GTP D1GP S2 : Round 5 (Results Up)

United Kingdom
West Sussex

Welcome to the final of the Gran Turismo Plant D1 Grand Prix, this week we are visiting Autumn Ring Mini Reverse.




• Everyone picks a car to use through out the competition.
• Tuning CAN be changed per different course section.
• Season will last 5 weeks, 5 different sections.
• Entrants will have one week to enter an uploaded video to, sent to me *SammiTougeGirl* by PM.
• The videos will then be posted up, so 3 indipendant judges can score each one.
• Cars will be locked after the first event YOU participate in.
• You can get a max of 20 points per week.
• First place will earn you 20 points, second will earn you 16, third will
get 12, fourth will get 8, fifth will get 4 and 6th and beyond will get a single point.
• At the end of the comp the person with the most points will be
crowned The GTPD1GP Champion.
• Track/section will be stated each Monday
• You have 1 week to do your run.
• Don't be a thread Nazi with spam, or YOUR video.
• Video editing etc. is allowed, but you need to show your tires and
power, and then your run. Your run needs to be on the FIRST lap, so we get
the same angles for EVERY car. NO chase cam, the other one.
• Not following the rules can get you removed from the competition
for that week, with a minus 1 point per violation, this will be for constant
complaining, "put downs", double posting/posting your entry video in this
thread ETC...

• Road cars only, no race or D1GP cars allowed
• No changing your actual car, only rims, wing and setup
(Power/modifications/settings) may be changed
• Tires : Radials only(N)




Entries must be in by 11:59pm on Sunday 22nd.

Have fun.:)
ill go for it, what i do choose a car and colour ? And ill own you guys. jokes. Just Mabye if i try hard.
you tell sammi the car/color/year then you shoot your video n make sure ur specs are shown at begining. Rules are up at the top for ne thing else u need to know :scared:
I bought a new dfp but i'm drop out I really don't feel like competing, i'll just wait for next season and I also have to break in my new dfp.
I agree, nice job everyone. Going to be tough drawing a line on this one. s
Hey guys, Sorry bout this season, I moved, and lost my ps2 for awhile. I'm back! So i'll particapate in the rest of the season and be a good sport.

Sorry guys! and It really sucked because this season looked fun! I'll be here all next though! woot!
Wow, getting quite close there at the end.
Congrats to GEE on a deserved win.:)
I gave 4th to Turtle as he had a 2nd place finish.
Pity we lost some over the season though.
:sly: WOO YEA:sly: GOOD STUFF Everyone, the competition was hot this round... PROPS:tup: to everyone.

Im happy as hell. See everyone next Season:tup:

congrats GEE, you deserved it:tup: I could tell you would be either first or second based on your 1st run. Props my man, hopefully i can get as good as you within the next season:crazy:

btw, you use a wheel correct?
congrats to all 👍 and to Gee for a well deserved 1st place on this season 👍 👍 ...i guess we just can fear to see you pushing it harder with the SVT cobra :scared: :lol:
props to sammy too for this crazy final round 👍

it 's been a really nice competition ! can't wait for next season :)
Well done all. I saw some SERIOUS improvement over this competition. I think the next round is going to be a lot closer then this time around. By the end of this round, Most of you were about even. Keep it up!ß
i knew my round 5 wasnt too good lmao, i was short on time i basically had one hour to do the drift, record it and put it together, uplaod it, pm the link, yeah it sucked but all i wanted was some kind of entry. great drifting with all of you this season i cant wait for the next one to start! congrats geetown
thanks everybody:sly: 👍 .... and i just might push a little harder with the mustang, cause the 00'Mustang I own Drives Great (DRIFTS EVEN BETTER) now since i got ''cold air'' with a Throttle Body Spacer on it, Headers are next:) ...... i feel like i know 'this car' better in the game.