GT6: Apricot Hill 20 Minute Endurance

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    Akash Bains

    So I use this race occasionally along with the Nurburgring 24minute endurance to grind for money and I decided to watch one of the races which had this as the grid.

    1st BMW F1 GTR Race Car
    2nd Corvette C5R
    3rd GTR R35 Touring Car
    4th Viper GTSR Team Oreca 2000
    5th GTR GT3
    6th SLS GT3
    7th Falcon XR8
    8th Z4 GT3
    9th R8 LMS Team PlayStation 2009
    10th CLK Touring Car
    11th Astra Touring Car
    12th Falken GTR
    13th ABT Audi TTR
    14th Corvette Race Car(60s model)
    15th Schulze N24 GTR 2011
    16th Jaguar XJ220 LM Race Car(my B-Spec Driver's car)

    Lap 1: Not many passes were made as cars were further apart but the SLS, R8 and Corvette were really burning up their rear tires, the order stayed the same apart from I was now up into 10th in amongst the battle of the GT3 cars and the DTM cars.

    Lap 2: The Corvette spins out and loses lots of time and falls behind the N24 GTR which is in clean air and very slow for some reason. I make passes on the Z4 which got overtaken by the R8 to get up to 9th place and there is a monumental battle at the front for 2nd place as the C5R lost distance to the F1 and was under attack from the Viper and the R35 Touring Car and to my suprise the GTR GT3 which was keeping up with this battle.

    Lap 3: Finally, some passes were made. The Viper had gotten past the R35 Touring Car for 3rd place and the GTR GT3 had fallen off the battle for 2nd.
    The Falcon had passed the SLS which was holding up the majority of the field and was now into clean air to try and chase down the GTR GT3. I was now up into 7th overtaking the R8 and the SLS and right behind the Falcon XR8.

    Lap 4: I told Jeff (that's what I call my driver) to push it hard to try and catch the battle for 2nd and the F1 in clean air, Jeff instantly responded to put in lap times near the 1:21 mark compared to the 1:23 pace of the F1 and the 1:23.5 to 1:24 pace of the R35 Touring Car, the C5R and the Viper. I had caught up to the GTR GT3 and made a double overtake into the hairpin on the Falcon and the GTR GT3. The Corvette made a pit stop this lap as it constantly kept spinning out, the rear tires already being at 1 health left.

    Lap 5: The C5R has been passed by the Viper GTSR for 2nd but has caught up to the F1 meaning that he still had a shot at the win if Jeff didn't make it through the field. Jeff was still in the 1:21s and 1:22s catching the lead pack by a second per lap although at the cost of spinning up and wearing the rear tires which were now at 6 health.

    Lap 6: The C5R gets a good run out of the last corner on Lap 5 and has a go on the Viper and the F1 into turn 1 and takes the lead!
    The R35 Touring Car had lost pace and fell off the lead battle and started driving conservatively meaning Jeff was able to catch up even quicker. The gap now being 10 seconds off the lead.

    Lap 7: After constant attacking I told Jeff to go down to Push the Pace to save the tires but still be quick. He made a pass for 4th place on the R35 Touring Car.
    The R8 has made a pass on the SLS and the CLK also goes for the pass but thinks better of it and stays behind only for the R8, SLS, Z4 and Falken GTR to pit.
    The C5R and F1 also pitted on this lap.

    Lap 8: The CLK and Astra are very lonely as they stayed out an extra lap but it benefited them as they were able to get ahead of the SLS which got held up in the pits eventhough the CLK and Astra were still behind the R8 and Z4.
    The Corvette goes for another spin making it even further behind the TTR and GTR N24 which have been driving very slowly in clean air for the whole race and stopped on this lap.

    Lap 9: The R35 and the XR8 make a pit stop as well as Jeff and the GTR GT3. Because Jeff had to put less fuel in the car by staying out an extra lap he was able to close the gap to the C5R, F1 and Viper from 10seconds to 7seconds, however it was about to get a whole lot harder as the F1 and the Viper had both passed the C5R meaning that the Viper was in the lead.

    Lap 10: The C5R was losing pace and fell behind the battle for the lead and was under pressure from Jeff in the XJ220. The XR8 was under pressure from the R8 and was passed into the harpin after the second straight with a long and swooping corner. However the XR8 managed to make a pass on the next lap going into the first corner.

    Lap 11: Jeff made the pass on the C5R with the gap down to 5seconds on the Viper and F1 who were still battling over the lead. The 60s Corvette made a second pit stop on this lap.

    Lap 12: The Viper was held up while trying to lap the 60s Corvette and gifted the F1 1st place losing around 2-3seconds on that lap. The F1 was also in medium tires compared to the hards on the Viper making it harder to catch up. Jeff was now in overtaking distance of the Viper and in the midpack the SLS lost many positions from a spin and was now in 12th place ahead of the Falken GTR, GTR N24 and Corvette who all had lonely and quiet races.

    Lap 13: Jeff was told to go all or nothing and was piling on the pressure, he made a pass on the Viper into turn 1 and was a second behind the F1. For everyone in 6th downwards this was the final lap.

    Lap 14: Jeff got a good run out of the long and swooping corner to make a pass on the F1 to get up into the lead and win the race!
    The Viper came 3rd with the R35 Touring Car and the C5R some way behind in 4th and 5th.

    Quick Summary: The XR8 and R8 battled for most of the race but the XR8 came out on top, the pair of these cars were 10seconds ahead of the DTM and GT3 machines whilst the TTR and Falken GTR had quiet races in clean air and the Audi surprisingly didn't have pace over the Falken despite the other DTMs having that extra pace. The SLS had some kind of disadvantage that made it about a second a lap slower than any other GT3, if anyone can tell me about this disadvantage I would be happy to know.


    1st XJ220 LM Race Car
    2nd BMW F1 GTR (1second behind)
    3rd Viper GTSR Team Oreca 2000 (8seconds behind)
    4th R35 Touring Car (16seconds behind)
    5th Corvette C5R (27seconds behind)
    6th GTR GT3 (1lap)
    7th Falcon XR8 (1lap)
    8th R8 LMS 2009 (1lap)
    9th CLK Touring Car (1lap)
    10th Astra Touring Car (1lap)
    11th Z4 GT3 (1lap)
    12th SLS GT3 (1lap)
    13th Falken GTR (1lap)
    14th ABT Audi TTR (1lap)
    15th GTR N24 2011 (2laps)
    16th Corvette Race Car 60s (2laps)

    Thanks for reading, please give me some feedback on what I can do to improve. This is my first report.
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    Nice close race! Well done @Akash Bains :tup:

    Did your B-spec driver run the Jaguar XJ220 Race Car stock, or did you make some tuning adjustments?

    PS. Welcome to :gtplanet:
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  3. Akash Bains

    Akash Bains

    My B-Spec Driver ran the XJ220 at 650pp, with some slight adjustments such as gearing and suspension which I found in the tuning forums of :gtplanet:.
    And thanks for taking a look at my race report, I appreciate the reply. :tup:
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    I have seen the same thing in a number of races (not just at Apricot Hill), where the Mercedes SLS seems to be quite a bit slower than all of the rest of the GT3 cars. By the end of a race it will be a full lap slower than many of the other cars. I'm always somewhat surprised because its actually quite a nice car to drive so I wouldn't expect it to be so slow. I don't have an explanation, maybe someone else will.
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  5. Akash Bains

    Akash Bains

    Well I have gone in and investigated this, the SLS seems to be slightly slower around corners than all the other GT3 cars, but it is no excuse to be almost 2seconds a lap slower than the R8 LMS 2009 and Z4 GT3. I drove the SLS GT3 myself and it felt good, it had smooth handling and at Suzuka I was able to do a 1:56. In the GTR GT3 I did a 1:55.5. In the R8 LMS I did 1:55 to 1:56 depending on the year (2009 is slowest) and in the Z4 GT3 I could do 1:55s as well.

    The Falcon XR8 should not be able to beat the SLS on pure pace and pull away to finish a long way ahead. Same with the R8s and Z4s.

    I went into the IA series and loaded up the Group GT3 series. There were 2 SLS cars and one started 1st whist the other started 7th. They were overtaken by almost everyone(including me in a Z4 GT3) and finished 11th and 15th from 1st and 7th. This was on Nurburgring GPF by the way. The SLS seems to have a disadvantage amongst the AI in corners but when human driven is just as good as any other GT3 as the lap times mentioned above suggest.

    In the Apricot Hill Endurance the SLS averages 1:26s whilst the other GT3 cars with slipstream average 1:24s and have fastest laps of 1:23s. It doesn't make sense to me, in addition the AI use stock cars without tune and the SLS has 610pp whilst the GTR GT3 has 608pp and all the others are around 590pp.

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