GT5 Demo Settings - Try This Now!

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    Ready for some epic GT5 bling?

    In the Options menu, under General, go to Demo & input these settings;

    Showcase - make sure that the box is ticked.

    Demo Start Interval - set it to 60 seconds.

    Time Limit For Demo - set it to 60 seconds.

    Demo Repeat Time - set it to 1.

    Then, under Hardware in the Options menu, go to Audio Settings & input the following;

    Menu BGM - set it to 100.

    Replay BGM - set it to 100.

    Replay Sound Effects - set it to 55.

    User BGM - set it to Off.

    Then return to the main menu (where the GT TV icon is located), turn your DS3 off, & sit back & enjoy the GT5 demo bling! The Showcase always lasts for about 60 seconds, so setting the other two settings to 60 seconds each means that you will get 60 seconds of menu background demo, & 60 seconds of race demo too. By setting Demo Repeat Time to 1 you will get 2 showcases & 2 race demos for every 1 main menu demo. Call me sad, but sometimes I leave it on as a screen saver, & watch it for hours at a time.


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    I'll give it a lash mate-Thanks :cheers:
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