GT5 - who should I be playing as?

Discussion in 'GT5:P Online Racing' started by atlop, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. atlop


    I know this is a GT5 question but as it's also a question about races I put it here. What I have been thinking is on which PSN account I should start my GT5 career? I did few GT5P races on this forum long time ago so I have a GTP_ PSN id. If I want to participate GT5 races here I assume I should be using that id in the races? But then I need to use it whenever I play GT5 to have all my cars in online races. Or is the online completely separated from career mode, do we know this yet?

    I would have no problem using my GTP_ account with GT5, it's just that I would like to start collecting my trophies on one account. So I guess what I'm really asking is what is the acceptable use of GTP_ id? I would be proud to use it with all my games, but is it ok to use it when playing other games online?
  2. CTznOfTime


    Do like me:

    I have created a PSN account prior to getting on GTP and the GTP_ID.

    I have played everything all my games on that account, and thus all the saves and profiles.

    Ever since i got my GTP_ID, i moved my GT5-P saves and profiles to my new PSN account/profile linked to the GTP_name.

    So from now on, I will be using the GTP_ID name PSN account exclusively for GT5-P and GT5 and so on...

    and for everything else, i will use my regular/original PSN account.

    :tup: Easy enough right? one account just for GT ! ;)
    For everything else, there is MasterCard.