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Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate

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Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate, nominated by @MrWaflz55


System: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: December 7th, 2018
Genre: Fighting/Party
Developers: Bandai Namco, Sora LTD., Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

Perhaps the most ambitious roster of all time, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is truly the largest crossover event in the history of gaming as a whole.

The latest entry in the series of acclaimed fighting games from Nintendo, revered for their unique gameplay in the fighting genre, this game seeks to be the definitive title in the series.

Featuring familiar faces from the Mario series, Animal Crossing and Metroid. Including less-obvious choices and third party characters from Castlevania, Fatal Fury and Metal Gear, the roster truly is the most breathtaking of any fighting game to date.

Gameplay had been refined in this latest entry too, with lag decreased across the board and launch speed increased. The gameplay is some of the most intense and fast-paced in the series, second only to Melee itself. Numerous improvements for competitive play and a constantly balanced roster means this game will be an e-sports tournament staple for years to come.

On the single-player side, Nintendo has introduced a game mode dubbed “World of Light”. This mode serves as the pseudo-narrative of the game and features a malevolent force who turns every Nintendo character into a spirit. Kirby is the only survivor of the attack and it is up to him to defeat the evil and return every spirit to their body. Along the way this force creates clones of fighters and imbues them with spirits from across gaming as a whole, giving each Smash roster character the abilities of the equipped spirit. You yourself are also able to equip spirits you enlist to provide you with advantages in combat.

Overall, Ultimate is the complete package in a fighting game. An expansive single player suite, a competitive and balanced multiplayer mode, easy to learn but hard to master gameplay, features for e-sports and competitive play and a whole lot more. It truly is the Ultimate Smash game.






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New Zealand
Probably the most ambitious crossover in gaming, created by a man who's love for his craft is unparalleled.

It's a pretty good game too, probably the best in the franchise mechanically.

Where else would you officially be able to pit Banjo-Kazooie up against Solid Snake, Cloud, Mario, Sonic, Pikachu, Sans Undertale and other gaming icons. Easy A.


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What @YoshiMaster2 said, except World of Light is totally uninspiring and Classic Mode is just okay, making the singleplayer side of the game relatively weak compared to previous entries in the series. So I can't give it better than a B.