gt5 European game saves

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi guys,

First time poster.

I remember quite sometime ago, I obtained a game save with virtually all unlocks including f1.

I ended up formatting my hard disk, losing all data associated to the game.

I've tried literally all European Blu-wray game saves (I have the UK Blu-wray version)(default - non spec versions). I keep getting the garage empty with defaulted 35 credits.

Once the game loads (I receive connection error). I believe the DLC for this game has been removed from the servers?

I have a feeling, I need to update the game in-order to get the game saves to work. (final conclusion).

The only issue is, where can I obtain the gt5 updates for manual installation?

Once I achieved this, I can then try the spec 2/3 game saves, maybe I'll have more luck there.