Gt6 dying?

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    Recently there has been a lot of Talk of the game dying out and everyone Leaving the game and going final thing else.

    The problem is that we are all keeping our community to an closed group. There are hundreds and hundreds or new drifters out there that do not have the knowledge that we have, like runing comps and runing teams.

    The way to keep this community up and running is to involve all the new people to the community, as they are the only ones who can save this category on GTP and keep us all going

    What are you're thoughts on this topic

    I got bored of people complaint in lobbies so I posted this
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    The need people have to want to use GTP and learn and use it. Other then that I don't know what to tell you; for me, GT6 will never die
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    It's my belief that the drifting community has - for quite some time now - slowly dying, OR should I say; the trains/tsuiso community is dying...?
    The dreadfull points system has been slowly taking over to the point where it's more and more looking like a Forza lobby, with everyone doing somekind of "slo'mo manji follow race line" drifting, with zero consideration for the visual/style aspect of drifting, not to mention the lack of fun part of sticking door 2 door with mates online.
    At first there was the "race mode". Then the "drift trial" mode came in and made a separation on that already small community. The first privilege speed drifting over style and angle (aka the M3 and Vette lobbies), while the second ones privilege style and angle over speed (or at least I like to think so !). Add to that the fact that in the DT mode now everynew drifter is drifting in that first description i wrote - AKA Forza drifting - and the "veteran" drifters just want it for that increased wheel lock while going on tsuiso with others, there you have it...a small community split in at least 3 smaller groups.
    More, add the fact that PD still hasn't been listening, or at least not listening to that so called drifting community, and hasn't added proper cars - in my view - and the track maker is still not out, thus making it boring to drift the same..10? sections for ever and ever.
    On top of all that, the competition hasn't been sleeping and new, more detailed and up-to-date games get out, such as Asseto Corsa or Project Cars, with better costumization and cars, tracks that never end (including the famous drift tracks) and also with proper clutch funcionality (one of the legitim complains of the wheel users) are out, taking another slice of the drifters along...

    Yes, the drifting is dying. And in my opinion, there's a LOT to blame on PD.
    Are you ready to try and "teach" or captivate the new drifters away from points into doing some proper realistic tsuisos instead of the 34734944438 points in Tsukuba ? I don't think I have the patience and time for that...
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    Wow! To be honest, that's one hell of a lap!;) Do you have a video of it? :lol::lol:;)