Open GT6 Bathurst 300 km | Today | Starts 6 pm ACDT

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  1. BATHURST 1000

    BATHURST 1000

    Since all three GT6 Bathurst 1000 races were disappointingly cancelled I will hold a shorter race for everyone who feels like they missed out.


    Tomorrow after the real Bathurst top 10 shootout. Qualifying will start at 6 pm ACDT, 6:30 pm AEDT, 5:30 pm AEST or 3:30 pm AWT. For the international drivers check your time here-

    The race is open to anyone from any country and will be held in and will be held in an open lobby allowing anyone to join not just those from GTPlanet. The room id will be posted in this thread when opened.

    What Car?
    2000 Ford XR8 V8 Supercar
    Completely Stock
    No Tuning
    Race Hard Tyres

    Race Settings
    20 minute qualifying
    48 laps
    No assists other than ABS
    60 weather changeability
    75% weather (to match real forecast)
    Time change- 1
    Damage- Heavy
    Penalty- Off (incidents will be reviewed after the race)
    Grip on wet track/off track- Real
    Slipstream- Real
    Tire/Fuel depletion- Normal

    If anyone has any questions make sure you ask.
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  2. BATHURST 1000

    BATHURST 1000

    Room Up Now!
    Now 250 km/48 laps
    Traction control now allowed