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Final Fantasy III

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Final Fantasy III, nominated by @Sanji Himura


NOTE: This is for the Super Nintendo Release. Details below.

Release Date: April 2, 1994 (JP), October 20, 1994 (US) and March 18, 2011 (EU)
Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System; Virtual Console
Game Developer/Publisher: Square Soft/Nintendo
Genre: JPRG

1. This game is officially known as Final Fantasy VI, but due to translation delays on the real Final Fantasy II and III, Final Fantasy IV became known as Final Fantasy II in the USA when it was released for the SNES, and Final Fantasy VI became known as Final Fantasy III. Final Fantasy VII and all subsequent games after retained its official numbering when it was released internationally.

2. The first time that Final Fantasy III was recognized as its official title, Final Fantasy VI, was in the two disk remaster 'Final Fantasy Anthology', released for the Sony Playstation in 1999. This game deviated from the script that was first put out by Ted Woosley and is more uncensored than the SNES version. It should be noted that the collection also included for the first time on American shores Final Fantasy V and every subsequent re-release on a Playstation platform is based on this version of the game.

3. Final Fantasy VI was eventually released on the Game Boy Advance, which formed the core of the eventual Android, iOS and PC remasters.

Many centuries have passed since the war of the Magi - civilizations have been rebuilt with iron, machines and technology. But the forces of magic have begun to return, and when an ancient Esper is discovered, the risk of war resurfaces.