GTP Cool Wall: 1988 Toyota 88C-V

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1988 Toyota 88C-V

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Poll 1338: 1988 Toyota 88C-V nominated by @Cristobal1234

Racing class: Group C
Engine: Twin-turbocharged 3.2 liter V8
Power: 740-986 HP / 8200 rpm
Torque: 579-687 lb-ft / 5000 rpm
Weight: 935 kg
Transmission: 6 Speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine, Rear wheel drive
Additional Information: Toyota's first attempt at equipping its Group C car with something other than a turbocharged inline-4, an engine it had used until 1988.




Again, really really sorry about all the missed days lately, I've been super busy and hopefully I'm past it now.

Anyway, Group C is awesome but nothing about this car speaks to me enough to go higher than Meh.
As a videogame car, it can only have one status: Subzero. In GT4 this thing was basically what the Escudo was in GT2: a freaking cheat code.

IRL however, it makes me quite sad that it was a very bad car that could only dream about wins or poles or fast laps. I don't want to use the term "trash", but the results are there for you to search them. It didn't deliver at all.

I'm going to stick to Subzero, just for the wild look of it and those good old times on the PS2.
All of the pictures might as well be from GT4, because that's the only reason anyone knows or cares about this; and even then people just call it the "Minolta." It's no less hopeless than when the M3 GTR was polled.
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I'll give it a cool. It didn't achieve a huge amount of success but it's one of the more aesthetically pleasing cars of the Group C era.
Sexy AF. Just look at it!



Its successors look even better.

unnamed (10).jpg





IIRC, this was the first Toyota's Dome/SARD-built Group C car to have the R36V V8, which was used until 1994, and then was again mounted into the GT-One in 1998 (this time renamed to "R36R"). And just like Nissan's VRH35Z (as well a Group C engine, used from 1989 to 1992), it is capable of 1,000 hp in a qualifying trim.



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Sub-zero. I like racing cars from this era. They are much less complicated than the ones from this time period.
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Ah, the "Minolta,"which lots of people won Gran Turismo 4 races with. This is no doubt a powerful racing machine. It is also a fairly great looking car. While the 88C-V is a great racing machine, Idon't think it is too sublime for me to go Sub-Zero. So I'm going to call a very strong Cool on theToyota 88C-V.
I much prefer the TS010 or 94C-V as they’re more aesthetically pleasing and were much more successful, but it’s still a Group C car and an iconic one at that. Cool, borderline Sub Zero.
For the longest time as a kid, I thought Minolta was the name of the actual car and not the name of a sponsored Brand. :lol::lol: