GTHD Performance aspects....realistic?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by NHRA Tech Wiz, Nov 30, 2006.

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    its definately questioinable performance its appropriate to ask if the aspects of increasing a cars bhp, torque, and general displacement are going to be accurate in GTHD... GT4...tho i loved the game..the realism of performance was not real at all....lets say the mazda RX7...on the game it max's out around the 700bhp mark...its well known that an RX7 can pump a wee bit more than 700bhp...and the dodge charger R/T 440...seriously 800 bhp max? not likely...i've seen such cars push in excess of 2,500bhp fair enough they were drag vehicles, BUT the fact is that they are capable of much more so will it be portreayed accurately in GTHD....I sure do hope so.
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    It doesn't matter what a cars maximum power output is, the very maximum will be different for every car and it will change depending on things as simple as the weather. It's about what parts you give your car, a 2500bhp Dodge Charger R/T is not a very practical road racer, now if GT wer to include a seriouse attempt at a drag racing mode I could understand extra parts beingin cluded in the game which will allow you to strenthen your engine and creat stupid levels of power. But without drag racing, including such parts is a bit wasted at the moment. My final point is that no matter what PD do, the chances are that there will always be parts that have not been included.
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    The way I think about it is that GT tries to keep horsepower to what they think would be a reliable level. In other words, sure you can get 2,500 horsepower out of a Charger, but how often do they rebuild those engines? Between ever race, usually multiple times a day. And that's after one burnout an a quarter mile! Would you want to rebuild your engine every 1/4 mile driving on the Nurburgring? That's over 50 rebuilds per lap! So, they take what they think is a reliable level of horsepower with top-level components for that type of engine and stick with that.

    I would like them to be more accurate as far as what mods can be applied to what engines, and what effect they'll have based on the engine type/size/design. But that involves an impossible amount of research to get right :)
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    yeah the power levels are fine, i'd just like to see more weight reduction, a la GT1.