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    This is just an idea so bare with me. Anything can (and probably will) change

    GTP Kart Club/Series

    As GT5 starts to wind to a close, I decided we should go back to the basics.

    What are the basics you ask? Karting of course!

    Wether you wan't to relive your childhood or need something to do for the remainder of the year until GT6, this is the series for you.

    Race 1: ???

    Race 2: ???

    Race 3: ???

    Race 4: ???

    Race 5: ???

    Dates will either be set to the Friday or Saturday of that weekend.

    Points System

    Heat Race and B Final

    1st = 15
    2nd = 14
    3rd = 13
    4th = 12
    5th = 11
    6th = 10
    7th = 9
    8th = 8
    9th = 7
    10th = 6
    11th = 5
    12th = 4
    13th = 3
    14 = 2
    15 = 1

    A Final

    1st = 35
    2nd = 32
    3rd = 30
    4th = 28
    5th = 26
    6th = 24
    7th = 22
    8th = 20
    9th = 18
    10th = 16
    11th = 14
    12th = 13
    13th = 12
    14 = 11
    15 = 10

    *1 heat and 1 final race will be used if there is 15 or less people participating. The B final will be half the length of the A final.


    Driver Championship - Awarded To The Driver With The Most Points At The End Of The Season

    Casual Cup - Awarded To The Driver With The Most Points Using A Controller At The End Of The Season

    Sim Cup - Awarded To The Driver With The Most Points Using A Race Wheel At The End Of The Season

    Team Championship - Awarded To The Team With The Most Points At The End Of The Season



    - Fully Broken In
    - Full Tuning Allowed

    Race Settings/Info

    Damage: TBD
    Fuel/Tire Usage: Fast
    Slipstream: Weak
    Penalty: Off (Will Be Determined After The Race)
    Mic Quality: Off
    Race Quality: Medium
    Pace Speed: TBD
    Event Length: 1-2 Hours


    Teams can have up to 5 people. Each team must have a name and paint scheme. To start a team, fill out this application. To add members later on post in this thread. NO PMS. You may send this in with your member application. Independent Drivers must use a grey color. You can make a team on your own but you are expected to try and recruit members.

    Team Name:
    Team Color:
    Team Leader:
    Team Members:

    General Rules

    Cautions are called if a wreck has occurred or a player has disconnected. A pace kart in white and #1 will be sent out as the pace car. The pace car will do 3 laps of pacing. Lap 1 to organize the field. Lap 2 to pit. And Lap 3 to reorganize. In the case of a wreck, the players involved will type "c" in chat. If 2 or more people call "c" then the pace kart will say "pc" and the field will perform the caution procedure. Anyone caught calling a caution and not involved in a wreck will receive a penalty.

    If a player has disconnected, the caution procedure will be performed. If the disconnected player does not return within the pace procedure they may not rejoin unless another player disconnects. Then the player may rejoin and start from the last lap he completed. If the player does return, the field must come to a complete stop so that the race order can be checked.

    Clean Racing is expected. Although Rubbin's Racin', spinning someone out for position is not looked kindly upon by other drivers.

    Everyone will go out on track for 10 minutes to qualify.

    If you aren't having fun you will be penalized

    Penalties will be given for but are not limited to...

    - Cutting Course
    - Ramming
    - Not Obeying Cation Rules

    Note that rules may change at any time.

    Sign-Up Sheet

    Location (State/Province and Country):
    Kart Number:


    Turbotwin01/Turbotwin01/ Misfit Motorsports/64

    *Pace Driver Reserves #1 Number Plate


    Misfit Motorsports/Turbotwin01/Blue