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    GTOR Gran Turismo Touring Car Championship (GTTCC-5)
    Season 5 - Classic Touring Cars!

    Season 5 goes classic hunting!

    Season 1
    - FaithlessEmo - Swift Autosport - Renault Sport Megané R.S '08
    Team - Swift Autosport - A-B-P, FaithlessEmo, StormPacer17
    Independent - yuc2002 - Honda Racing - Honda Civic Type R '08
    Manufacture - Ford Focus ST '13 - Buck_aroo2, Dimse91, duker_86, mikey_2412, True-blue-8

    Season 2
    - xflow1390 - Privateer (I) - Toyota 86 GT '12
    Team - Champion Racing - Buck_aroo2, FaithlessEmo
    Independent - xflow1390 - Privateer - Toyota 86 GT '12
    Manufacture - Toyota 86 GT '12 - choochter, TheOldStig, xflow1390, yuc2002
    Tyres - Dunlop - A-B-P, JOE9074, True-blue-8, yuc2002

    Season 3
    Drivers D1
    - xflow1390 - Privateer (I) - BMW 135i Coupé '07
    Drivers D2 - doomstorm16 - FRS Motorsport (I) - BMW 135i Coupé '07
    Teams D1 - Sexwall Racing - DR_ingo5, duker_86
    Teams D2 - Asylum Racing - TheOldStig, TickleMyNugget
    Independent D1 - xflow1390 - Privateer - BMW 135i Coupé '07
    Independent D2 - doomstorm16 - FRS Motorsport - BMW 135i Coupé '07
    Manufacture D1 - BMW 135i Coupé '07 - DR_ingo5, FaithlessEmo, xflow1390
    Manufacture D2 - BMW 135i Coupé '07 - doomstorm16, Mystiq83

    Season 4 - Honda CRZ
    - TRL_Agro - Co-Atlantic Motorsport
    Teams - Co-Atlantic Motorsport - TRL_Agro, xflow1390
    Independent - NinjitsuEvolved - Metropolis Street Racing
    RSUK - GTOR_True-blue-8


    If you wish to race, you will need to sign up. You can do this by either posting in the thread in the format below or send a PM to myself. Please try to keep in contact and up to date with the thread. Checking at least once a week, usually before race night. Upon signing up, please do so in the following way.

    PSN ID / Car #
    GTOR_True-blue-8 / #99

    Please read all rules before signing up. By signing up you agree to follow all rules and behaviour in a suitable and friendly manner.

    You will be required to add GTOR_True-blue-8 on PSN and join the GTOR community club in GT6 (#1021363)

    Races will take place on Wednesday nights. All times are correct as of BST.

    17:30 - Room Open.
    18:15 - RSUK Support Series
    18:45 - Track reset and Check specs.
    18:50 - Pit lane and starting grid Opened.
    19:00 - Race 1 Start
    19:20 - Qualifying
    19:30 - Race 2 start
    19:55 - Race 3 Start
    20:15 - Race 3 finish and end of nights racing

    Tyre/Fuel Depletion: Very Fast
    Damage: Light
    Grip Reduction: Real
    Slipstream Strength: Real
    False Starts: On

    Driving line and ABS are the only driving aids allowed.

    The lobby will be held in the GTOR community club section.

    Race 1 grid will be determined by Reverse championship standings. After track reset drivers must sit in the pits. When they are called they must drive up to turn 1 and park behind each car. Drivers must not complete a lap and will be in 'Parc ferme' conditions. Drivers who complete a lap will be reprimanded and made to start from the back. The race will last 20 minutes where a pit stop is compulsory during the designated pit window.

    Race 2 starting grid will be determined by the qualifying results. All info from Race 1 will apply to this.

    Race 3 will also be a 20 minute race with a pit stop. The grid will be determined by reverse results from race 2. If a driver disconnects, then at the start of the race they must move off the track and rejoin at the back or where they would have started if safe to do.

    All drivers must use the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Race Car '69.

    Each car must meet the correct specification - 543PP 444BHP 1085Kg.

    An oil change and body rigidity and altering brake balance is allowed however all other tuning will be prohibited.

    All cars must run with Sports Soft tyres.

    The use of Nitro is prohibited.

    Drivers must run the correct body colour and number given to the race director. If a driver wishes to change they may do so but must notify the host prior to race start.

    To keep the championship as close, interesting and open as possible, the top 5 drivers will receive a power reduction.

    1st : -30BHP
    2nd : -24BHP
    3rd : -18BHP
    4th : -12BHP
    5th : -6BHP

    If a driver purposefully moves over at the end of the race to avoid a penalty, they will be required to start the next race at full penalty power.

    The season will consist of 24 races over 8 rounds.

    Round 1 - TBA
    Round 2 - TBA
    Round 3 - Cape Ring South - 100th Race!
    Round 4 - TBA
    Round 5 - TBA
    Round 6 - TBA
    Round 7 - TBA
    Round 8 - TBA

    Points will be awarded as followed;

    1st: 20pts
    2nd: 18pts
    3rd: 16pts
    4th: 14pts
    5th: 12pts
    6th: 10pts
    7th: 9pts
    8th: 8pts
    9th: 7pts
    10th: 6pts
    11th: 5pts
    12th: 4pts
    13th: 3pts
    14th: 2pts
    15th: 1pt
    1 point will be awarded to the driver who sets Pole Position
    1 point will be awarded to the driver who sets fastest lap in each race
    1 point will be awarded to each lap leader (Defined as crossing the start/finish line in 1st place)

    Drivers who suffer a Disconnection will be classified as a mechanical failure.

    All championships will have 2 drop scores from any round.

    Independent drivers will score for a separate championship in the following;

    1st - 10pts
    2nd - 8pts
    3rd - 6pts
    4th - 4pts
    5th - 2pts
    6th - 1pt
    Plus any bonus points they score overall.

    Team points will be taken from both drivers combined.

    Teams will have 2 drivers, a 3rd driver may be allowed to run as an independent and stand in for an absent driver if wanted.
    Teams must use the same colour body but may run different colour rims.
    5 team and 6 independent spots will be available.
    Team mates/independent drivers will be determined by a random draw at the start of the season.

    Tracks that support wet weather options may be used. Weather will be set to the area of the track. If the track does not exist in real life, then we will go by London conditions. There may also be a night race during the season. The race and in game settings according to weather will be set to the following (GMT):

    Race 1 - 13:00
    Race 2 - 15:00
    Race 3 - 17:00

    If a driver has an incident they wish to report, please send a PM to myself or another steward. The steward panel will then review the decision and come to a decision, handing out penalties or reprimands if required. You will be given 24hrs to appeal if you wish.

    If you receive the following penalties on your licence, you will receive the following:

    3 Reprimands - Start at the back of grid for Race 1
    5 Reprimands - Drive through penalty at the next race
    6 Reprimands - 10 point championship reduction
    8 Reprimands - Race Ban

    Drivers may be penalized for both on and off track behaviour.

    Drivers are also expected to follow the GTOR Code Of Conduct.

    All rules are there for a reason. All drivers, including the host, do not receive special credit. Please read all rules before signing up. I was not aware of that rule is not a valid excuse.

    Drivers who are AWOL will receive a warning, after this a reprimand. All drivers are expected to notify the host before the race whether they can race or not.

    Yet again, another huge thank you to all drivers who contribute.

    The GTTCC is a group of people who enjoy clean racing, socializing and having fun. We try to get every driver involved and feel welcome. Any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask. Best of luck and have fun, here's to another great season.

    In association with GTORacing
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