GTA V/Online: Favorite radio station?

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What's your favorite radio station in GTA V/Online?

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Title says it all.

My personal favorites are Radio Mirror Park (I'm not a hipster, I just like indie music), Los Santos Rock Radio (although I feel Liberty Rock Radio matched GTA 4's tone much better) and West Coast Classics (because it gives that 90s feel)

I also like Vinewood Boulevard Radio, but it could've been done better by making it a 2000s rock station. 2000s rock was the best. I like only about 4 songs from that station, the rest are pretty bad.

I absolutely HATE Non-Stop-Pop because the songs could have been so much better! Most of them are horrible, and the 2-3 classic pop tracks really stick out from the crowd in a bad way.

I was just curious, what radio station do people listen to?
LSRR for music, either of the talk stations for banter and commercials about necessary stuff.

I do listen around for a number or two on other stations, but these are my go-to ones.
Los Santos Rock Radio - Probably the best station overall, great music selection with only a few songs I don't like
Radio Mirror Park - Great station with only 1 or 2 songs I don't like
Rebel Radio - Don't usually listen to it but is great for driving a Phantom down the GOH
Non Stop Pop - Some great songs, a few great ones but there's also a few I don't like
The Lab - Great music selection, mostly consisting of radio versions of the OST.
Vinewood Boulevard Radio - Some great songs for car chases

The rest either have only 1 song I like (Space, Channel X, Radio Los Santos & FlyLo FM) or I just don't listen to at all, but I do listen to WCTR occasionally.
I'm 99% on Self Radio, but since that's not an option, we're going with LS Rock Radio.

But currently, my Self Radio stays loyal to the franchise, since I have like a select cut of every station I love from a past GTA in Self Radio alongside this game's LS Rock Radio. Things like:

- Radio X and K-DST, from San Andreas.
- 107.77 Mix FM, from Saints Row 2, Third and 4.
- Flash FM and V-Rock from Vice City (Stories).
- Select few from Burnout Paradise's Crash FM (yes, you too, Us V Them).
- Liberty Rock Radio from IV/Episodes From Liberty City.
I like every song from West Coast Classics and Los Santos Rock Radio, as well as both talk shows. I also listen to Rebel Radio when Convoy or General Lee is on.
Non-Stop Pop FM and Los Santos Rock Radio because I'm a sucker for throwback pop music.
Soulwax FM because, although it's not as good as Electro-Choc and Vladivostok FM in GTA IV and TBoGT, it still delivers nice electronic music.
The Lowdown 91.1 all the way. Pam Griers sexy voice is enough in itself, but the Music is just too groovy :-)

After that.
Los Santos Rock Radio
Non Stop Pop
Blaine County Radio
9/10 times I drive with the radio off. Unless I'm cruising in my Primo lowrider, then it's West Coast Classics. But the last time I checked, the game stated that Los Santos Rock was my favorite station :confused:
My favorite is WCTR. The banter that goes on is great! WCC reminds me of my misspent (or well spent depending on how you look at it) youth. But mostly I just let whatever was playing in the car at the time I took it play.
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Space is criminally underrated here it seems, it's by far my favorite overall station. Other songs, like Danger Zone, Gin and Juice and The Next Episode I enjoy more than anything on Space, but Space top to bottom is the best station
Space is criminally underrated here it seems, it's by far my favorite overall station. Other songs, like Danger Zone, Gin and Juice and The Next Episode I enjoy more than anything on Space, but Space top to bottom is the best station
I like a few songs from Space, but I don't really like the station as a whole.
I usually alternate between The Lab, FlyLo FM, Worldwide FM and Soulwax FM. Sometimes I'll play LSRR or Non-Stop Pop if I'm in the mood. The Lab is probably my favourite, I've listened to the Welcome to Los Santos album numerous times and still love it, and Worldwide FM will always hold a special place in my heart for playing my beloved Flume.
To be Honest, i find GTA V's along with CTW and LCS to have the worst of GTA's radios. It doesn't mean i don't like them but i prefer the one's from VC, SA, VCS and also some of IV and EFLC (LRR, VCFM and Radio Broker for example).

I like the Los Santos Rock Radio (but prefer the K-DST and Liberty Rock Radio more). Radio Mirror Park is nice, started to listen to FlyLo FM more and also West Coast Classics.
I mainly listen to two stations:

Vinewood Boulevard Radio (favorite songs are Hysteria, Sixpack, Gone for Good, and Black Grease).
West Coast Classics (favorites include Serve Em' Heat, I Got 5 On It, and No More ?'s).

I might listen to Los Santos Rock Radio if a particular song is on.
Whatever my computer deems to be an appropriate shuffle format.

(I play on PS4, all my music is on my desktop.)
Well, as per the question OP poses, allow me to answer it. I have eleven of them, all of which I alternate between.

Space 103.2 - With your host: Bootsy Collins, baby! Now say it with me, bobbas...”Funk is making something out of nothing.” I find it hard to NOT groove to this collection of funk classics whenever I’m driving my crimson Elegy RH8.

West Coast Classics - The classic hip-hop station, featuring some of rap’s finest...up to the year 2000. It’s run by DJ Pooh, who co-wrote GTA Online and GTA:SA - outside of R*, he played Red in Friday, and gave us The Doggfather, which went double platinum...and that’s only one of countless albums he’s produced over a career that spans three-plus decades. So it makes sense to have him head up of radio station composed of late 20th-century rap and hip hop that he picked himself. I’m not a fan of all of the songs on this station, but that statement is proof that no era of music was 100% perfect (and sadly, that statement could not be more true in the 2017 we live in). At least Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, N.W.A., Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - all of which I really like when they’re on top of their game, but appear to be past their prime/disbanded - are on this station.

Rebel Radio - Get out the moonshine and pull up a seat next to Jesco White if you plan on roaming Blaine County. For me, this is what country music is supposed to sound like. In other words, it’s country music before it became white guys with cowboy hats and Southern accents singing about the same things you would hear out of a rap song. Also, Johnny Cash. Shame his cover of "Hurt" didn't make it into the game instead of a song that I firmly believe, based on its title, he wrote and performed because some TV executives wanted him to write a song for their new show, "The Dukes of Hazzard".

Los Santos Rock Radio - Beautiful classic rock and power pop station, hosted by none other than Kenny Loggins - if you were to ask me, I'd tell you that he's the perfect host for this kind of radio station. He seems to remind you that you never know how much time you have left, and to make as much of it as you can before you pass on. And this wonderful collection of classic rock from the 70s and 80s (this isn't me advertising anything, I really do love this station) As far as my top 10 picks for my favorite songs out of the entire soundtrack, I’d definitely place “Cat’s in the Cradle” in the top 5, but not at #1. “Carry On Wayward Son”, the prog rock classic by Kansas, is my favorite song from this radio station, but it’s also my second-favorite song from all the radio stations.

The Lowdown 91.1 - I'll admit that I have a soft spot for old-school R&B and soul, although I barely know any notable performers from that era. This station, headed by Pam “Mama G” Grier, takes you on a trip into the wayback machine (no, not that one) and looks at the work of those that helped to define R&B, at it's most intelligent and sophisticated. But what it brings to this meeting is that unique flavor that only early R&B and soul could be known for. Seeing as it was mostly sung/performed by black people, it could also be considered a major ancestor of hip-hop as we know it today. Many, if not all of the songs, could easily be sampled in a rap song that sounds like it was produced in the late 80s or early 90s. If I ever need a break from today’s era of music, I’ll throw this station on to get an idea of what people were listening to in the early 70s, before computers made music what it is today.
P.S. “Across 110th Street” by the late, great Bobby Womack would make a great fit on this station. Seriously, listen to it.

Non-Stop-Pop FM - The way we know pop music now, how it’s almost-all digitally produced nowadays - to be fair, it was always like that but never as much as it is today, I need something to take me back into the annals of time and remind me of the pop music of days gone by. Cara Delevingne - a model and socialite who was born 8 1/2 months before I was - is here to do that for me. This playlist, made of pop giants of the past and present like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, INXS, Wham! (RIP George Michael, 1963-2016), Pet Shop Boys, Lorde, Maroon 5, M83, and pre-“ok let’s start recycling The Time (Dirty Bit)”-era will-i-am (as part of the not-quite-disbanded Black Eyed Peas), reminds me of how mostly amazing pop music can be...and in many cases, has been.
Sadly, those last two words can be used to describe at least half of the acts on this station...if they're still around, that is.

Worldwide FM and FlyLo FM - Anyone who’s at heard of French-born record collector Gilles Peterson, either through his radio show Worldwide, listening to BBC Radio 6 Music on a Saturday afternoon, or his Soundcloud page will probably end up being with some of the works he’s playing here. It may not be stereotypically classified as dance music, as there’s no electronic beat backing most of the music he plays. Or, if it is electronic, it’s usually not the straight four-on-the-floor beat that EDM is familiar with. Then there’s experimental hip hop musician Flying Lotus, who’s produced most of the bumper music you may have heard on [adult swim]. From what I hear, his music gives off the feeling that you would expect from a fine wine. Also, he gets a plus for collaborating with Kendrick Lamar. Neither of them play beats that you would expect to hear out of their genres. Or in other words, popular. But as long as it’s something to get the party going, they’ll play it. To me, that is what ultimately makes both stations worth listening to, along with WorldWide FM for GP’s life-long devotion to the music industry, and FlyLo FM for the occasionally funny jokes that ultimately get repetitive after listening to this station for too long.

Radio Mirror Park - I had no idea I would like this independent synth pop station, hosted by George Lewis Jr./Twin Shadow. This is one of the cheesiest radio stations I’ve ever listened to, but I can sit here and type out the words "I ENJOY THIS STATION MORE THAN I SHOULD!". That doesn’t mean I listen to it all the time, though. I listen to it in quick bursts if I need to hear some throwbacks to what I loved about 80s synthpop like “Chains of Love” or any of the 80s synthpop on Non-Stop-Pop.
P.S. Even though it was one of the biggest hits of 2015 and I think it might be DQ’d because of this, do you think “Style” by Taylor Swift would fit in here? I don’t know, but to me, it seems like it’s “too good” for Non-Stop-Pop.

The Lab - I understand that this is an entire album produced by the two people that host this station - both of whom worked on the score. It spans four or five genres of music, and manages to do all of them justice. Among my favorite picks, there’s “Wanderer” by Little Dragon, “Play It Cool” which features some of the best rapping I’ve heard in the last five years, “Leave” by Wavves which is a rearrangement of the music heard in Complications - just with Nate, Steve, Alex & Brian this time, and the unofficial theme song of the fastest of all racers in GTAO any multiplayer/PvP racing game in “Speedline Miracle Masterpiece”...which also happens to be my favorite song. Not from this radio station, but from all of the radio stations in the next-gen release of Grand Theft Auto V, period. I just love every second of it - the synth-blasted intro, the wordplay, the beat, the atmosphere; it makes you feel like you’re a professionally-trained street racer; you go so fast compared to everyone else, leaving almost all who stand before you looking at your taillights as you speed off into the distance*. I listen to it in full whenever it comes on.
*This statement sums up most of the public race lobbies I’ve been in over the past month.

Self Radio (I know it’s not listed here AND I’m on PS4 instead of PC, but I’m putting it here anyway) - For a PS4 player, I guess the Media Player is the best alternative if you want to select the music yourself and put it on shuffle. Downside is that you don’t get to listen to the banter of the DJs/news/commercials in between songs. I can’t say anything more about this station, except that you could have some fun, 🤬 with your own musical sensibilities and throw on "Snow Halation" if you’re feeling blue...better yet, play it over your headset and see what kind of reaction you get.
P.S. I'm dead serious, try it yourself and see what happens. IMO, Snow Halation is an even better song than Speedline Miracle Masterpiece.

...and that’s all I’ve got. Welcome to Los Santos, indeed.