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    Hey guys! A Discord friend and I have been binging FailRace's amazing GTA V series, Survive the Hunt, and we've decided that we'd like to organize our own Survive the Hunt event for funsies.

    For those of you who don't know what Survive the Hunt is, it's a freeroam event hosted in a private lobby where one player, the Hunted, has to achieve a goal while being pursued by the other players, the Hunters, who are all trying to kill them. Usually, the goal is to visit several destinations, or to last a set amount of time (for instance, an in-game day). The Hunted tries to blend in to avoid being detected, while the other players try to weed them out to kill them. Here's an episode of the Survive the Hunt series for those who don't know what it is and would like to see how they play out.

    For this event, we'll be using a destination-based format. The Hunted will have to visit 7 locations, in no particular order: LSIA terminal, Simeon's docks, the east LS overpass, the casino, the observatory, Rockford Plaza, and the pier. You can see where those locations are on the map below.

    - This event is for the PC version of GTA V.
    - The destinations are decided on before the hunt begins.
    - No one may use their HUD, or the map in the game's pause menu.
    - True to the original series, we start at Simeon's docks.
    - You have to leave your vehicle before shooting someone, otherwise the game is unbalanced.

    The Hunted gets a two-minute head start to run away from the Hunters and begin to formulate a plan and put it into action.
    - The Hunted has to stay within the red zone on the map provided.
    - The Hunted is not allowed to listen to global voice chat during the event.
    - On successfully arriving at a location, the Hunted has to throw a sticky bomb at it and detonate the bomb.

    - The Hunters may not leave the docks until two minutes after the start of the event.
    - No supercars or vehicles with weapons! Sports cars are allowed, however.
    - Hunters can use either blimps or choppers, as long as, again, the vehicle doesn't have any weapon attachments.
    - Only semi-automatic weapons and shotguns.
    - No camping at destinations!

    And finally, here's the map!


    Unknown, at the moment. Once we get enough players (preferably 8 or above), we'll get together and determine a time. If you're interested, please state your timezone below and the days and times you expect to be available. Entry closes Friday!
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