let you know if it helped him.
  4. Nerix


    Thx, that would be great :)
  5. jaycee_xr3

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    :drool: Really? Wow! I'm almost afraid to beat it the monday hahaha :ouch:
  6. Nerix


    Recommendation to solve the discussed problem: just wait till 0:00a.m. until the message with the bonus card comes (the message that I achieved a 200% bonus came as well).

    For verification I started a short B-Spec race and the blue 200% icon appeared after the race.

    Perhaps there is a XP/Credit-Cap or a maximum number of races for the bonus per day? That would explain why I did get it earlier today but not this evening...
  7. Sylar


    Also have same issue completed endurance race at 170% logged in after midnight to kick off overnight b-spec race got message but but no bonus credits after race.
  8. Nerix


    Strange... This night after 0:00 am it worked (after the Bonuscard message), right now it is again not working... Have to be glitched in some way.

    Perhaps you have to be connected to the PSN when you start GT5? Because that was not the case for me this morning.

    @dr_slump: what´s about the guy on your friendlist, did reinstalling help?
  9. Nerix


    I just tried it myself, it took ages and didn´t solve the problem at all, really annoying... I am wondering, why not more people have that problem.
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  10. GraphiteGB


    If you lose the bonus then you are having internet server problems

    The bonus will be erased from your profile if you lose connection to GT5 servers and then reconnect while GT5 is still loaded. GT5 will try to connect to GT servers every time you visit your home screen. If it can't your bonus is temporarily reset to 100%

    You also must be signed in to PSN at all times while playing GT5 to KEEP the bonus active.
    If PSN signs out for what ever reason and you have GT5 loaded you'll lose your bonus till 12am if you sign back in to GT5 with GT5 loaded.

    If signed out for any reason you must shut down GT5, then sign in, then reload GT5.
    That is the only way to keep your Bonus active.
  11. dr_slump

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    He had to do it twice (how crazy is that?), but it helped.
  12. spenkyg


    as mentioned above, i belive this to be a network issue. First day after the update i lost the bonus too, also suffering network issues. The following day when logging on the bonus was confirmed at the home screen and has worked ever since. Just leave it a day and i think you should be fine.
  13. Nerix


    Thx for the explanation! You said, that only at the home screen GT will try to connect to the server. So theoretically it wouldn´t be a problem to sign out during a B-Spec Race, as long as you sign in again before you go to the home screen?

    Anyhow, I will try that, thx ;)
  14. Famine

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    I started a 4hr race and unplugged the Cat6 from my console - which duly signed me out. I won the race, got my money and XP with a 200% bonus and then plugged the console back in again - which signed me back in.

    So that would seem to be inaccurate.
  15. bishopwacker


    Hey guy's I feel for you, had my game corrupt lost everything even my bonus which was 200%. I some how salvaged my game save data reinstalled all patches fix it up for me and as far as I know there is no cap on the bonus. But I have never raced races offline in case that arose for me. :):tup:
  16. Nerix


    I can confirm, that you just have to be connected to the PSN when you go to the home screen. You can go offline during a race or when you scroll through the race events.

    Just connect to the PSN via inGame XMB before going to the main screen and you should keep the bonus.
  17. Hahahah, yes I did the same, with 5 accounts! :tup: Too bad the EXP didn't go up too, so I can't buy higher-level cars :tdown:
  18. BobbyBRAKEaNek

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    It doubles also in red. Credits double with the blue percentage.

    Canada Ontario

    To fix the sign on bonus glitch simply advance your PS3s time zone to another part of the world where it is already 12am.

    It works like a charm.
  20. This finally happened to me last night. It was around 11PM EST and I was in an online racing room. I was disconnected from the room and a message popped up in the upper right corner of the screen saying, "You have been disconnected from the access point" or something close to that.

    Although, it automatically signed back in after a minute or so, I did not have the 200% bonus from 11:10 PM until 12AM, when I got the usual login message of paints, cards, and my bonus being 200% again.

    Strange issue....coupled with the current issue with rolling starts on Daytona and Indy, this could be a pain, if it starts happening all of the time. PS - I know about the workaround of pausing and unpausing the game at the race start screen to regain full speed control of cars during a rolling start, too. :tup:

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    Yes Gospeedracer I agree it is a strange issue. On the bright side Sony's staff view GTplanets forums so Im sure they will be on top of this by the next update.