GTMSA | Michelin Alpine A110 Trophy - Autopolis Race Day - Spaces Open

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The Gran Turismo Motorsports Association presents:


The Michelin Alpine A110 Trophy

This series will challenge beginners and veterans alike across 10 races at 5 different tracks, leading to a double feature finale at Frances most hallowed racing ground, the Circuit de la Sarthe. Since the car has enough grip for drivers of any skill level to handle, but is lively enough to keep experienced drivers on their toes, close and exciting racing is a guarantee.

The Car


Alpine A110 '17
275hp (111%), 2308 lbs / 1047 kg (95%), SS tires
Default transmission, all other parts and tuning allowed.

Liveries will be provided, you will need to own a car with Bleu Alpine as its base color for the livery to appear correctly. You will also need to add me (TheOriginalJonT) on PSN to access your livery.

The Races

Round 1 - Red Bull Ring (11 Laps / 15 Laps) - 3/7, 2pm EST / 7pm GMT
Round 2 - Autopolis Short (14 Laps / 19 Laps) - 3/14, 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT
Round 3 - Laguna Seca (11 Laps / 16 Laps) - 3/21, 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT
Round 4 - Spa-Francorchamps (7 Laps / 10 Laps) - 3/28, 2pm EDT / 7pm BST
Round 5 - Le Mans (5 Laps / 5 Laps) - 4/4, 2pm EDT / 7pm BST

Each round will have the following format:

~1:00pm Eastern - Room opens for practice
2:00pm Eastern - Qualifying session (10 minutes)
2:15pm Eastern - Race 1 (18 minutes)
2:40pm Eastern - Race 2 (25 minutes)

All races will utilize a standing start, with false start check.

The Le Mans round will consist of two races lasting roughly 22 minutes, rather than the usual feature/sprint setup. Both races will award feature race points.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Pole position and fastest lap in each race award 1 bonus point.
Your lowest full-weekend score will be dropped at the end of the season.

You will need to add me (TheOriginalJonT) on PSN to see the race room.

Taking Part

To sign up, post in this thread with your PSN name, nationality, car number, and accent color.

Entry List:

#0 - Series Demo / Extra Car
#3 - @raceorama123432
#9 - @Ghostman009
#11 - @cnd01
#38 - @Panoz
#43 - @LancerEvo7
#54 - @Furinkazen
#68 - @Foxed
#69 - @Akmuq
#84 - @Yeratel84
#96 - @gokartman78

And lastly, anyone wishing to join for voice communication on raceday is welcome at the official GTMSA Discord server.​
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Cracking little cars that make for good racing, well worth a shot 👍
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Room will be up for round 1 in 3 hours or so, qualifying starts in a little under 4 hours. We have 10 cars as things stand, so any last-minute signups are welcome.
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LMSCorvetteGT2's Mom's House




Round 2 is at Autopolis Short. Still plenty of room, and with the lowest score being dropped, you can join late and still be in championship contention!​
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LMSCorvetteGT2's Mom's House
It's race day! We're gonna be missing a couple people today, so any last-minute entries would be very welcome.