GTP Cool Wall: 1994-2001 BMW 7 Series

1994-2001 BMW 7 Series

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Solid cool. It was cool when it first came out 25 years ago and even cooler now. Truly the pinnacle of the over-engineered full-size German luxo-barge era; a solid example of a "they don't make em like they used to" type car. These cars were so simple yet so complicated at the same time. The styling is not just handsome but timeless as well, and unlike modern BMWs, there's nothing overdone or controversial about any element of it.

Seriously, if BMW is stumped on how to design their next car, they should look to the E38 as inspiration. One of the best vehicles from the best eras of BMW history. Truly set the precedent for cars to come, not just German ones but Japanese luxury cars too.

Obvious SZ


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A cool for me. Being the last 7er not to have iffy proportions and/or details helps it massively.
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Not so Great Britain
They're going the way of the stance crowd (at least in my neck of the woods), and the stance crowd are not cool... and even when new they were probably being driven by fat businessmen an inch off your rear bumper on das autobahn...

Also, Q called it a BMW seven hundred and fifty.. and I hate it when people do that.

So... really, really, excessively high Seriously uncool.


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The 7 series is such a bland BMW honestly. It gets a meh from me. Also not a fan of the overall size of it either. I do like the 3 and 5 series from that era though. Just not key on the 7's
Under some Risotto
This bmw is still the best, 25 years on.
Great looks, not too showy, a good amount of tech, confortable, a pleasure to drive... what's not to love?
A real ultimate driving machine, SZ